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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. for some reason you remind me of myself. I hope your situation gets better. Perhaps you will get permission to join some Islamic club and be able to meet good friends who will show you love and respect. I do not know what to tell you but I am sure that marriage alone is not enough to feel the gap in ones life. There are ups and downs of marriage and when you are going through the down you might feel alone and lonely again. If you are doing well in school keep focussing on that at least you have that going for you. Some girls didn't and don't do well in school. Maybe you will have a great career one day.
  2. I am a revert who has met other shia and muslim reverts and from my experience if a muslim man does permanent marriage with a non-muslim woman the woman usually feels no need to become muslim and though she might show respect to ISLAM with you she will mostlikely do many haram things and teach your children those haram things are ok because in her belief many things are acceptable that is haram even considered bad and rude in Islam. for example: Some chirstians believe it is ok to have a beer or glass of wine every once in a while infact in many churches wine is served as part of a chirstian ritual called comunion.Also it is not uncommon for chirstian women to go swiming in the summer and wear bathing suits in public and support their teenage girls to do the same. If you have a teenage daughter you can expect her christian mother to go behind your back and allow your daughter to go to the prom, or school dances wearing sexy clothes with boys (because that is normal in chirstian society) and the girls dance close to the boys usually and no one stops them. I know because I am from such background. So in my oppinion you are muslim which makes you a gem make do not show this woman that you are in-love with her so much you will do any thing even though you are. Explore your options let the woman know you do care for her but that your loyalty is to God and that you want the best for your children. Let her convert first before permanent marriage. Mutah might be best for now. I do know of men who did mutah with women then the women converted after a few years and was loyal to Islam for sometime then the men married them permanently but she would need get on birthcontrol or pregnancy prevention until you both are sure about your future.
  3. Kim K. I have seen muslim husbands cook and clean and take care of their homes. And I think it is nice that a woman gets a gift. Many women in the free western world of America are shacking up with men who are doing absolutely nothing for them except taking care of their own needs and the women go to work and work hard and take care of their own homes and pay their own bills while the men do nothing but use them as work horses while telling them they like an "independent woman" and believe in equality. The women do actually end up doing more work than the men. I listen to American non muslim free women talk about how they could not submit to some man and Islam is too controling and I shake my head because I can not believe how they are allowing themselves to be taken for granted while complaining about Islams benefits which they have no Idea about. Islam seems tough in theory only to make people realize it is a serious religion but if u have a good partner you will find something different than what u are imagining.
  4. wow congratulations. I think The month of Ramadan is a special time which is why you choose it for the wedding. And people will be blessed extra for showing up to support your wedding.
  5. I think it is hardier on African Americans to get married to others because of parents of other races who prefer whitier grandchildren over darkier ones.
  6. Well Praise be to God I see it as a miracle. Some people never can see miracles because they are blind. As a holy book says and if you show them the Heavens they will say "only piled up clouds". Every one has their own position in the world some chose to stand in certain places so they see with a limited view. Yes I do understand the universe and earth is very old compared to us little humans living on it. But while you are doing research see if you can find any scientific explaination as to where a person's spirit goes when it leaves their body. Because that is a very big part of the theory you keep forgeting the spirit world. If you do not believe in a spirit world what is your evidence based on? I would love you to prove to me there is no spirit world with crediable evidence if you have it.
  7. I think no parent should allow porn but I do think parents should expose their children to different non-islamic tv shows that shows how alot of people in their environment live I think the parents should sit with the children and ask the children if they can reconize any thing wrong and haram about the pop culture tv shows and then the parents should teach them how to deal with similiar scenarios as seen on the show but how to deal with them in an halal way and how to avoid bad scenarios. Parents should make sure their children can deal with different scenarios appropriately.
  8. So I wonder are there any Quranic verses or Hadiths that say women will conceive and give birth in Paradise?
  9. Lost Soul I pray your situation will get better . And I hope Allah will reward you for trying to do what is right.
  10. I am interested in the black moors too. But I was talking about the Moores who lived in Spain and were used for their intellect for years to contribute to the christian kingdom who then turned it's back on them and killed them taking over their uniquely built mosques and making them into churches.
