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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You will be avenged ! ImAli is the one eyed ester! For frodo!

  2. I Know what you are doing here for a long time, before you post and misguide people with your whining, I would like to lock the topic, If you can understand do undertsand... Whatever happened after the death of the Prophet (saws) is the History of the Muslims, and this is in the knowledge of Allah Alone. Allah will not hold us accountable for the deeds of these people, nor ask us about them on the Day of Judgment. We will be asked about our deeds and what did we do for the cause of Islam. Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 2 Surah Baqarah verse 134: They were a people who passed away. They shall receive the reward of what they earned, and you shall have the reward of what you will earn. And you will not be questioned as to what they did.
  3. Salam , A beautiful dream indeed, There's Nothing to interpret ...Its Crystal Clear, The Man is calling towards HAQ and whats Halal...The Ones who ignore are losers!!! And in the end when you reach your local Imambargah , The ones close to you are referring you to go on other hills(Ie Other ways) Maybe not the hill on which that Young man is inviting, astagfirullah... As far as you see in the Number 313 again and again, You see it on watch, clocks, number plates, (Mostly your clock) almost many times...and you will start fearing/liking that number , But remember the best guidance is the Guidance of not a number but Allah, You are noticing it as you are very interested to join the 313..Or It would just mean merely just like any other number... :mellow: .
  4. What Do You people think, When you Brothers Shia - Sunni fight with each other, with stupid reasons and excuses, Will not another one overcome you and put you both wrong and start their propaganda!!! Wolves in Sheep Clothing are those, who fall excess in love or less in love , for a reason and start abusing and spreading hatred,Eating each others flesh and a lot more Wolves in sheep clothing are the Shia (Yes) (Excuse Love for Hazrat Ali/Synopsis:Excess Love ) Wolves in sheep clothing are the Sunni (Yes) (Excuse Love For Prophet Muhaammdah/Synopsis:Excess love) Wolves in sheep clothing are the Wahabi (Yes) (Excuse Wrong practice of Prophet and also Ali-Just Allah/Synopsis:No Love)
  5. Akhi. the raper is a kind of atheist as no fear of the Last Day, or a believer who is just for sake Now Atheist are futher divided in many subcategories!!! Depends what reasons they have for becoming one...
  6. and thats not the end, Patience-Thorn In Eyes :shifty: Oh he complains so much, the author... Hazrat Ali would only complain to Allah!!! Rest is history and :shaytan:
  7. Hazrat Ali Complaining :no: :no: :no: :no:
  8. If You Speak Logic you would know, Yes i do not have anything to back up, thats true, Atleast I do not call the brothers as PIGS as you called in the Chatroom, Nor do I spread hatred... Ok tell me one Thing, On What logic are you spreading the hate between brothers???
  9. You are divided too, sub sects among Shia too..Why do you lie???
  10. Salam Walaikum, Brother...Its Good to know You have come in Islam... Yes Quran says do not divide, Actually, these are schools, each one providing one topic and way... Now What happens among the Sects you will find people who are moderate and do not fight abuse or take it as sect, but just school... And Also like me, who are not into any sect but Just ISLAM....
  11. Hey If you mean Shia as your sect you are wrong, If you mean Shia as followers , you mite get a go, what i have been reading is the Qaim will be assisted from people of everywhere... And You what. In Tiny Brains the concepts doesnt fit well..Knowing the Qaim will benefit...You all need good reading first about him!!!
  12. The only thread i like here...the most...Keep up hameedah
  13. The problem is the Ones who are ignorant and do mischief, will face problems!!!
  14. Ohhh Is it???I have seen myself here...Maybe the shia books dont, the Shias do... And I guess the whole shias are sleepn or were wen the insults were going on... keep that mercy pitch, and give to some here, they will require...
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