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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salaam i can assure you that its shaitan trying to deceive you into thinking the way you are thinking,there is no justification for taking the hijab off, even if a thousand man tried talking to you or even looked at you its still no reason to take it off, lets say you took it off NOW what will you gain rather you will loose modesty and may God forbid might even loose his pleasure that he had for you for wearing hijab. when i see a sister wear hijab its the most amazing thing i see in a woman besides the beauty Allah bestowed on her its like seeing a pearl full of mystery and wonder but when i see any other without hijab its sooooooo different no way one can compare a lady with a hijab then one without one.
  2. salaam brothers in faith i hope everything is going good with all of your iA the reason i wrote this reply was because it hert's me as well as it hert's other brothers in faith and most and all our prophet and his Ahlul Bayt (pbuta) that all these arguments between brothers are going on today, how do you expect our imam (as) may Allah hasten his appearance to appear when all we do is argue etc, right now the enemy's within and out of Islam are attacking us and instead of being united we are fighting each other because we disagree when the message of Islam is the same , i'am no one to tell you what to do or say but as a Muslim i have the right to speak when ever i see 2 brothers fighting, Stop this nonsense be it little or big as it will lead to deviation leave it to Allah swt
  3. lol no bro i'm serious it works, i ain't shy to say it, sometimes you need that extra height for business and also so you wont look like short when walking with the wife :lol:, also for my single brothers looking for a wife so they can make that impression as the taller you are the better of course we are talking physicaly not spirituality as its better to be better in faith iA
  4. thank you but i think i saw something on duas.org about our prophet but i caint remember what its called i think the title said to increase your love for rasulullah (pbuahf)
  5. salaam for all my short brothers there is a way you can be tall, just buy a shoe lift kit online or just make yourself one at home, no matter what keep it a secret and let the people you trust only know :D
  6. Asalamu Alaikum I wanted to know if there is any website showing the conducts of our prophet (as) and his Ahlul Bayt (as) ty
  7. did you just cursed a brother :no: , bro you better repent for your own sake if the curse was wrong to say then it shal come back to you, things like these upset me , if your going to get angry because someone gave a comment then dnt post anything here as you put a bad example for others ashame on you brother i hope Allah forgives you :donno: bro i know your learning and so am i as well but to use such words like the ones you gave about our Fatima (sa) even as an example is disrespecting her and in a way an insult you should ask Allah for forgiveness
  8. Asalamu Alaikum i wanted to know what is the word written in the flag of imam Hussein (as) and were can i get a little duplica i want to hang it in my car
  9. mashallah so beautiful may Allah swt forgive you and reward you
  10. so your prideful and insulting to a brother now that shows what kind of muslim you are , this and other things are the reason for the delay of our imam of the time (as) . dnt fight fire with fire it will cause destruction rather water with fire as it turns it down, it aint my buisness but dont be harsh to anyone in here, theres no need for you to say that nobody cares for him because i do care for him he is a brother and i will not let you hert his feelings if they were hert, fear Allah bro same applies for me as im weak and have faults and errors wich i regret and repent of
  11. between 8 and 9 lol jk no between 5.8 and 5.9
  12. The alignment is coming soon in December inshAllah, anyone update to this please share since we are days from this ?
  13. sorry for the late respond but the reason for that was because i had surgery in an area where it became najils and so there was no way of me putting water there because i didnt want to mess with the wound it is a real complicated surgery and had to get stiches
  14. lol i know huh i take some halal meat over to my mothers house and she cooks mexican food for me and my wife =]
  15. Brothers i'm a born mexican revert muslim and all i can say is what a poor soul he doesnt know what he is saying, i dnt know if i should be sad about it or what , sadly many mexicans are embracing the sunni sect and no surprise if even wahabi sect
  16. asalamu alaikum i wanted to know if once performing tayammum it purifies you from there on or those it purify you just for the time for prayer and so later on yo u have to perform ghusl thanks
  17. Asalamu Alaikum Bro i'm in no status to give you advice as i myself needs advice but to give you a little words of love that i have for you is this, Please stay away from her i know its hard and tough but something is not right and remember what her mother said that she will kill her, so yourself and her are at risk to be killed and i believe her mother as wahabis are known for killing even children so brother look past that your in a danger zone and in some kind of fitna with her even after you said that she is doing things behind you, now look at the bright side that there are tons of Good sisters who will be interested in a loving and caring brother like you, i hope Allah grants you what is best for you inshAllah
  18. The number is to high to count, now all that is coming back to them one example is that every day 1 soldier from the united states commits suicide, Mmmm sounds like a curse from Allah but he is the merciful if only they truly accept the truth of Allah and repent for killing innocent children,fathers, and or mothers who become widows or even the saddest a kid becoming an orphan :cry:
  19. lol thanks for your time and yes i always see that my brothers at the masjid say the salaams to our prophet and his Ahlul Bayt (as) by name and idk why i never ask them whats the name of that salaam oh and by the way the reason i wanted to know the name was so i can look it up on duas.org to read it and memorise it by heart InshAllah :D
  20. salaam i wanted to know what is the name of the salaams after isha prayer or every prayer , its where we send salaams to our prophet and his Ahlul Bayt (as) after finishing the prayer
  21. It's sad how the accursed shaitan deviates even Marjas. I beg, pray and hope to Allah that me and all brothers and sisters never deviate from the true path, seeing this video and how they claim they left the true path is something to really ponder and reflect upon. Stay firm brothers and always strive to be a shia of Muhammad (pbuh) and his Ahlul Bayt (as) because that is the true path and those who cannot see that, lets pray for them that Allah may guide them inshAllah
  22. They want us to get angry and loose our minds so they can rejoice so they can use that as means of their strategic acts against us but nay when our imam (as) comes they will be disgraced and dissapointed,for now lets be patient and dissapoint them by Ignoring their ignorance, as we all know what will be their end after death, lanat on the enemies of Allah his prophet and ahlul bayt (pbut)
  23. u want to see something so funny i found on youtube ? here it is but becareful bro it contains music
  24. it is said its recommended to perform 2 rakats as and the name of the dua is Alqama
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