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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I read on a previous topic here that it is allowed but makrooh. However I find it much easier to try concentrate by closing my eyes at the moment.
  2. How does one go about making one of these ? Nevermind found it : http://qrcode.kaywa.com/
  3. R123

    Press Tv?

    I find Press TV to be a good channel as it also gives Iran a chance to defend itself on certain issues, whereas most media here just favour the other side without mentioning much of the other.
  4. Thanks for the replies , a few thoughts had regarded the ahlulbayt so I am starting to dwell on them , but hopefully myself / others can fight off shaitaan as I've noticed, personally, I always have one thing or the other on my mind when I am trying to better myself. I obviously didn't mean any thoughts I had , but its probably due to my lack of emaan for the past few years that my.mind can swap focus from one area to another so easily in a matter of seconds. Inshallah with further improvements on myself it'll go away gradually.
  5. Well I was listening to the lecture , towards the end and started to try and picture the events to try gain a better understanding. However I started to think about shameful thoughts regarding it . I feel regretful , and it has started to make me question myself but am wondering if its required for me to repent as I read that thoughts are from shaitaan ? Though I am starting to dwell further on them and I feel my behaviour changing already to those around me and in my willingness to listen to further lectures, just as I felt I was becoming better... I'm again doubting myself.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I was feeling very disgusted and ashamed of the thoughts as I had the same as you, and although I had a few today also regarding random people I saw I'm trying hard to fight Shaitaan ,
  7. My mind just went off on a tangent from being so occupied with the lecture to now being filled with random inappropiate thoughts in the space of a few minutes , Just wondering if anyone had any advice to try and get these thoughts out ? As it then filled my mind when I tried to concentrate in prayer as I'm feeling that I'm bringing up all these thoughts. .
  8. Salams all, I've been using this forum for advice so I can hopefully improve on myself, but today, after a week or so of trying to change my lifestyle around, I was listening to a lecture today on Youtube and towards the end , when it was mentioned about what had occured to some companions I had some quite inappropiate thoughts whilst trying to picture the atrocities about it in my mind which I have no idea how they came about as I was pretty much in focus up till then. And since then, I can just look at something and I can think of something inappropiate about it. I feel messed up at this moment in time as it then carried on in my head during prayer :wacko:
  9. For the last couple of years, I had not really followed the teachings of Islam and went astray alot and as a result sinned in a number of ways. However I have repented for my sins and started to attempt to be a better muslim by reading up on Imams/concepts in islam. I just had a few questions that I'm not sure about : 1- When I do prayer, and before sujood I say 'astakhfarullah' , I immediately get visual thoughts of the sins that I have comitted rather than concentrating on the prayer that I have to do , so I don't know what to do at the moment. 2- I hadn't really looked much into marj'a to follow, so I'm wondering how do I go about choosing one and how do I obtain their advice on topics ?
  10. Thanks for the replies, ^ brother is it possible to have your email if I want to talk further ? And then delete the post after once I got it ?
  11. I've been looking at this forum for quite a while but needed some advice about my situtation so I thought of joining and creating a topic. Now when I was growing up, around the age of 11/12 when I started a new school I struggled to settle in properly , but then in the second year I found myself being within a group of people who introduced me to explicit websites and found myself on it afterwards and was pretty much hooked onto it. This year was also a year in which I had stopped/resisted against going to the mosque each week. Slowly I started to not pray properly and reading the Quran for a while and was getting further from Islam, and even fasting had become a hassle that I didn't like to do. I really did not understand much of what was going on with me, and felt like an outcast from the rest of the class (when in fact it happens to most people at this age) and did not have anyone to talk to about these matters at home. All of this straying culminated in me doing terrible sinful act to someone I know very closely on 3-4 occasions . It wasn't to the extent of the other losing virginity but more of just practising the filth I saw on the websites. Now this occurred 4 years ago, and most of the people who introduced me to the sites all left my class so they could no longer have an effect on me. Ever since I learned what I had done was wrong, I immediately stopped it at once and repented for my sins. I've been telling myself that I was very young and not mature for the past few years, but have resigned to the fact that I'm stuck with it for the rest of my life, and don't know if I am going to be forgiven or not for it which is really affecting everything I do. When it comes to prayer even now, I have the feeling of what's the point in doing it now after this .
  12. R123

    Martial Arts Anyone ?

    I'm quite into watching it (UFC mainly) but been a few years since I practised it .
  13. Once / Twice a day, usually at night as I sometimes forget to do it in the monring.
  14. At the gym I go to this is also the case, try using earphones but making them high enough to cancel out the effect of the music. ?
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