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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yes. But can you tell what he is saying in farsi?
  2. Salam alikum Someone sent this clip on a WhatsApp group where I am the only Shia. People made fun of this by saying that matam is nonsense . I don't understand Farsi but this is surely fake. I managed to trace down one source of this clip. It appears to come from someone who is a member of the mujahideen-e-khulq of Iran. There are other derogatory clips regarding Ayatollahs from this source. Please can any Farsi speaking person shed some light on this. Thanks
  3. Assalam Alikum brother

    Shahr Ramadhan mubarak brother.

    Alhamd'Allah it is so nice to see you are visiting SC.  Why dont we hear from you brother.  Please participate akhi. The last time you posted was three years ago!  God bless you brother.

    M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah 

  4. Salam alikum, For the past 4 years, I have been doing a very extensive and detailed research on the secrets of Masjid-e-Nabavi and the grave of Rasool Allah(s). I have collected over 5000 photos of this mosque and some of them are extremely rare...pictures of what lies under the green dome and what is behind the golden grills that we see from the outside. I have found out how much the wahabis have changed this mosque from its original type and how much have they tried to hide the important places, the landmarks which were associated with the Prophet(s) and his family. My currect aspect of research is the green dome. I have already learnt a lot, i.e., there are two more domes underneath this outer green dome and a lot more things. However, even after doing a lot of search I am still unable to answer one question about the dome. What is this chain that is hanging down from the top to the bottom of the dome. My assumption is that it is perhaps used by maintenance workers how use to climb to the top and then throw a rope ladder down for other workers to climb up. This is how the wash, clean and paint the dome. But this is just my assumption. Can anyone really tell me what this chain is for? Thank you.
  5. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/234977025-inside-prophetss-grave/page-3 According to some shia narrations, she was burried inside her home. That area is now included in the golden grill of the tomb of the Prophet and noone is allowed to enter. However, I have managed to collect some extremely rare photos of the inside, and some of them show the "possible" grave of Hazrat Fatima(as). Plz see post 58 in the link above to see the hidden images from inside the tomb of the Prophet(s).
  6. Salam alaikum, For the past four years, I have been doing a very extensive research directed at finding out the secrets of the grave of the Prophet(s) and the hidden facts of Masjid-e-Nabavi. The information that I have collected by going through hundreds of websites and looking at thousands of photos of Masjid-e-Nabavi over several years is really surprising, shocking, upsetting but also very spiritual as well. I recently presented my findings to a large audience (a 3 hour detailed presentation) and people have been so mesmerized by knowing the secrets of this mosque, that they are suggesting me to make a copyright of my work and then sell it to TV channels and Hajj/Umra travel companies. However, I have decided to make no copyrights of my material, because I have only collected about 3000 photos from internet and studied them in detail to find out the facts. These photos are available on the internet but it has taken me four years to compile them into a documentary. Out of the thousands of photos that I found, I am posting here just a few, but the ones which are most valubale. The images from behind the golden grill - a place where no one can enter, and the images of what is under the green dome. This is the hujra of Fatima(as) and the green structure is assumed to be her grave or her bed. The green cloth at the back covers the pentagonal wall built by Umar bin abdul aziz inside which is the room where the Prophet(s) is resting. The pillar with the mihrab is the place where Hazrat Fatima (as) used to read her salat. The other pillar is the Pillar of jibreel where he read out the verses of the Quran. The pots hanging from the walls are those that were in use by the Prophet (s) or Fatima (as). Some are gifts that were later on given to the sacred chamber over the past 1400 years. But there were many other valuable things here that are now removed by the wahabis. One important item was the "grinder" of Hazrat Fatima(as) which is now in the possession of Sheikh Amri's son in Medina. You will see this view if you enter from the door that can be seen from the outside in post # 56 above. (except the pic showing the grill which is taken from riad-ul-junnah)
