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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. True. There in lies the problem . The terms 'practising' is very fluid now.
  2. I believe that to be true. And I think I am too traditional for a man to find someone here. I have lately felt it is probably best to try to meet people who potentially work in the same industry. Though I can be so wrong. Thanks for your dua
  3. I believe we are flawed being. That requires us to forge ahead and keep hoping to not repeat the mistakes. A blog is essentially an intimate expression of who we are right? That is the best and the most insidious way of sharing your own perspective. I can disapprove of all the assertions on the blog, but that is what will sometimes take root. Is there a blog about you out there as well ?
  4. Okay. So I briefly glanced through my previous comments I had left before, and I realised the following: I do not remember most of what I wrote before. Even if I were to respond today, I would probably express the same thoughts. With perhaps a little more introspection. Sister @hameedeh is incredibly accurate and I join Sister @Sumayyeh hat-tip in acknowledging her prowess of summation. @l'Optimiste is very eloquent is his/her assessment of it all The protracted divorce did happen. The road back to sanity is bumpy. It takes one through a maze of disbelief, sk
  5. well. I have a fascinating story to tell. I just logged in and I can assure you it has been a rollercoaster!
  6. A combination of factors play a role into a successful marriage. Families do not need to be identical but must understand and appreciate the difference. The boy and girl need to have commonalities and hopefully be attracted to each other. And then the two should understand that it is their marriage and not anyone else dominate the environment.
  7. haha Really? you think your 5 year old daughter only learns from you? Time and again science, society and religion have reiterated that a child learns from his/her surroundings. I guess if we have a problem with people holding hands, we think hard about the country we want our child to grow up in.
  8. Just looked at the reviews for this book. This looks like a wonderful read! Thanks for sharing that. gonna get me a copy.
  9. You're assuming that a picture even with Hijab 'will' lead to Haram thoughts. Since there is no guarantee to support either side of that argument, your assumption is baseless. Perhaps you need to be reminded about the negative impacts of assumptions in Islam, but I know better than to use religion to whip people in public. Never works, especially if you want them to understand and appreciate the beauty of this religion.
  10. Also I have noticed, everyone loves to 'interpret' Islam to fit their own bill. That certainly leads to trigger happy moments.
  11. Why is it Haram if the pictures are in Hijab and appropriate? I dont see any reason why that merits a reminder about being on a religious forum.
  12. Tried reading your post. Disturbing formatting. Perhaps some other time.
  13. It can easily be nervous energy or the far the fact that she likes you a lot . Either way, as long as you can get a sense of what shes saying and like it as well, go for it.
  14. They're mashallah from a good background. Her mother is actually a Zakira and I once thought that was a good thing. But then I started noticing the extremism and orthodoxy which made me very uncomfortable. I saw them ridicule women who were not wearing abayas but were in perfect hijab stating one reason or the other. I saw then frowning upon other mothers and girls who wanted to study and make something our of their lives besides just being incubators and maids. How was I supposed to know there is a way of justifying this through religion. How much can one find out before getting married any w
  15. Sharing this article is easy and I appreciate that. Makes me feel good. But Ive found some really orthodox opinions in Shias lately. Troubles me a lot. I would never have guessed.
  16. Well it is supposedly done that way so anyone can cross from the front. Apparently it's a 'sin' if you walk across without that. meh
  17. What Islamic Unfortunately there is a lot of doubt about what real Islamic values are.
  18. Came across something very interesting. Just thought Id share ti with my family here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Being mindful of your cognitive biases isn't enough Facts that challenge basic assumptions—and thereby threaten people’s livelihood and self-esteem—are simply not absorbed. The mind does not digest them.” —Daniel KahnemanThere are numerous cognitive biases that threaten to lead us to incorrect conclusions as we reason our way through problems: confirmation bias (where we selectively pay attention only to evidence that
  19. Why must every thing this minute be about haram or halal ? If you're divorced, just chuck them. Or WinZip.
  20. If you want something in life, go for it. Just know your reasons.
  21. Not really hard to believe. Men and women these days are looking for very subjective versions of love. But I like the way you define it.
  22. I dont know about getting back together, but my mother feels the most important reason behind the increase of divorce in this generation is due to accessibility. She says back in her days, they all had to work it out. And to be honest I see some very successful old marriages which have seen some very rocky starts. I have detailed my dilemma in this thread, if anyone's interested.
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