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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Aleikum-The question of luck was explained to me as this-There is no such thng as luck/chance as EVERYTHING that happens has a mathematical equation behind it,and therefore can be explained mathematically. Take a coin toss for example. You choose heads, and I choose tails. The result is heads. I lose, and I walk away figuring that it was just my bad luck,but if I had ALL the necessary knowledge regarding the situation, such as the weight of the coin, the amount of force applied to the coin when flipped, how many times it rotated in the air, the air resistance,the amount of the pull gravi
  2. Salaam Aleikum- I can see the happiness the little bird brought into your life, even if it was only temporary. It sounds to me like it may have had an internal injury of some sort being that you never saw any outwardly signs of sickness. It couldve been something along the lines of internal bleeding, but not necessarily. I think you are correct in saying it was an adult, as baby birds are usually quite vocal when they are hungry and it is feeding time,and yet you never heard any vocalizations.I would have to say that not hearing vocalizations is not a bad thing-many things can impair a birds a
  3. Salaams They must be able to sense it somehow.Animals have really keen senses,more so than humans do in some cases. The rest of the employees and I used to get a kick out of it because occasionally we would have customers that were either gay or transgender come in, and even WE couldnt really tell what sex they were, so we left it up to Geronimo to decide,lol.If he pecked their ankles, they were/are originally a true male-if he let them pet them, they were/are originally a true female.Hope I havent said anything offensive here... Salaam Aleikum-I am sorry to her about the death of yo
  4. Salaam Aleikum Lol! The reason for Corkys attitude difference between your father and you is because Corky was a male. Male birds naturally have a better relationship with female owners,which is why he was so receptive to you,yet defiant to your father.It goes the same for men that have female birds as pets as well.Most of the time the female birds will be aggressive to female humans. This is the reason why my crow Geronimo, is aggressive towards male humans.He is very protective and possessive of me and attacks my husband when he tries to get close to me,and pokes the ankles of men,lol- ( I
  5. Salaam Aleikum- Maybe they dont allow cameras because they dont want people to sell the images later and make money off of them-it used to be like that if you went to a concert with a famous performer,your cameras were confiscated from you when you gave them your ticket to enter.They would even do a body search prior to being allowed entrance, but that was mostly due to possible concealed weapons.(Im obviously a recent convert as we are not allowed to listen to music or partake in these types of entertainment when we are Muslims lol) Anyways, this is just a possibility:) PEACE!
  6. Salaam Aleikum-As far as John the Baptist succeeding Jesus(pbuh)is concerned,this is not possible as John was decapitated while Jesus was still spreading his message. John was imprisoned at the time of his beheading. Jesus later found out about what had happened to him..I cant remember all the details surrounding Johns death, or the names of the people involved, but it had to do with John being against the ruler (the king or what not) at that time marrying a woman that was forbidden for him to marry.The end result was the womans daughter requested Johns head be brought to her on a platter, a
  7. Salam Aleikum- LOL! Birds can be SO mischievious and not even mean! My dad was mowing the grass by my bird cage and later he says to me, "Elizabeth, you have a really rude bird in that cage-every time I pass by there it says " hi weird!". I said, No, dad-Shes not rude,lol! Shes saying " Hi, WEER!" Her name is Weer-she is mimicking what she hears me say whenever I see her-Whenever I see her, I say HI WEER Lol-And then my poor mom-one day when Weer first started talking, my mother was alone on the property ( we live in the country)and she kept hearing the voice of a little girl speaking. S