  7. Salam alikum, May i add for the information of those who are interested: If you could look through the first or second (from left) holes in the golden grill, you would be see the view which is shown in the first picture in post# 52. If you could walk through the gate shown below (baba-e-fatima(as)), you would see what the second image shows in post#52. The green coloured structure in this picture is probably what is considered as the tomb of Hazrat Fatima(as). This is infact the house where she lived. The third image in post#52 is just to the right side of the second image. The green covering on the right side hangs over mehrab-e-tahujjad (the exaxt place where the Prophet(s) used to pray the night prayer. The mehrab (the pillar) in front of the green cover is called the pillar of hazrat Fatima(as)'s house. In line with this mehrab, there is another pillar at the far end of the picture, which appears to have a mirror attached to it. This is the pillar of Jibreel, the place where Hazrat Jibreel used to visit the Prophet(s). In the center of the third pic, there are lamps hanging from the ceiling. I was able to see these lamps with my own eyes when I tried to see through the grill into the dark room, but other than this, nothing else is visible from outside. These images were probably taken about 40 years ago, since the green ghilaf over the sacred chamber in these pictures is the old one which was changed in 1971. In any case, these images are extremely precious and very, very rare. One should consider himself blessed and lucky to be able to see the interior of the blessed chamber of the Prophet(s) - which the wahabis have hidden from our eyes.
  8. Here is an artist's description of the original masjid-e-nabvi, Medina and the huts of the Prophet.
  9. Salam alikum, I have been to all these places plus a couple of others like...the cave of Ashab-e-Kahf. Here are some photos of that cave (on top of a mountain on the outskirts of Damascus).
  10. Yes, all the three images are of the interior of the gated chamber which we see from the outside. It is a big place because it surrounds the place where the three hujras (rooms) were located i.e., the house of Ayesha, the house of Rasool Allah (s) and the house of hazrat Ali (as).
  11. Salam alikum, I went to the grave of Hajr Bin Adi, outside Damscus, Syria a few years back. Here are some photos of his tomb:
  12. Salam alikum, Ever since I visited the grave of the Prophet(s) three years ago, I was deeply intrigued by the mystery of what lies behind the closed green-coloured grill that surrounds the burial chamber of the Prophet. I wondered if the actual grave could be seen or not. What I found out from different sources was that the actual room which has the grave cannot be accessed by anyone and it is completely closed from the outside world. Nobody has seen the grave for the past almost 600 years. I was able to find out that the burial room is surrounded by another bigger 5-walled room and this later structure is enclosed by a covering similar to the covering of the Kaaba, but this is green in colour rather than black. I had always strongly wished if I could - at any time in my life - find any images of this interior, but unfortunately I could find none - till this time. Alhumdolillah, one of my biggest wishes has come true. I have finally - after years - managed to come across three pictures which show the interior of the chamber. These are extremely rare images and most people would not have set their eyes on them before. The first image shows the green coloured covering which encloses the inner room. This cloth is changed once every 50 years and under this cloth is the 5 walled room. I am not sure what the second image shows, but it looks like a mimber which is also covered. The third image is most probably the place where the house of Imam Ali(as) was located. My dua is that I could somehow enter this place and come closer to the place where our Prophet(s) is present.
  13. Salam alikum, I have been trying to upload some images but I always get this message: Upload skipped - error 500. I have tried different file formats and different browsers but it doesnt help. Sometimes I get the error "Internal Sever Error". What can I do?
  14. Found some more historic facts about the burial chamber of the Prophet (s) http://www.islamicencyclopedia.org/(S(rbzpbo55tmfxbk45kq2aeuih))/Masjid-Al-Nabawi.ashx
  15. The problem is not that Pakistan lost. The problem is why did they lose in such a strange manner. Pakistanis played in a manner which was so strange and surprising that even the Indian commentators were baffled and kept on saying that such type of play is UNEXPLAINABLE. It is because of this fact that those who understood that the play was mysterious are naturally disturbed and we have no choice but to wonder over what compelled Pakistanis to play like this. 1) Why did Afridi delay power play till the very end? He gave no clear answer when he was asked this question during the ceremony. Even a common man as well as the cricket experts including the commentators were wondering for this strange and weird and unexplainable tactic by Afridi. 2) Why was Misbah playing like it was a test match? Why did he start playing normally and started scoring boundries only when it was sure and evident that Pakistan will not win even if boundries are scored? 3) Why were simple catches dropped so many times? 4) How did Munaf - a very weak bowler manage to get a maiden over? The list of these questions is long but all of these (especially the first two) are questions which are very, very surprising. If Pakistan had not played in such a mysterious manner and played a genuine game without any doubts and unexplainable tactics, it wouldn't have been such a big deal even if Pakistan had lost. I do not know why Pakistanis played in this manner. But it is naive to think that it was the pressure of the game or we just did not play well. There is certainly something much more behind this. I cannot say whether the team took money, or the match was fixed or the players had death threats or whatever - but the fact is that their play was mysterious and unexplainable - and even the Indian experts agreed to this.
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