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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. how can you say that Mauwiyah (may he go to hell) was a sahabi??? do u even know the correct defination of sahaba?? u know what....mauwiyah was a just a crazy idiot....killing and slaying everyone who spoke haq a greedy person who just wanted to rule curse upon mauwiyah and on yazeed and on those who respect them. and yeah.....did'nt prophet(saww) said mankunto maula fa haza ali yun maula??? going against prophet and not abiding by his words is kufr. mauwiyah was against prophet's word hence he did kufr...and the one who does kufr is a kafir now can u tell....where and who said that cursing
  2. salamalaikum frnds. i want to make a career in animation and visual affects. but my mum says that this might not be halal. i just want to confirm that is making cartoons or computer games or any kind of animation halal or haram. awaiting for yur replys
  3. thnx everyone. specially ali mohammad sahab for such a detailed answer to my question. thnx for ur support. jazakallah :)
  4. salam alaikum frnds. i have fallen in love with a girl and we are in an affair since 4 years. we want to marry but her parents are not agreeing to get us married, since i have not completed our studies yet. but we are afraid that if we dont marry then we may commit haram. can we marry each other without informing our parents? note: the girl is not virgin
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