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  1. Some girls do use the study excuse to reject because either (a ) they don't like them, (b ) they already have someone else they like or © they aren't ready for being committed
  2. Thank very one for your suggestions. The pain is alhamdullilah is bearable, but I can bearly eat. I have been taking medicine and inshallah I'll visit the dentist tonight. No it happens at a later stage between the age of 16-25
  3. Salam everyone, I hope you are well. Basically my wisdom tooth is coming out and its paining really bad. The problem is that I have work today till 6pm, how can I reduce the pain of it; till I visit a dentist. I think the gum is swollen. Any ideas are appreciated. Ma'salam
  4. Hallo, Leute. Wie geht's? Deutsch ist meine zweite sprache, ich lebte fuer eine weile in Austria.
  5. The same could be said about men
  6. salam everybody, I hope you are all well. Basically I installed Norton yesterday on my computer and there is a red exclamation mark. It says that my bowser is not set to detect fraudulent website. Now how can I set my browser to detect fraudulent websites? Thanks for your help
  7. Salam everybody, I have a blood test tomorrow, if possible could someone tell me if my fast would still be valid. I follow ayatollah makarem shirazi, if that helps. Thanks for your help
  8. The Quran is the word of Allah (swt), this means that no human can put a price on it. Even if I were to buy to Quran with billions of pounds/ dollars, that amount is still not enough. According to my dad the Quran is gifted and one gives the person who gifted the Quran an amount of ( obviously not as valuable as the Quran) money back as a gift. But when one gives money as a gift in return for the Quran, the intention shouldn't be buying and selling.
  9. "Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success" by Anon

  10. Lol.... Why are camels gross?
  11. Can we include quotes and other stuff from shiachat, in to our video?
  12. Firuzeh for a girl, I personally think its a cute name
  13. After you shred it, do you throw it in the bin?
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