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  1. Salaam brother, There are :Muslim brothers and sisters being oppressed and slaughtered every day and you cant get over a petty post/thread count thing on a silly website??? Please be more mature and maybe spend more time reflecting or trying to help others and less time making useless threads that the admins will not care much for anyway. ws
  2. Salaam, Unless both the male and female are close in maturity level, I would not recommend it.
  3. You really only need the B12 from meat. You need so little B12 to survive that eating meat once every 30 or 40 days should be enough. Its very difficult to get b12 *naturally* from plants (its usually fortified into processesed products like tofu). I was actually meat intolerant, meaning I got food poisoning to some degree literally every time I ate meat, which is a main ingredient in most paki dishes. So that's why I gave up meat but after going a few months without eating meat, it seems like I can now eat it occasionally without getting sick :Allhumdulilah :D But I still dislike the taste and texture of meat... The only time I really enjoyed the taste of meat was when a family freind who hunts his own deer to eat made some for us. It was so tasty! And that's coming from a person who hates steak (no matter how its cooked, medium rare, well done, etc.).
  4. Here was the reply: Subject: Fast Istifta’ no.: 459797 Bismihi Ta`ala Salamun `alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu If her not fasting was due to being unaware about the ruling or fasting was unbearably hard for her, she is not required to pay kaffarah rather it suffices to make up for the missed fasts in qada'. However, you should notice that if delaying the qaḍā’ until the next Ramadan is due to negligence and without any shar‘ī excuse, one should pay kaffarah of delay i.e. one mudd (750 grams) of food (wheat, bread, rice, etc.) to the needy for each day. However, if one has an excuse for the delay preventing them from performing valid fasts, kaffarah of delay is not required. With prayers for your success
  5. Its not girls who disapprove of men in school for marriage, its their parents usually. Dont just pray for yourself to get married, try to change the mindset of your community! Maybe give a talk on it and things.
  6. There are 20+ languages in India, they may share similar words with different meanings. People who speak Tamil in india cannot understand Hindi or urdu at all, but ill give you this example:Ask an indian/paki to say "like this" in urdu. It will sound very similar to the english word "essay" but mean something completely different. Or ask them to say "flower" in urdu and it will sound very similar to the word "pool" in english. Or ask a Kashmiri to say "hug" and it kinda sounds like an American from the sounth saying "my two"
  7. It is very difficult to get a person to change their lifestyle if they dont already want to do it on their own, and she will be likely to fall back into bad old habits. Sugar is addictive after all, so if a girl is overweight due to sugar,even if she gives it up, relapse may happen. She has to have the will power to change and be working on it on her own before she gets married because wanting to change for another human rarely continues to motivate a person in the long term. (She has to want to change for the sake of :Allah)
  8. salaam, please respond to my PM. Thanks.

  9. Salaam, No, I will be leaving sc so youll have to skype Br sami and ask him to add you to the group. Ws
  10. I dont think he will be using sc much anymore. If you wish to contact him, you should be able to find his skype name on his profile feed. Ws
  11. There is no rules or contract in dating and usually parents get involved after the fact with dating (like after the couple has dated for awhile and think its "time to meet the parents") whereas with :Mutah, the family tends to be involved in the very beginning especially if the female is a virgin.Yes, some people do :Mutah in an indecent or completely wrong way, but we do not let the hypocrites or ignorant ones define :Islam.
  12. Unfortunately I am not that scholarly myself but I have heard lectures where they point out the subtle differences between ayas and what the meaning and reason for it is. I will try to link you a lecture later iA.
  13. There are deeper understandings to the :Quran that simply "do this and not that." You should listen to Nouman Ali Khan, I dont know if he records them and posts them on youtube, but he has given lectures along with many others on deeper meanings of the :Quran by looking at exact wording and whatnot. We are :Shias, not wahabis who take the :Quran only at face value. Ws
  14. There is wisdom in the repition. Firstly, any good teacher knows that repetition is one of the best tools in teaching, especially if a student is only listening or reading and not doing an action. Second, there are signs in the repition, like how the word :Imam appears 12 times in the :Quran. Also the repition helps making memorization easier. Im sure there is more but there are three points for you. Ws
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