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  1. You are my second favorite person on shiachat I like your responses

  2. My favorite sunni is al-Fakhr al-Razi and my favorite sufi is Ibn Arabi although I believe both are kafirs

  3. salam nice profile pic :)

  4. The sun is Ali The moon is Ali The planets are Ali The stars are Ali The orbits are Ali The heavens is Ali The earth is Ali The air is Ali The water is Ali The trees are Ali The fruits are Ali Our breath is Ali The soul is Ali Our heart beats call out, Ali, Ali, Ali O! Ali!

  5. الشمس علي القمر علي الكواكب علي النجم علي الافلاك علي السماء علي الارض علي الهواء علي الماء علي الشجر علي الثمر علي النفس علي الروح علي نبضات القب تنادي علي, علي, علي, يا علي!

  6. Not so excellent because I heard Sayed Nakshawani curse before

  7. حقَّ أن لا تكفنوا علويا === بعد ما كفَّن الحسين الذراري

  8. من عنده نكته حلوه يحب يسمعنا اياها :)

  9. If you want a woman like Fatima al-Zahraa a.s be like Imam Ali a.s. If you want a man like Imam Ali a.s be like Fatima al-Zahraa a.s

  10. If you come across my profile please add me I am new here I want to feel welcomed :P

  11. Finally I can use all the advantages on this website l 7amdella .. Its about time.. Welcome to my profile everyone :)

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