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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hahaha, its funny how there society is so stupid enough to allow gay marriage. I bet 99% of americans don't know who shiites are. There church is definitely going to hell, they are creating false laws that contradict the bible.
  2. I don't have proof sorry. I certainly am sure though that asking for death is haram. Shortening your life span is like asking for death and to my knowledge if i may not be mistaken it is haram.
  3. Ramadan Kareem to all brothers and sisters. Make use of this holy month.

  4. Brother brother brother... I suffer of somewhat a similar problem. My sister and my mother and even my father aren't that religious. They sometimes make fun of me for being so religious. My older sister mocks me for wearing jeans when i pray and that is to fully cover my body so my prayers are accepted. They all listen to music. They don't believe in fate. When a clamity falls upon anyone they start blaming eachother instead of being patient and asking God for guidance. My parents pray but my mom nor my sisters wear hijab and my father has his doubts about religion. He is one of those realisti
  5. I'm 17 years old and live with a more up to date family and less religious one. I seem to be the only one that believes in every single aspect of islam. The problem is society all around me doesn't. I almost never listen to music except on few occasions. I listen to a lot of nadbiyat and latmiyat for ashoora. My sisters on the other hand listen to a lot of music. They aren't religious at all to be honest. One of them is old enough to be obliged to pray but doesn't except when she wants something. And when i confront them about this issue they don't seem to respond. On the contrary they make fu
  6. Clearly you have proven your point, but let me tell you this, you are a very stern and an unworthy person to discuss with. You seem to always think you're right, and maybe in the case you are, but the tone of you're writing is very very annoying. Don't take this as though i hate you or anything but the way you write undermines us. This is disrespecting us, even if we are wrong we are trying to learn new things in islam, not dispute till we begin to hate the person we argue. You are right and i now understand, but please next time you want to respond to someone try to put your response in nice
  7. What i'm saying is that when you said the story about moses i agree that it wasn't wrong, but you chose the wrong example. The topic began with prophet yunus. He live in his home town and tried to convince the people about God and his message. They didn't believe him and kept ignoring him. He then los hope after a period of time preaching and got on a boat to travel elsewhere without God's permission. God then made the sky red and sxared the people of the town whom prophet Yunus had left. They got scared and begged God for forgiveness. At that time Yunus was on a boat when a sea storm struck t
  8. But why would God thus allow the prophets to make mistakes? If thats so i can go kill a man and say that God (swt) can justify this. Maybe the guy was a thief and i killed him before he stole a bank? You can't judge a person on a sin that he will do. You must judge them on what they have done. And in any case prophet Yunus (as) didn't know if what he chose to do was for a future good and that is why God punished him. HE DID SOMETHING WRONG and by God (swt) punishing him for that he shows us that Yunus (as) made a mistake. Your logic is thus proved wrong and can't be logic. And just so you know
  9. NO NO NO NO. There are two sides to this, one is to listen to your parents and be good to them. The other is not to listen to them. But if you did get permission to do so marry him. Think this through though, i know if i had a daughter who married a guy i didn't want her to marry i would be really furious. Ask god for guidance and suggest you do marry the guy though.
  10. You people are confusing, everyone wants their opinion to be the right one. Why are you all so sure of yourselves?! Go check and so will I and we'll see.
  11. I live in a very diverse religious society so let me explain. Men are the ones that determine their children's religion. So if he is a christian and marries a muslim woman his kids will be christians. On the other hand if a muslim man marries a christian woman the kids will turn out muslims. Idk about other countries but this is mine. Its logical really, but i don't advice mixing because the kids would always he close to the mother and she'd raise them to be christians.
  12. This is my theory: Evolution exists, God says so because he states creatures are constantly changing. Human beings on the other hand can't evolve. There is something which is small scale evolution whereby things affect humans, but don't change their identity, for ex: eye color, skin tone, eye and ear shape. All these are due to adaptations. People in north Europe don't receive sunlight much so they don't need dark skin. Africans have a lot of sun and do need it. We are all still humans though we just adapted to the location we live. We need this diversity to survive.
  13. They told Mohammed they wanted to be judged according to the Torah. So he acted upon it. Prophet mohammed (pbuh) did nothing wrong.
  14. So we need help :/ obviously we aren't gonna get anywhere with this. We can all agree that normal prophets can make mistakes. But prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and the imams (as) are of higher rank and thus of amazing character. We ask God to give us the answer to this question. Anyone knows any hadiths that could be useful or IF they know a shaykh or something. I hate when topics start irritating me like this. I want to remove the slightest possibility of doubt.
  15. When life gives you lemons say Allhamdu lillah.

  16. maybe a notification that will tell us if our post was rejected and why. i mean we deserve that at least right?
  17. http://arabia.msn.com/news/middle-east/1769434/the-international-topless-jihad-day/ Please tell me what you think of this. I'm too busy doing a facepalm to discuss my own opinions.
  18. The Jews asked Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) to jufge them according to their own book. If they asked him to judge them according to the islamic book they would've taken a different punishment. SO the Torah is responsible for their own deaths :S ironic right? The Jews throughout history were always bad people, not all of them ofcoarse, but most of them. Most the problems in the world today if not all are caused by them. May God Hasten "His" appearrance (as)
  19. Wow, a bit of a quarell i see, but i get it though thank you. i now know what tark-al-awla means and it has cleared this in my head. Its hard being a prophet, for chosing a lesser good than a greater good is punishable. Kind of sad the Yousef doesn't get to have his sons inherit prophethood, but he was still the prettiest man ever created :shifty: . Jazakom Allah all of you. Peace brothers
  20. If that is true then why did Prophet Yunus (as) leave his home city when he gave up. His heart was full of despair he went out to the sea where he was eaten by a whale by Allah's command. The stomach acids of the whale burnt the prophet's skin badly and everytime he touched the sunlight after God accepted his repentance and let the whale release him. So you see how can prophets be Masumeen?
  21. I'm just asking because in some stories of prophets, they do tend to do mistakes.
  22. I was reading the story of Prophet Yunus (pbuh) on the internet and found out something that was really odd. In this story Yunus leaves the community he was preaching because of his dispair and he does that without Allah's permission. Allah gets mad and makes a whale eat the prophet after he tried going away through the sea. Its a long story but God punishes him by making the whale eat him and the whale's digestive juices harm the prophet. Then he repents. Now i don't know if this story is not true, but if it is then how come a prophet can do wrong? Thankyou and please athiests don't post on t
  23. To improve shia chat i would improve the mobile app, perhaps make it quick so as to remind us to come back to this beautiful forum more.
  24. I found out recently that Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) left us the Quran as guidance and as a medicine. Quran can treat anything and if anything could do miracles on earth it is Allah's Words. So i think drug testing on animals is disrespectful to God's creatures and is not allowed. We can use Quran to heal ourselves. Only using Well done research are we to test it but we must avoid it. As for Pascal the atheist we don't need anymore people misguiding the community. If you're here to inquire answers great, but if you're here to jumble up the minds of God's servants then you may as well get banned.
  25. I wanted to answer the question originally posted. Allah has already created a beautiful world which is otherwise known as heaven. He created people that don't know evil who are angels. Why should he keep creating angels? Instead he created a person made out of mud and had free will. With this free will he could choose to follow God or not. But his decisions will affect the outcome because for every specific action there is a specific reaction. God creates "bad" nature or "evil" nature so the world can function properly. Imagine there were no natural disasters. The human population would have
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