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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I knew you were arrogant but to think your words have so much value you require a 1000 feet virtual restraining order? Get over yourself. And who, by the way, are you? Also a 'nobody' so, unless you have something constructive to say, maybe just butt out? People like you two are the most pathetic, insecure kind of posters on the internet. So brainwashed into thinking ANYONE wearing a cloak and turban is a demi-God beyond reproach it's honestly saddening. This is what I wrote at the end: Read, research then make your own mind up but don't be swayed by staunch supporters of his or me. It's cal
  2. I don't hold the different view, I think the truth is he held views on some issues that contradicted most mainstream Shi'ah scholars. Amongst them were his views on (not) sending lana'ah on the idols of Quraysh, the incident of the door (not conclusive I know), Ziayarat e Ashura not being valid/correct, belief that it's acceptable to join sunnis in tarawih prayers and some other oddities. I think Bashir Hussain Najafi (look him up online) was very staunch in his opposition to the stance of Fadhlallah and there is somehere a 40-signatory document from senior clerics condeming him. Read, researc
  3. Firstly, what does 'support' mean? Just a thought in someone's head, opinions aired in private/public, du'a recited asking Allah (jjh) to make one or the other victorious? Or active support by way of financial or physical assistance? I don't 'support' them but to say they're all salafi terrorists is probably not accurate; get the feeling there must be a significant proportion of Syrians involved in this whole mess. I pray there's peace sooner rather than later. ALI
  4. Toledo still spouting the same rubbish straight from salafi/wahabbi mythology about the 12th Imam (ajtf) and in the process showing is extreme ignorance in his 'understanding' of not only the Ismaili ethos of batin but the simpler historical facts. You'd think in this connected, well-informed age supposedly intelligent people would be hard to fool and dupe out of money. I can understand it when it's pirs in remote areas and simple folk are the victims but this is not the case with most Ismailis. ALI
  5. I'm you dazzle everyone you meet with your witty ripostes. ALI
  6. Why are the Bohra's being facetious, throwing their toys out of the pram? You claim you're going to Paradise and Twelvers (NOTE the 12, very pertinent as per saheeh narrations) aren't so what would you say on a Bohra site if a Bohra girl asked about marrying an Ithna Asheri? This is ShiaChat, not DaiGossip. Back O/T. There are many other people in the world, not just this one Bohra. If you think it has to be him then have you asked him whether he'd be ready to accept the 12 Imams (as) rather than a sub-set followed by other random imposters? It may seem OK now but believe me, when life progres
  7. More racism and stereotyping than an English Defence League rally. Some people seem to not know racism is strongly condemned in Islam. I've heard most Iranians are secretly wanting to return to being majoosi like their forefathers. Someone also told me all the Khoja Shi'ah have only one true faith - money. Also, all the Arabs are either terrrorists or wifebeaters. Or both. So pathetic to see this level of BS on SC. ALI
  8. You were right first time, we should follow the Prophet (saww) and the Imams (as) only and not any individual scholar. This is not an anti-taqlid dig, those that are into it good for you but please don't paint it as an essential part of Shi'ah aquaid. Fadhlallah was contrarian* in his beliefs, I believe there is an edict online somewhere endorsed by numerous scholars against his viewpoint; if I can find it I'll post a link. ALI * - this is a politer word than I intended, don't want to cause a pointless online bunfight with his 'followers'.
