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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, You can't pray jumma with sunni (or any other sect), like one of the brothers said they have extra rukens which we can't follow. (Jumma khutbahs are wajib to listen to and in their khutbahs they name people we dont believe in like they believe in them.) our ulemas say that it is recommended for us to stand with them in juma with the niyyat of your sunnah prayer and once they are done with jumma prayer, do your Duhar and Asr (if you pray any other salat with them you will do your own niyyat and pray your own salat just stand next to them.) Ulemas say that to keep everyone safe, becuase
  2. That is his kuniya and his real name will stay the same.
  3. Emigration of Jannat :) http://youtu.be/fcw5XvEK1Ts
  4. Haram will not become Halal ...everyone wants play Lottery and make an easy living this is where Islam plays a role, Islam says you shouldn't go the easy way. Why did Imam Ali work in a garden, he had the best lottery if you want to say it that way. He could had just ordered the earth to become gold, but he had to set an example for us to work and earn a moral earning.
  5. Allah is Just. He will not send a Muslim who did evil all his life to Heaven and a Christian to hell if they did good all their life. The Christians won't go to heaven but they will go to Arafat (its like this world not perfect like Heaven and not like hell. Same seasons as this world) which is in between Hell and Heaven. That goes for every good doer no matter what religion.
  6. Read Aoo zo billa and Bismillah... read la hola wal a quwat..... read nade ali.. read Salawat (like when ever ur free) ....
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