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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I turned down a dowry, wedding, etc. I'm not against these things, but they didn't fix my personality (I never was that little girl dreaming of her big fairytale wedding like the other kids I knew). I found the man I loved and, while that was cause for celebration, I felt it better to thank Allah SWT. I'm still doing that too ;p There is a lot to be learned from the wedding of Bibi Fatima, as... Simple, modest and humble. Didn't she give her gown away that she was supposed to wear... I'm sure you all know the story. Not saying that is how they all must be, but it's a thought for those planning
  2. i stopped listening to music completely over 2 years ago, alhamdulilah. it is difficult.... I read once that the words of Quran, nasheeds and nohas become more meaningful and sweeter once you get rid of the junk, lol. Anyway I stopped listening by first switching to nasheeds for a week or so, then nasheeds with no music. I think you need to go cold turkey with music after that bc the excuses will just hamper you. Now I only listen to Quran, nasheeds and nohas besides a few childrens nursey songs my kids listen to (I limit their music too though). Find groups you like (voices of passion is good
  3. they are SO frekain cute!!!!! they do have hijabi barbies.... called fulla.
  4. This is probably a stupid question, so forgive me in advance lol... Regarding the hadith above on "omnious dreams," do these refer to nightmares or what...? Just curious.
  5. Instead of asking her if she loves him, prove he loves her by going after her respect? If fixing a tire that hard? Shooo, I'd be on that like donkey kong. Marriage is difficult, I don't think that means they should divorce. They need to go for counseling. Read marriage books together and pray together about their marriage. If after a couple years of that all is lost, one just isnt working hard enough IMO.
  6. Every parent restricts their child, most in many ways (curfew, no tv before homework, no rated R, etc). I grew up with friends who couldn't do things because of their parents, and I lived the same life. I wasn't allowed to wear mascara, a makeup, until I was 16 for example--stuff tv ads bombard girls with. Yes, I was a regular ol' American. Not affliated with Islam at all and nor were those friends I mentioned. Someone mentioned nurturing Islamic spiritual values and morals. I totally agree... But we have to practice what we preach to do so best. We ourselves must enjoin the good and forbid th
  7. LOL I just wanna add that I just got rid of cable altogether bc of this. No joke. Thanks for posting.
  8. I had no idea some places took the initiative to ban adverts aimed towards kids. Kudos to them. I will have to search for petitions working for that here... Have heard of it but didn't pay much attention at the time since I had not had kids yet.
  9. I'd like to ask you to please make dua for my grandfather and grandmother. They are very ill, with my granddad on his deathbed. I'd more than appreciate it... JazakAllah khair. May Allah reward you.
  10. @shia_warrior92 LOL!!! I know how you'd feel, I'd totally hide too :):)
  11. I have only had people see my hair a couple of times after I was able to wear it full-time :/ Once I was sleeping and my bro in law came in my room to get the cable box we were getting rid of. The door had been locked but he came in bc it was an "emergency" and knocking didnt wake me. I woke up to see him bending down and getting it right next to my side of the bed, OMG I am still mortified to this day. I felt SO disrespected, so embaressed, etc etc. I actually woke up later and told my husband of this nightmare bc I dunno why but I kept thinking it hadn't really happened bc I was half-asleep
  12. Try small local businneses--ma and pa type shops. They will likely pay less but retail is rarely a high-paying job anyway. Try working at a university (maybe a bookstore), an emergency clinic receptionist (flexible student hrs), tutoring, etc... check craigslist under part-time.
  13. Where's the pic of the two toddlers running around in matching chadors?? I'm too lazy to add it but it's my FAVE.
  14. Allah is the best of planners... Pray and work on your current religious state. I am not saying you have massive room for improvement or soemthing like that lol but maybe Allah SWT is testing you or leading you through this time for a reason. Allahu alim. Focus on other religious duties while continuing to pray.
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