  8. Salaam Aleikum This is the PERFECT post for me to respond to-I am located in United States. I have hand raised all types of birds ever since I was a child ( Im 36 now) Cockatiels are one of the BEST breeds you can own as the females especially can become extremely loving and affectionate pets IF YOU'RE WILLING TO PUT IN THE TIME AND PAY THEM THE NECESSARY ATTENTION. I have one that I can take ANYWHERE with me, although I caution you to clip the wings if you plan to take it to public places as loud noises can startle them into jumping. Also, make sure not to have cats, dogs or other pred
  9. Salaam Aleikum- I think its ok to read it, as long as you are aware of what Quran says regarding the birth of Jesus, Mary having given birth to him alone under a date palm in middle of nowhere as opposed to it being in some town somewhere in a barn (manger). I personally do not forego reading Christian scripture or books related to it simply because it says in Quran that there is no distinction between The Books (Torah, New Testament, Quran) They are all important in Islam. What I WOULD be careful of, is going along with anything that contradicts what Quran says-Always refer back to Quran, and
  10. Salam Aleikum- Basicly the way I live my life is very simple. I am only interested in making enough money to pay my expenses, and have a little left over in case of emergency,and to give some in charity,but I am constantly encouraged to 'work to acquire more in this life' by fellow Muslims. Personally, I am not interested in acquiring a fancy car,flat screen tv,or even my own house-I do not make enough money nor do I have an interest in killing myself physically to acquire these things( I am a laborer/landscaper, and Im a 36 year old female)My work is very hard,but I enjoy it. I do not see
  11. Salam Aleikum-only thing I have to say about this, is Allah must not be completely against or not part of the other religions if indeed these 'posessions' are real and He is helping to exorcise these 'demons/jinns cuz from what Ive been told, exorcisms are only successful with the help of Allah. PEACE:)
  12. Salam Alekum-Regarding 6:145-what about all the prohibitions against eating such things as crab, lobster,clams, pigeons (squab) etc. that Ive heard of? I dont have an exact reference for it-it was just a list I saw somewhere. THANKS:)
  13. Salam Aleikum- I know this is an old thread, but oh well,lol-Anyways, so what about prostration on grass/hay etc? I live in the country, and its absolutely beautiful to me to pray outside underneath the night sky,but on my property, it is basicly dried weeds,grass in the summer, and green lush green grass in the winter/spring. It is not stuff that is suitable for human consumption,so I would think it would be acceptable to pray on it, but I always bring my prayer rug (not sure what its called) outside with me just in case. Thanks for any input!
  14. A spoiled biology leads to a spoiled free will. A ruined biology leads to a ruined free will. This ruined free will, even though it is present, cannot guide and bring individuals back to the right path. It is irreversibly ruined. It irreversibly causes mistaken perception,mistaken thoughts and mistaken desires. This is an issue of cause and effect. Salam Aleikum-Everything in your post makes sense to me except for this one portion. I know people that had lead their lives totally submerged in behaviors such as drug and alcohol addiction,and all manners of bad behavior than accompany addiction,
  15. Salaams Sister:) Go to the 'forums'page, scroll almost all the way to bottom to the 'user specific' section. You will see the 'sisters' forum.
  16. Salaam Aleikum- The red highlighted area is what confuses me. Allah is knowledgeable about everything throughout all time, so why would he appoint a time for arrival of Mahdi and then get mad about Imam Husseins martyrdom, as if he didnt know it was going to happen in the first place,therefore postponing the arrival till a later date?Allah grants us free will, but that doesnt change the ultimate outcome of our choices, because the ultimate outcome is already known to Him regardless of what we do or plan to do-He knows the end result. Besides that, didnt Imam Hussein know himself he was going
  17. Salaams:) You may want to kinda do what Jaysro suggested and post a new topic maybe in the 'marriage and family' forum and title it "How to be a good Muslim wife?" Use a question mark so people know youre looking for advice on how to do it, not that youre giving advice on how to do it...PEACE:) P.s. Hope your knee gets better quickly!
