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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam, In Dua Tawassol, All 14 Masums named and then they (a.s.) called as " chiefs, Masters, Imams, supporters" as sister Fatima said And as for grammar, no spesification can be seen, all named as Imams. Do you have any proof that Fatima a.s. is named as masters in the Dua? this is just what you think, right?
  2. @UIE @Mahdi Look brother I wish you and your Caliph best of intentions however as someone who is a student of ilm al Rijal and Ahadiths I have to say that the Ahadiths point towards the 12 Caliphs of Imam (as) are weak. However Allah knows best and if I am misguided in my approach may He guide me straight and if it is you then may he guide you straight. Lakum din a kum walay ya din ( Al Qur'an-109:6) Allah SWT wont help you onless you want and work and get knowledge. your dream is clearly saying you to enter to a new situation and leave your old position. it is up to you to think/study about i
  3. Dear Ammar, you may know stories of quran and Ahadith about dreams and still changed your mind!!! Do you think that our knowledge is enough to be guided? We need helps from Allah SWT and His khalifs all the time. We as human do not have scientific clue for many things the unseen world, spirits and dreams included. But we know from Quran and our Imams that dreams are true e.g. Prophet Yusef a.s. was a dream interpreter as it is mentioned in Quran. So how far are you going? Again your dream was a gift from Allah SWT for what you did before. please remember that shaitan (LA) was one of the best s
  4. Salam Inshallah my little knowledge allow to say something about your dream: Dear Ammar: the green hill could mean the faith and light is opposite of darkness and means the manifestation of Allah (SWT) that is the sign for our prophet (a.s.) and the Imams. The banner could be the banner of ahlebait (a.s.) and the tall man might be Imam (a.s.). You get into the light where the alam of Abul Fadl Abbas a.s. is there. This means you are going to be or in future you will be invited and Abul Fadl Abbas a.s. will help you to be done with this. Entering the light and calling your friends to c
  5. Salam Brother, This is great. You are in the right pass, inshallah. Dreams are true and this show that you should keep on going forward and get more knowledge to be saved. Ansars who have been believing in Seyyed Ahmad Al Hassan if not all most of them did see this kind of dreams, Mashallah. Inshallah Allah bless you and give you more knowledge. Fi Aman Allah
  6. Salam wa ra wa ba You can get more information on Al Yamani Seyyed Ahmad Al Hassan at the folliwing link: http://saviorofmankind.com/ Fi Aman Allah
  7. Salam All, I really did not want to disturb people here. Just wanted you to be aware about this matter and think about it by yourselves and ask Allah for help. I would not continue this discution anymore. @ labaikYaZahra You are right we do not need to make Istekhare before studying a matter. First we need to study and get more knowledge about the subject and then if we are still doubtful about that so we can ask Allah to help us e.g. by Istekhre or vision. Even He will help us when we start thinking about the matter if we do it just for Him ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. And who is better than Him (SWT) fo
  8. Salam All, The truth can be distinguished from falsehood if one still have a pure heart (FETRAT). People that still did not pollute their FETRAT are able to distinguish the true Imam and the enlightening knowledge from falsehood. Please study more and more and ask Allah for help and inshallah Allah will help to find the truth. Make Istekhare by Quran. Ask Allah to show you the way, to be able to choose the righteous one. We all believe that Istekhare can help us with the doubtful mattersso this is a good place to make Istekhare if Ahmad AlHassan is the promised Yamani. No doubt with a p
  9. Still I cannot get any UTUBE file. Could you please send me a copy of the text trough this forum? Thanks
  10. Sermon of Hajj by Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan English/Arabic http:// www.4shared.com/mp3/JolMjrp3/Imam_Ahmad_Al_Hassan_as_Sermon.html? and http:// www.4shared.com/mp3/nHnrh8PM/Haj_part_2.html?
  11. Salam wa ra wa ba Brother, this man is claiming that he is Imam Mahdi (a.s.) not Yamani!!! There is a Hadeeth saying that if anyone claim that he is AlYamani in false, never stay alive for long. Unfortunately I forgot the source of the hadeeth and the exact text but if you are interested will ask for you. Fi Aman Allah @ MAFHHM Could you please attach the text so I can answer. Sorry but I cannot see your post due the system problem. Wa Salam
  12. Salam All: This is just for your information. For thoese people that can accept something which opposes to their previous knowledge. Do you think that you know everything?? or everything you know is complete? This sinner servant just wanted you to be aware of this. Please study and get more knowledge before just saying something un-justice! Who is the Yamani?! Mr. Ahmad Al Hassan Heir and Envoy of Imam Al Mahdi (as): Who is Al Yamani and is there any specific figuration that defines this personality and allows us to identify his character? Is he from Yemen? Is he an infallible such as he w
  13. Imam Ahmad al-Hassan al-Yamani pbuh said, “I swear by Allah that I wonder about these people and how they can be misguided, do they find guidance elsewhere such that this is unclear to them? Do they find that others, everyone without exception, are anything else but those who declare falsehood while they shout and call out for the supremacy of people? Rather even those who claim to be calling for Imam al-Mahdi pbuh, you find them all as either participators or supporters of the elections.” Imam Ahmad al-Hassan al-Yamani pbuh said, “If their survival and guidance was by the spilling of my blood
  14. @ MAFHHM: I seek refuge in Allah from Shayatin (Jinn and Men). In the name of Allah, the most Merciful. Praise be to Allah Lord of the Worlds. Al-Yamani is vasi of Imam Mahdi (a.s.). He has come to guide us to the right path and make us ready for the appearance of Imam Mahdi (a.s.). Ahmad Al Hassan, the Yamani, is at his forty and he is of course younger than the Qaeem (a.s.) by age. Imam Mahdi (a.s.) could look younger than Alyamani. Is there any problem with this? This is also true if we are at our forty or more. Is there any problem if we look older than Imam even if we came in this wo
  15. Salam wa ra wa ba About the Return (Rajaa), here yiu can find the explanation-- For the complete answer PLS follow the below address: http:// saviorofmankind.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=309\ Sheikh al-Sadooq (r.a) narrates the questioning of Al-Ma’mun Al-Abbasi to Imam Al-Rida (pbuh) in a long narration, it is said: (... and Al-Ma’mun said: O father of Al-Hassan what do you say about the return? Al-Rida (pbuh) said: It is a truth and was present with the past nations and the Quran spoke of it and the Prophet of Allah (pbuh) has said that this nation shall have all what the past nations
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