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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The US had to abolish slavery before even being able to manage itself, let alone become a world power. All im saying is...slavery, the way it was practiced in the US, failed...inevitably, because of its immorality. Slavery was in the US, a destabilizing practice from the start due to its immorality. People figured this out, and they ultimately got rid of it. Slavery wasnt abolished simply because of economic reasons. It was abolished for reasons relating to...morality. Even economics have close ties to innate morality. It wasnt merely for economic reasons that hitler failed, nor was it me
  2. Saying that I should just go do some reading, isnt really a refutation to my claim. The holocaust failed, because it...by its nature was destined to. Hitler failed, because...his wrong acts, were destined to. Right, the world, isnt going to sit back and just let some guy run around taking stuff over and mass murdering people. It doesnt matter if he has the media on his side. People, over time, come to determine, in a vague sense, what is morally right and wrong, and clearly, everyone recognized that what he was doing was wrong. Whether it was the murdering of Jews, or if it was the expansio
  3. Nations from around the world, joined together to take Hitler down, and you think that is some kind of fluke that was his fault?
  4. There was nothing stable about slavery in the US. Nothing stable about slaves trying to kill their masters hahaha. Contrary to the benefits that it may have appeared to have brought, there was nothing stabilizing about it. Ok good, and why did worldwide powers intervene? See that, it crossed international laws, built by other means that likely werent media related. The key point here is that...his movement failed. It didnt fail because Americas media was better than germanys. It failed because...the development of intellectual advances in morality had taken place, and the world joined to
  5. Lets keep it simple, and we can examine Hitlers movement, which had lots of propaganda, and lots of media support. Why did he fail, if the media should have transformed people to support him?
  6. Sorry, maybe I have misunderstood your questions. I have no doubts in my beliefs. I just am clear when I say, they are my beliefs. That is what they are, beliefs. I am indeed certain of my faith and beliefs, and I am sure you are too. However, faith, and belief, it isnt the same as...knowledge. People are limited in what we know though. We have reasons to believe in things, and often, these are rational and good reasons. But what we see in the world, is that...its very easy to see. We have, a world that believes in different things. Many for example, many people, are christians, and they
  7. No such publication, in regards to the shape of water spoken of in this topic...exists (not in any legitimate scientific journal at least). There is no publication of any study with respect to this discussion.
  8. The media influences, but ultimately, it is up to the development and evolution in people, to determine if the influence is accurate or not. Which is why guys like Hitler got their butts kicked, even though they had all the media propaganda in the world behind them. And some may say, well morals are not relative, they dont evolve. They are absolute and from Allah. Well, people still need to evolve and develop an understanding of how Allah has implemented morals. Wahabis believe that morals are absolute too, but clearly people still need to learn what that absolute is. Allah has created us in
  9. People should take notice of how young mankind truly is. I mean, I could ask this question about slavery. Why were people ok with it before? But in only a matter of a couple hundred years...which equates to just a few generations, it has been abolished? Its because people, and societies as they exist today...are still young. We have much to learn about our morals, even now. Slavery was abolished due to the advance of intelligence? Intelligence and knowledge of moral decisions go hand in hand. I am confident in Mutah Kings position on this one. It is true that social media can influence ch
  10. I dont know if Ugly Jinn is saying that X certainly did not happen, I think he is just asking for evidence that X did happen. One sec, ill take a look at what youre asking. I dont think I said anything should be discreditted. I dont know enough about the topic to even judge that. What I will say though, is that if there is a lack of evidence for something that I believe in, I wouldnt say that it were absolutely true. Because of course, without evidence, there would be no way of knowing that it certainly was true. This is something we consistently find here on SC. People speak as if they do
  11. Lets look at the definition of discredit. " 1 : to refuse to accept as true or accurate : disbelieve <discredit a rumor> 2 : to cause disbelief in the accuracy or authority of <a discredited theory> 3 : to deprive of good repute : disgrace <personal attacks meant to discredit his opponent> " If something lacks evidence, then its lack of evidence could certainly be used to discredit it. If something lacks evidence, it wouldnt be a bizaar idea if someone didnt accept it, or decided not to accept it because it was not evidencially true.. Whether or not you as a person decide t
  12. hm. May I see it? Maybe it was already posted in the discussion.
  13. I think the hadith Ugly was referring to, were particular ones about Imam Ali proclaiming Imamate. Thats fine.
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