  18. (21) íóÇ ÃóíøõåóÇ ÇáäøóÇÓõ Åöäú ßõäúÊõãú Ýöí ÑóíúÈò ãöäó ÇáúÈóÚúËö ÝóÅöäøóÇ ÎóáóÞúäóÇßõãú ãöäú ÊõÑóÇÈò Ëõãøó ãöäú äõØúÝóÉò Ëõãøó ãöäú ÚóáóÞóÉò Ëõãøó ãöäú ãõÖúÛóÉò ãõÎóáøóÞóÉò æóÛóíúÑö ãõÎóáøóÞóÉò áöäõÈóíøöäó áóßõãú ۚ æóäõÞöÑøõ Ýöí ÇáúÃóÑúÍóÇãö ãóÇ äóÔóÇÁõ Åöáóìٰ ÃóÌóáò ãõÓóãøðì Ëõãøó äõÎúÑöÌõßõãú ØöÝúáðÇ Ëõãøó áöÊóÈúáõÛõæÇ ÃóÔõÏøóßõãú ۖ æóãöäúßõãú ãóäú íõÊóæóÝøóìٰ æóãöäúßõãú ãóäú íõÑóÏøõ Åöáóìٰ ÃóÑúÐóáö ÇáúÚõãõÑö áößóíúáóÇ íóÚúáóãó ãöäú ÈóÚúÏö Úöáúãò ÔóíúÆðÇ ۚ æóÊóÑóì ÇáúÃóÑúÖó åóÇãöÏóÉð ÝóÅöÐóÇ ÃóäúÒóáúäóÇ ÚóáóíúåóÇ ÇáúãóÇÁó ÇåúÊóÒøóÊú æóÑóÈóÊú æóÃóäúÈóÊóÊú ãöäú ßõáøö ÒóæúÌò ÈóåöíÌò {5} [sha
  19. I just want to specify that I broke my fast with water, not that this really makes a difference. Breaking fast is breaking fast.
  20. Salam Aleikum everyone- My question is this:I am a female day laborer, meaning my job is manual labor.Today was extremely hot, and I had to load by shovel about400 pounds of rock into a wheel barrow and then shovel it into the back of my truck. I did the same with around a ton (2000 pounds) of wet dirt. I hadnt eaten or drank anything since before Fajr and it was around 1pm at this point (the peak time of day for heat) Anyways, I started to not feel very well so out of fear of heat exhaustion and dehydration, I made the decision to break my fast.My question is this: Do I have to fast for the n
  21. Salam aleikum- I thought it was haram-besides that,i would feel guilty to spend X amount of money to have cosmetic surgery done on myself (unless it was medically needed),when I am fully aware of people and children starving,and families losing their homes from lack of work/money, etc.I mean,if its haram,its haram-cant do it...If its NOT haram,and If I had lots of money, I could probably try to balance it out by donating an equal ammount of money to a charity, or sponsoring an orphan, but either way, I'd still pretty much be stating that Allahs job wasnt good enough, or that humans opinions of
  22. Salam Aleikum- My husband told me that if you have performed ghusl,and you pray, thats fine-but if you have passed gas between your ghusl and praying,then you HAVE to perform wudhu.And if you do ghusl OR wudhu then fall asleep (unconscious type of sleep) then you must perform ghusl before praying. He also told me the purpose of it also has to do with beIng 'spiritualy clean' before presenting yourself before Allah.Im sure theres more to it,but dont know-looking forward to more posts regarding this:) PEACE!
  23. Salam aleikum Sister:) I tried to private message you,but I am unable to-Anyways, I just wanted to say hi and to welcome you to Islam-I am a new convert too (this is my first Ramadhan) Im also female,and Im close to your age.I live in San Jose, California, so we are kinda neighbors:) Unfortunately, I dont have an answer to your question,but this site is a GREAT place to get answers:) Have patience, and Insha Allah, a more knowledgable brother or sister will answer your question soon:) PEACE!
  24. Salam Aleikum- I have the same question regarding Prophet Adam-I went and looked up the definition of 'infalliable' to make sure I had the right understanding of the word-the definition is : not capable of making mistakes or being wrong (Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary,international students dictionary) So how was it that Shaitan was able to convince Adam to eat of the tree? Same question came up for me regarding Prophet Moses when he punched and subsequently killed that one guy...Im trying to use the answers to the O.P. to ansswer my questions, too. Thanks, and PEACE:)
  25. Salam Aleikum- I think when we view Allahs creation, and apply faults to it, we are judging Allahs creation with our LIMITED human knowledge, understanding, experience and perception, ALL of which Allah is above and beyond-We are not fully capable of understanding or knowing the answers to many of the questions we raise in terms of what is going on with His creations. Just my opinion-PEACE:)
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