  9. The day a sunni comprehends that one 'sahabi' killing another is not a lesser evil than a person preferring a known good sahabi over one not so good will be a big step forward for us all. We can only pray..... ALI
  10. And, as I asked in my post, who is associating an Imam (ajtf) with Allah (jjh)? We believe in tawassul/waseelah so what is the issue with calling upon a living Imam (atjf)? If you're not a Shi'ah then fine, you can try and go direct but we generally like the idea of calling on His (jjh) beloved Signs (as). ALI
  11. ^^^ So this is your answer to a request for proof, an infantile attempt at belittlement? Pathetic. ALI
  12. What rubbish you spout - are you a Shi'ah? How is calling on the present Imam (ajtf) shirk? And who is equating with Allah (JJH)? Present a single narration or ruling from a cleric that calling to a living Imam (ajtf) is shirk rather than boring us with what you personally find 'disgusting'. ALI
  13. Unless you broke it intentionally in a fit of pique then why the angst? Put it somewhere safe and use it for shifah. It is earth and one day will return to the same form, just like us. ALI
  14. Short answer is you don't have to. You can learn (over time) the rulings yourself, practice precaution if unsure and do as you've been doing (consulting people you trust who are better informed) as and when the need arises. ALI
  15. Seriously, you're asking randon unknown people on an internet forum whether you should marry someone or not? If it's come to that then you already know the answer. ALI
  16. He is not even a Shi'ah so why on Earth any of you are wasting time discussing a Shi'ah practice with him is beyond me. He's a lover of the oppressors of Ahlebayt (as) and no amount of him claiming he loves them (as) to disguise his motives should make any difference. If you all agreed right now that tatbir is haraam and all the Shi'ah stopped doing it do you think he'd become a Shi'ah?!? ALI
  17. You're not a Shi'ah Ithna Asheri so why are you trolling? Both of those things are not wajib so why would it put any person off being a Shi'ah? Or, put your money where your mouth is, and back up what you've written with verifiable evidence from a credible source that person xyz was seriously contemplating becoming a Shi'ah then changed his/her mind due specifically because of these two things. ALI
  18. These morons are cowards and weaklings hiding behind anonymity to bark the same old rubbish they've always done - in real life no sunni dare repeat these directly to a Shi'ah of Ali (as) so why act like a big tough sunni warrior on the 'net? They're a waste of space and time. ALI
  19. <sigh> You can be sure a person is clutching at straws when he starts quoting financial prosperity and material achievement as a measurement of correct aquaid. As the brother pointed out majority of your narrations came from Shia Ithna Asheri sources yet you still claim to be on Haq? I will pray for your guidance. Please open your eyes, research objectively and without the fetters of your upbringing/conditioning rather than trying to deride the Truth to salve your conscience. ALI
  20. I think the majority of Shi'ah Ithan Asheri are way too polite and civilised to phrase it bluntly but, just like the Ismailis, you people have been hoodwinked; it's a false cult and you're either too scared or too stupid to step out of it (although there are more and more people from both cults who are doing just that). Sure, Shi'ah have a clegy system but there's a BIG difference; the layperson is not mandated to pay stipends, swear allegiance or treat every word of the cleric as binding or sacrosanct. I pray Allah (jjh) bring you to Guidance. At one time I thought you were fellow Shi'ah but
  21. Even though it's clunky and inconsistent online Gears Of War 3 I played loads of - so much fun with good company. Also wasted some hours on MW3 (and it's previous iterations) but that just seems empty after a while, true rinse & repeat with no teamwork and little variation. Last few months all I've played is Pro Evolution Soccer (2011, skipped 2012 is didn't like the demo) in single-player mode (upped to Top Player setting). I also dabbled briefly with Assasins Creed: Brotherhood as it's a gift (from a year ago!) and fired up Fallout: New Vegas but I just don't have the patience for longer
  22. Honestly, why are you feeding the troll? He's a one trick pony, the majority of his posts have the same pattern of antagonism, mild abuse and frankly weird obsession with tatbir. Not a single person will stop it on his say so nor does his rambling make much sense. Please stop feeding him and watch this thread turn into tumbleweed - just like every other one he has posted in. ALI
  23. ^^^ Excellent answer, couldn't have put it better myself. ALI
  24. Don't try cute with me. You're very transparent, the OP mentioned love in our deen and you twisted it to a conversation about Ya Ali (as) Madad and tawassul - NOTHING at all to do with the topic. I very much doubt you are a Shi'ah so please stop the pretence as you're fooling no one. And if you want to know about kalima or it's roots start a thread about it. Instead of trying to divert even further from the topic. ALI
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