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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Saalam o elaikum

    Please help me with some advice and du'ao from Alhlulbayt I want to conceived twins my son Muhammad is now 5 year old.

  2. Walykum Salam Yes. Shias even attempted to kill Saladin. That's because he himself was severely anti-Shia.
  3. Male and female doctors are not allowed to examine bodies of opposite gender - unless there is a very serious necessity and no other option available and will cause severe harm if not done. ---------- https://www.Sistani.org/english/book/46/2060/ Question: Sometimes the practising physician feels that he has to uncover certain parts, other than the private parts, of the female patient [for examination]. Is it permissible for him to uncover her body in the following circumstances: When a female physician is available, yet costly? When the patient is not in danger, although she is sick regardless?What is the rule if the part that the physician has to examine is a private part? Answer: If visiting a female physician is possible, it is not permissible [for a female patient to uncover her body for a male physician], unless the cost is so much that it will hurt her financial situation.It is permissible, if not visiting that male physician will harm [her health-wise] or put her in a serious inconvenience that is not normally tolerated. The rule is the same as explained above; and in both the cases, he must only uncover the parts that need examining. And if it is possible to treat the case without looking directly at the parts that are harãm to look at (for example, if he can see through a monitor or a mirror), that should be the course of action, based on precaution.
  4. Salam One of Imam Ali (as)'s title is Quaid-ul-hurr-ul-muhajjuleen. I've heard this in different sermons. It is also read as part of the salam read before jumaa prayer. The Arabic I wrote may not be correct. Does anyone know the correct Arabic and what does this mean?...leader of...who?
  5. If the rule says that a doctor can't directly look at the private parts of the patients, let alone touch them, and has to use a mirror instead, then a male doctor going into the field of breast surgery would be problematic, I believe.
  6. Women have a choice to opt for OBS&Gyn but male doctors do not have a choice to select a field which is specific to men only. It gets very difficult for male doctors to avoid even the slightest physical contact with female patients. There are other rules as well which are very difficult to implement - for example, to examine any patient's private part, it is not allowed to look at it directly. Instead, a mirror has to be used and the doctor has to see the reflection in the mirror, rather than looking at it directly - unless looking directly is necessary. Now, establishing that actual necessity can be difficult and can leave a doctor wondering whether a mirror could have sufficed. So, this topic doesn't apply to women only - even men have to consider whether they would be able to avoid all physical contact with female patients, if they decide to become doctors. Not an easy question to answer.
  7. I joined shiachat in 1998 when we used to have #mirc chat channel #Shia. Ali Al Bahrani then made the first Shia discussion board and there were only a handful of members then, around 40-50. Does anyone know where Ali Al Bahrani is? Other earliest members were Zuljenah, Upitshiagirl, rawshni, BKK, hajar. Anyone knows where they are all now...it's been more than 20 years.
  8. The person standing right behind the leader has to take over.
  9. Bismillah Salam I visited the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, Germany this week and saw the Ishtaar gate, which was discovered in Hillah, Iraq during 1930s. This was one of the gates to the ancient 2500 years old city of Babylon constructed by King Nebuchadnezzar. The gate is magnificent and beautiful. Nebuchadnezzar is mentioned in Bible in the book of Daniel. But Daniel is not mentioned in the Qur'an. Is anyone aware of the Islamic perspective of the story of how Nubechandnezzar threw Daniel in front of the lions? Is Daniel same as Hazrat Daniyal? Lions are depicted on the Ishtar gate and many of the ancient sculptures of Nebuchadnezzar show him with lions. https://youtu.be/U2iZ83oIZH0
  10. If one already knows that an Airline will not allow passengers to stand for prayer and only allows them to pray at seat, is it even permissable to travel on such airline? The general rule is that if you know that you cannot keep the "form" of prayer in a particular situation, then you have to avoid it. If one has the option to travel in any other airline which allows standing for prayer, then it might be necessary to travel on that airline.
  11. I am a doctor. I had an interview for a job two years ago where one of the interviewers was female. She extended her hand to greet me but I refused politely stating that I don't shake hands for religious reasons. She felt a bit surprised and it was embarrassing for her, but I apologized and explained that I cannot shake hands. The interview went very well and I was selected. I've been working with her since then and whenever we are seeing a female patient together and the patient extends her hands to great me, the lady Dr. herself explains to the patient that I cannot shake hands due to religious reasons. At other times, when I decline to shake hands, I receive all sorts of different and sometimes very interesting responses. Only yesterday when I refused to shake hands with the wife of a patient whom I had just examined, she said..."O yes, germs!". I didn't explain to her my reason was different! Once a white lady with whom I didn't shake hands surprised me when she said "jazakAllah" while drawing her hand back. I looked at her puzzled. She said that her daughter had just converted to Islam recently and she too doesn't shake hands with men. The mother had learnt jazakAllah from her daughter. Once I placed my hands on my chest and bowed a little and I said I don't shake hands. The woman got totally confused and bowed herself and placed her hand on my hand which was on my chest! What can you do! Once a colleague wanted to give a hi-five to me and I said I can't do this. She got surprised and asked why. I said in my religion women are respected like Queens; an ordinary person will not have the audacity to touch a Queen. Apparently she really liked this concept. Most people don't mind at all, but there have been one or two incidents where the women didn't like that I didn't shake their hands. But sometimes physical contact is inevitable and beyond your control. What can you do when any female member of the staff very politely places her hand on your hand to request you to do something. It is not possible to explain to every single person before hand that you cannot have any physical contact.
  12. Ws. Read surah Al-ahzab daily after fajar, and then wait to see it's effect inshaAllah.
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