  11. No I did not forget and I am even more clear on that than many.Did you remenber the last time the whole earth became froze over or burned over? It probably was along time ago. If the earth ever does freeze over or burn out that is what we religious people call the end of the earth ( meaning for some reason it froze up or burned out and our time is up) If you study Islam you will find that it has much science in it. And that there was several earths and several different forms of humans yes Islam even mentions them going exinct and had a reason behind it based on physics and metaphysics. obviously some force greatier than us humans is preventing the immediate destruction of the earth. Not to say that all the pollution and destroying the ozone etc want be the physical cause for the earth to end eventually. But it is obvious with all the damage us humans do to our earth that some force is keeping us from "as a whole" not individuals from going to far intil it is time for this world to perish permanently. which I will not elaborate on the spiritual detail for the moment . But the spirit of everything goes somewhere believe it or not and it does not have to be confined this earth. Unless that is your goal "To stick to earth no matter what"
  12. according to Islam a person should always live between fear and hope. Fear of what would happen if disobeying God and Hope that God will help them if they do their best in life. Logic is a big part of Islam. God did give us, most of us, a brain, two eyes, two ears, a tougue and heart by these things we can observe the world around us and discover true knowledge. Inshallah we will take the uphill road. I think The shaitan tries to decieve peole throught analytical thinking but if a person is sincere with Allah Allah will show them the light and when they test any theory based on real research and logic whie having a sincere heart and open mind they might get confused at first but then Allah will show them something new they never imagined but all the many ways of getting the truth. I like it. Just when I almost doubt he shows me a form of science that is along those same line of thought that made me doubt and that science will lay itself out and I believe more than ever. ALHAMDULILAH
  13. Who created the sun? why does the sun benefit earth's plants, vegetables, fruits and bring balance to our day, vitamin D, helps mental and emotionally problems, keeps the earth from freezing but at the same time as hot as the sun itself is it does not burn up the earth and kill everything? Who or what is controling the sun making it give us more benefits without killing us all? And what or who is controlling the icy cold planets that could freeze earth if near to earth from coming to close where it's coolness would kill us? Infact there are thousands of things and stars in space that float around that could find it's way to earth and destroy us but yet we earthlings are still here, Some one explain that if there is no God or force watching over us and calculating everything. ???????????????????
  14. I do not know much about Hinduism and I would like to learn . But I believe God is a Universal God of all people regardless what religion they choose. I was told once by a man who is very knowledgeable in Islam that the reason people who are not muslims still feel their god hears them is because God The creator of all is a Merciful God who rewards all those who are trying to get to know him and worship him in some way or form with a bit of comfort in their hearts as a reward for trying to seek him even if they are doing it completly wrong or partially wrong ( the point is if they are sincerely worshiping something thinking they are doing good) God does have mercy. It is good to excercise the power of believe that there is some greatier force than our small little selves. But the happiness that a person who believes in the wrong religion is feeling is encourage them to keep exercising their belief to find the real God and does not mean that that person has the right belief only that that person should keep making steps towards God eventually if the person is sincere he or she will find something wrong with their religion if they have the wrong believe. And once you realize you are wrong then you can search for the truth by trial and error or ellimination until one true religion is standing. I think a person will appreciate finding the truth more when it is like a treasure hunt ( little by little collect the clues to take you to the ultimate prize) Most people do not find the prize right away even in their own backyard.
  15. I am not a scholar but according to Islam we are told God is not like a human, animal, plant and that God is not like any of his creations. God in many religions including Islam has no shape or form. God can not be contained, or limited to any form and yet he is the ultimate power. I the way I have heard scholars describe him he sounds like a unlimited source and force of cosmic, dynamic, unrestricted, unlimited, uncontained energy that is too big for small creatures like us to point him out yet we can see his work as a sign of his existence. I do believe he knows what we feel every single feeling because he is the ultimate energy. The only way to know God is through his creations. Our human brains ( I believe) are built with limitations we can train ourselves to understand a lot. But God is too much for any of us to completly understand. But I do believe God made different creations around us to help us learn more about his power and what our duty to him is .
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