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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. OP here is my rational take on your dream...if this was mine this is how i would have interpreted it . see its said that our 12th imam will come back to avenge karbala so he will be carrying the alam of maula abbas...so the alam of maula Abbas represents his purpose of rising. so when we see a banner ( representation) in our dream-scape it points to the representative, ie the representative of Imam (as) now u can apply the same to the other symbols ( remember everything in a dream is a symbolic representation of a higher meaning) so in a sense the representative could imply the marja or howeve
  2. just wanted to say that dreaming of alhly bait is not fantasy, it sure has meaning...i have delved a lot into the "science of dreams" practiced a lot of things that can trigger dreams...lucid dreaming...obe..blah blah i basically fantasize of maula ali all my waking hours...but i have never seen him in a dream...so anyone who is saying such dreams are our subconscious manifestation of our desires and fantasy aint true...i mean regular dreams are just that but not dreams like this.
  3. The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one's real and one's declared aims, one turns, as it were, instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish squirting out ink. -George Orwell
  4. ok man i am sorry ...wont bother you again
  5. bro i have identified all the evil in my own self also and i know what extent i am capable of falling and i condemn myself for that too, you cant just ignore the evil or else how in the world are u going to define the good? you don't believe in tabarra do you? get off this sufi trip bro ...seriously, get real again i am not judging, its just that if you want to acknowledge good of certain people you also have to acknowledge the evil of others or else you are being prejudice and what kinda freaking unity are you talkin about that is based on a covering up and lies start seeing reality for what
  6. you missed the point you wrote: "Another thing, these so called hadiths make a fool out of the Prophet, how he so blatantly tells Hafsa this so called "news" and gets her to promise him as if he knew the future but didn't know the intentions and weaknesses of Hafsa and Aysha," your reasoning here is flawed, ofcourse he knew and he knew the intentions of those two....did it cross your mind that maybe he was just following what God was asking him to do???
  7. "What are you people making out of the Prophet ? Some kind of fool who talks without knowledge?" would u mind explaining why the prophet befriended the 3 devils? knowing very well what they would do after him and why he married mama ayesha? when he knew she would go against imam ali? or do u think they were fine people?? sounds like you have the unveiling .....we would like to know
  8. why do u feel the need to join an organized religion, is it an identity issue? are you in your own way trying to rebel against the group you belong to? if you are just trying to know God then maybe study all the religions/philosophies/mythologies and identify the underlying theme, maybe that will get you closer to understanding God. have you read nahjul balagaha? that should seriously keep you amazed and occupied for a very long time.
  9. hmmmm looks like the mulitlayered meanings of my post totally escaped you...like a boiled onion i think u are meant for the gravy...i am cooking but i wont eat... i am on minimal raw foods, inspired by yuka jokes aside read the link that yuka posted u might learn a thing or two
  10. hush ..didnt I tell you this hadeeth relates to my present life, i am independent without having any human companion :Hijabi: so please please dont offer me any job :P i like you too, you are like an onion....u make me cry!
  11. wow it relates to my present life toooo, thanks for posting , i was not aware of my present life! ofcourse i know what it means, i will have to be abstruse in my explanation, i have to try really hard to do that oh but wait, i am a megalomaniac that should explain!
  12. I came, I saw there was nothing left to conquer, so i conquered nothing and lost to my self to become nobody
  13. I have a lot of mental imbalances and i am a full blown schizophrenic( the reason why this post caught my eye) ,and i will tell you that patience doesn't just mean to be quiet and not complaining( actually its very healthy to verbalize your complains to god alone), it perhaps means to accept your situation and circumstances, and you can only do that by understanding the root cause of it and realizing that you deserved it, till you don't do that you are merely denying it and it will keep resurfacing again and again which you will experience it as depression. "How do I become patient in the sen
  14. Op...you are acting like a woman..needy and clingy..and believe me you will end up with someone you deserve..and you probably wont like it again. as long as you are in need of something it will always overpower you. i am not advising you against marriage...just man up first so you are not the woman in your marriage :)
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