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  1. Everything is relative, really. Before the war, JAN and ISIL had nothing. Now, they do control a considerable area of Syria, however, they have recently become divided and are losing territory. One thing, as the a previous commenter said, is for sure; the Syrian people are the biggest losers in all of this, sadly.
  2. Seems highly unlikely. Unless it's about the "security" of Israel, I can't see the US commencing any other type of war. Wars between superpowers are fought economically, or geopolitically.
  3. The only man who's able to restrain the wrath of the Shia, and they want him martyred? They probably know that, which is why they are plotting in the first place. Allahu ye3lam how many lives this man's patience and call for peace have saved.
  4. "Hezbollah jihadist". I say we kill everyone of them, not like in Qusayr where mercy was shown.
  5. Who the hell are you to judge a pure martyr?
  6. You generalize as if you knew every single Lebanese person yet you fail to take the differences between religious groups into consideration. Trust me, money and light-skin is definitely not crucial within the Shia community. If you're Shia, it doesn't matter as long as you're Iranian, Syrian or Iraqi. But of course some families tend to be protective considering how south-Lebanon has been in conflict with just about all races of the world.
  7. You really shouldn't toy with it, but if you have to, be sure to do it in a vented hood wearing a mask and plastic gloves. Less than 0.002 grams would kill an average man.
  8. Just how is it a PR-stunt? If anything, it's the opposite.
  9. It was not long ago that I laughed at a joke about how Takfiris will eventually label themselves kafirs and kill eachother. I guess they actually are that stupid.
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