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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The supporters of FSA thuggery have a very romantic, delusional vision of what has been fed to them as the "Arab Spring". This general title in itself which seeks to flatter the reader is rooted in colonial thought. No healthy human being can call this the Arab spring, since all countries have their own geostrategic conditions, and more importantly, since uprisings centered around Arabized, non-Arab peoples. The Arab Spring did not really happen in Arab Persian Gulf regimes, they evolved around nations considered to be their extended arm, their colonial satellite states who in one way or the other, remained part of their empire, perhaps not physically but certainly ideologically. This is why in Syria, which has a very old culture, civilization and a cultural identity radically different from the submissive, untamed arabized peoples in North-Africa has not been succesful. Syrians, unlike North-Africans are people of reason, calmness and patience. This also explains why hundreds of mercenaries from North Africa, including weaponry were shipped to Syria, to make up for this 'wildness-deficit' in an attempt to create a Benghazi-like chaos of the country, these people were simply lacking inside of Syria (ditch the propaganda about Arabs overwhelming the non-Arab populations in those country, nearly all are non-Arabs). If we want to be honestly specific, we can call the recent uprising an Ajami-Spring, characterized mainly as people who were once forced to speak Arabic by their Sunni caliphates, have in the past rebelled for discriminations but never had an opportunity to emancipate, remaining under an Arab dictatorial yoke for hundreds of years. The general trajectory can be described as a minority of liberal-economy minded individuals (usually shon to be Westernized, without veils and openly products of colonial thought) going to protest, who are then upon their failure to achieve results are backed by throat slitting Wahhabites in order to topple governments which were not really that unpopular (see low turnout in case Egypt). Once this cause has been fulfilled, they are shipped elsewhere to carry out the same role in line with their historical role in for example the Roman Empire (North Africans were traditionally used as merciless, cruel mercenaries). This also explains why those liberals as a first line of 'opposition' found easily in the traditionally North African region are basically non-existing in Syria, since they all support Assad, and the last buffer the West has against the government are these ugly schizophrenic reapers who target anything (children and women included) on sight.
  2. Kurdish people are being massacred left and right by the Turks for decades. Perhaps it would be better if you read about the Armenian genocide. Turkey is a puritan, ideological state that evolves around survival of the fittest in terms of 'peoples', if you understand this, you can then proceed to understand why it supports Syrian gangsters to secure its own territories (Syrian land still occupied by Turkey), in addition to Kurds and other minorities who are persecuted on a regular day.
  3. Nice propaganda. I'm afraid we're not dealing with a top Sunni, nor a morally sound individual, more likely a low ranking opportunist that after a year realized his paycheck can be redistributed by other parties. Got to love the sectarian title, too. Western colonial-oriented journalists are itching to announce small scale defections as huge signs of progress in the light of the FSA losing territory, its members themselves infighting and Russia, China completely ignoring their scam meetings. .
  4. What a ridiculous, absurd statement. Regardless of my views of the Zionist regime: All nationalities emerged in the early 20th century. That is because the entire idea of a 'nation' didn't exist before that period. Buffoonery in historical revisionism is why the Zionist regime survives today, stop peddling the Palestinian cause with eroded romantic propaganda. As for Morsi, whenever someone called an "Islamist" wears a tie, it's best to have reservations about him. Morsi is fulfilling the role of Muslim-democrat, similar to Christian-democrat in the West, these 'christian' groups have paved the way for countries in Western-Europe to become staunchly atheistic and only Christian by lip service. I believe that is why "Islamists" can participate in Egypt and elsewhere. We are already seeing this trend evolve in Turkey, where much of the metropolitan life is Western. A junta does not simply allow Islamist parties to participate, unless there are preconditions. .
  5. One thing remains paradoxically ironic, which can also be observed from many members who are latent and overtly sympathetic to the band of thugs and gangsters calling themselves the Free Syrian Army, but also the Taliban and Al-Qaida as a compilation of stratified Salafist/Wahhabi groups: Their symbiotic relationship with Western brand clothing, governments, hollywood production, weaponry, popular culture, mass consumerism, while at the same time giving its herd of periphery--usually in hungry areas of the world--the illusion that it is staunchly anti-Western. Your cynical meme was expected, since it fits in the pattern of what we know today are ADHD wahhabites. .
