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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hi.

    Do you understand Persian?

  2. Jews think they are Gods chosen people, 16 million united can take 100 billion divided. Plus it aint about number its about how much money you got and right now thats what they got, you know Hollywood? Wall street?? yep as much as the arabs pump oil these guys make the money through currency. Money =Power=World domination.
  3. Asalam Alaikom Inshallah your father will be fine, be hak muhammad wu ali muhummad. We shall all return to our Lord sooner or later and inshallah just pray we all return as muslims for the next life is the ulitmate life the ever lasting. Our prayers are with you and your father.
  4. Bang your head on the wall a few times.
  5. I'll stand up and say "NO your not leaving me I'AM leaving YOU!!" and storm out.
  6. Just type in Ali in members search and start deleteing posts.
  7. Assalam alaikom You must be overwhelmed with emoticons, don't worry bro you will soon be united with her insha-Allah in heaven :)
  8. When did they start allowing people to use baseball bats in a 'Friendly' cricket game? :huh:
  9. i'll try take a pic of my computer it's a fish tank with water cooling ive clocked it to 3.8ghz.
  10. She aint cute, the cuttiest baby ive ever seen is bro Abdulhujjah's daughter i'll ask him if i can post her picture up.
  11. Even with her video driver not installed it still should play videos, do clips on your computer work? or just clips of the net on your browser...if clips work which are NOT of the internet you should just reninstall your browser which ever one it may be Explorer or Firefox.
  12. I was going to say you can become cool like them until i read your last line.
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