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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, I know that there are 4 groups of sunnis but I was wondering which group of the sunnis reads namaz with there hands closed?
  2. Salam, I am currently a high school senior who plans on attending a community college soon. I hope to bring my grades up at community college and applying to Hawza after that. I want to learn Arabic/ Persian to increase my chances of being accepted into Hawza. I was wondering if any members of shiachat here know any programs that I could use to learn these languages? Thank You.
  3. Salam .i know that making a sculpture o things with life is haram but I was wondering if I made a sculpture of a gargoyle or something would it be haram ? Since gargoyles aren't real
  4. Salam, i was wondering if i could still join?
  5. Salam, i am currently a hs senior in america. I plan on going to a community college for one year to get my grades up, do you know if Hawza in iran will accept community college students?
  6. Salaam, I broke some fasts 2 years ago and now realize what a big sin I have committed. I cannot remember how many I broke but I was wondering how I could make up for this sin?
  7. Salaam, Brothers, I had a wet dream a while ago and my mattress was wet afterwards. I took water into a bowl and poured it on that spot 3 times, rubbed the spot with a towel and then waited for it to dry, is this ok? Is my mattress pak?
  8. Salam, I was wondering if Nike or Adidas are companies of which it is haram to buy from. I know that Ayotollah Sistani has stated that it is haram to buy Israeli products but I am not sure whether or not they are Israeli products. Please help me out and give me a list,if possible, of haram companies
  9. Ofcourse Yazids men were shia by name and not the true shias by heart and not followers of The Ahlulbayt. Lanat on the enemies of the Ahlul Bayt
  10. Salam. To join the online hawza class on skype, add the teacher's ID: Imanorfaith

  11. Salam,just wondering if anybody has any info on where the sunnis were during the battle of karbala? Where Yazids men Shia or Sunni?
  12. Salam, Since Imam Ali was supposed to be the true succesor to the prophet,why didn't he have alot of supporters? If Prophet Muhammad said so much about him, then why did no one support him? There were so many supporters of Abu Bakr, how come no one believed Imam Ali?
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