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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you everyone for your help. :)
  2. yes, that's what i mean. specifically the two middle pics.
  3. no worries, i understood you to mean a random pic :)
  4. i wear a loose jacket when i'm out to cover my shape. i like this style because it's more of a western look and i'm still adjusting to wearing a headscarf, but I still wish to dress appropriately (headscarf included).
  5. thank you for the advice, that's very kind. i wouldn't post a pic of myself, but i have two pics from the net that show the style :)
  6. I'm not able to attach a picture to my reply for some reason. Not sure if i'm not seeing the attach button or if it's because i'm new to the forum
  7. not a bro.. but.. if it was credit card debit and poor financial "mistakes" no I wouldn't marry someone 100 k in debt. if it were debit from education maybe. being in massive debt is a tough way to start a marriage... and is the girl using marriage as a way out of debt?
  8. Assalamu alaykum is this style of wearing the hijab acceptable if wearing a top that covers my neck? The spanish style is when the scarf is wrapped behind the head and around the hair to make a bun. :)
  9. "Why would you say that? This is a highly misinformed definition. All feminists simply demand some form of gender equity. Not all feminists are the same, and it would be wrong to categorize feminism under one general idea. In your opinion, are women's rights in the Muslim world "perfect"? Do you think they are, generally, treated as they should be?" "So you blame women's behavior for men not being able to behave themselves? What do you think women should do to change themselves? If you are talking about modesty - even women who wear hijab and dress Islamically appropriate are still subject to all the problems "western" women are." Salam I'm sorry, I will not argue my perspective especially knowing our views will not be modified by this effort. I was mistakenly under the impression you wanted opinions and this was not a debate. I sincerely hope you are able to find the answers to what you are looking for. :)
  10. Salam Yes, if the man was right for me I would marry him if he was divorced. If he had children it would be a more difficult decision.
  11. A friend knows the owners so I thought I'll do the free promotion for their business. Tons of women and men Islamic designer stuff. http://www.artizara.com Beautiful clothes! thank you for sharing this site :)
  12. Salam I buy some clothes from ebay, but shipping can add up. It's hard to find longer tops at the mall here, so I've been wearing a loose cardigan over everything.
  13. Salam You should have blood work done to check iron levels. I've read low iron is the major cause of hair loss in women. Also diets lacking in protein and b vitamins. Inshallah your hair loss is resolved. :)
  14. Salam 1. Do you believe Islam is a patriarchal religion? If so, do you have any trouble reconciling this? - I believe Islam outlines the roles for genders as they are intended to be. 2. Do you consider yourself a feminist? If so, how do you define 'feminism'? If not, why not? - No, I do not consider myself a feminist. I define feminism as women attempting to take male roles... 3. How do you define what it means to be a Muslim woman. For the sake of this discussion lets say there is a new term called "Muslim Womanism" (sort of like the term "feminism"), what values and ideas would you attach to it? (ex, equality? Motherhood?) - I dislike the idea of the term “Muslim Womanism”. I believe that role confusion a significant cause of the decay in western society. 4. Do you wear hijab? If not, why not? - If you used to wear the hijab, and decided to take it off, what led you to your decision? - I do not always wear my hijab. I have recently reverted and appreciate wearing the hijab around other Muslims. However, I am clearly white and where I live it is VERY unusual to see a white person in a hijab, which makes me uncomfortable. I do wish to wear it all the time. Even not wearing the hijab, my clothes are loose and appropriate. 7. In your experience, have you always been treated by men 'fairly' and respectfully? Do you ever feel inferior around community men to a point you feel uncomfortable? - I feel that behaviour has an impact on how females are treated by males.. ie, dress, places frequented and friends a woman spends time with. No, I have not always been treated fairly or respectfully by men. I do not feel inferior to men, but I have felt intimidated. 9. What are your thoughts about polygamy? - I feel it is acceptable for those who wish to be in a polygamist marriage. 10. What are your thoughts about mutah? - Personal choice and not my business what others chose to do. 11. What age do you want to get married/What age do you think women should get married? Before college? After pursuing a career? - I want to get married when I find the man who is right for me and I am right for him. Timing is not an issue, but good choice is.
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