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  1. You people actually believe this.. Some of you have the IQ of earthworms
  2. Welcome to the real world.. Just about all young muslim girls are doing this. Mind your own business, unless you want your own sins revealef
  3. no wonder the rest of the muslim world thinks shias are kafirs.. because the majority believe in false, clearly haram concepts like this i can't tolerate sheep who can't think for themselves
  4. inferno speaks the truth.. this is haram, no matter how many straws you clutch at trying to justify it with false hadiths etc.. worst part is, there is not even ONE hadith where a member of ahlul bayt (as) recommend doing it.. not ONE! This is the reason I am slowly turning from shia islam
  5. You go ahead with that garbage/fake concoction lmao...
  6. Realistically, here are your options: 1) Get a hair transplant.. costing THOUSANDS of pounds 2) Use Regaine.. and possibly get minimal hair growth, but have to use it for the rest of your life 3) Use Propecia..grow hair, but be impotent as a result 4) Stop being a woman and just shave it off. Just because something is on a 'Shia' website doesn't make it true
  7. shave you head, go the gym, and get over it..
  8. You can't stop sexual desire..only channel it. Having said that, fasting will diminish it, but how feasible is that?
  9. you can tell the socially awakward ones in this thread.
  10. I could careless about women athletes.. most do dress respectably The problem with hijabis is all the glamour makeup, sexy boots and heels, flamboyant hijab, tight jeans etc etc.. it's a disease within our community and getting worse by the day
  11. if there ever was a 'good' bidah, the shaking hands would be it isn't bidah only innovations in religion.. that's not an innovation in religion
  12. what else is he supposed to judge on then, apart from what the original poster told us.^ what a silly post.
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