  6. Wahhabites do not act, they believe the Syrian government consists of kuffar and murtadeen that must be killed. If that means killing the Sunni population (especially those who favour Assad), then so be it. Massive pogroms have been carried out, attempting to pin it on the Assad government. We all know this, those who are on this website, day after day posting video after video, article after article have no morals, no understanding of the magnitude of innocent life that was ended by these barbarous Wahhabite thugs. This website needs a revision of members who come here, many of whom are not here for discussions but rather to influence public opinion by spamming this board. It is sad how such videos are used to advance the agenda of post-colonial regimes and how the perversion of Sunni Islam by Wahhabism (itself a colonial invention) has caught Sunnism off guard. In retrospect, this region is paying the price for allowing the Saud royal family breed in hungry regions where people are ignorant and primitive, including some areas of Syria where they have resorted to massive murder, and invoking religion to justify it. Historically, the best tactic of the Wahhabites was to play the victim card. For decades, the 'ahlul sunnah' have been 'persecuted' by the Rawafid Shia, who are also conveniently apostates and mushrikeen that must be killed, anyway. According to this narrative, the "Sunnis" must strike back and take honor back into their hand. This same narrative is recycled and repeddled in Syria. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94UXvv3eQfA .
  7. I think we've all familiarized ourselves with the grandiose production teams the Wahhabite kingdoms and their mesmerized goons have come up with. In the past year, we've been flooded with propaganda teams on Youtube, making every effort they can to impose their totalitarian views on public opinion, portraying themselves as protesters for democracy, while depicting Assad and his troops as a kind of Ali Baba on steroids. It is rather ironic, since anyone who is remotely familiar with the viewpoints of those who to this day actively oppose Assad knows they (covertly and overtly) support armed violence, even against civilian populations (conveniently calling any dissenter part of the Shabiha). We've seen bombings of churches, mosques, killing sprees against Shia and Alawites (Houla massacre) and even clergymen who have sanctioned the murder of innocent Alawite women and children. Sunni clergymen have been killed and even the country's Grand Mufti, who is himself a Salafite was not spared his son by these Bollywood inspired pogrom thugs. Those who carry on with the torch of this facade have blood on their hands. .
  8. Iran as a territory that houses grand thinkers turned Islam from a reductionist ethnocentric, expansionist Arab ideology into a universal religion. The fascination with Iran and its inseparable link with Islam has its own explanatory power.
  9. [sarcasm]What a surprise reaction from you[/sarcasm]
  10. There is no disagreement among informed individuals. Those who disagree with it will go into history as ignorant, uninformed and stubborn, no person with an internet connection, a library and access to modern media can deny the historico-political importance of WF in Islamic history. WF has a large chain of heavyweight scholars supporting it throughout history until today. WF is as Abbasi calls it, the accumulation of all attempts by the Prophets and Aimmah to establish a functional governance model after their departure. It is entirely absurd, in addition, that those who oppose it among the 'rigorous' Shia here all come impoverished secular backgrounds where hunger and criminality breeds their extremist cognitive dissonanced views, either towards the secularist uncle tom flank or turns them into Wahhabite Shiites. Iran has never been an extremist country, the people who believe in WF (and those are in the vast majority) are entirely rational and humble people and draw their conclusions from historical analysis. Islam will never be an object of ritualism, chest beating and hocus pocus, or as the Imam would say "Will never be confined to the museum", It is an answer to all aspects of mankind. The secularist coons, along with their Wahhabi-oriented Shiites have continuously attempted to smear this core Islamic purpose by crying foul for the illegality of barbaric blood riddled rituals, which has marginal importance compared to the political dimensions of Islam. This is not a discussion, the ahadith, traditions and communiques by the Aimmah, Prophet and the jurists in our history are set in stone. Discussion is only allowed within this realm, rejecting it is just like the modern (irrational) rejection of evolution which similarly contains no value for substantial discussion.
  11. They are not wishing death upon those who disagree with them, they are wishing death upon coons who actively oppose the system and seek to destroy it.
  12. How long will you attempt to spam Bahrain's threads with your Syrian-NATO propaganda? Do you really think we care about your mustacheless colonial barbarians that destroyed the glory of the Ottoman empire, and now attempt to undermine a sovereign, popular state, where people are now voting in free elections? You can only divert the legitimacy of your Wahhabite king for so long. And really, it would be best if you did not come in every topic talking about Syria, we know why you are here, and why you are constantly obsessed with Syria, but that will not stop us from standing with the Bahraini people, and against your cavemen terrorists. The Wahhabi kingdoms and their produced zombies in Syria are of the same kin, any attempt to use the 'morality' card by supporting these fascists is a disgusting show of theatre. .
  13. Whether Hassan is hated or loved, we will always back him. He has our unconditional loyalty and respect.
  14. I can only laugh at the intense emotion coming from coons that support the American regime, constantly denying all evidence presented to them. Iran's engineers and hackers, along with its scientific output is among the worlds best and highest. From now on, it will only go down hill for the American regime, especially with the rise of the BRICS. Fools keep reading Post American World....
  15. There is no dialogue and reform from a Wahhabite installed British dictatorial dynasty, what a ridiculous facade. Let him be your ruler so he can put you in one of his slums to drink sewage water while he digs for oil. He is our modern example of slavery and terror and neocolonialism. Bahrain is the only country that experienced a true emancipatory movement, rejecting both the American regime and its puppet. I can only curse the scholars who do not support a full overthrow in line with the Ashura uprising. .
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