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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Let's have this discussion... this is main question of the thread.
  2. the "poor answers" are things that our "scholars" have told people or the same exist in the books. why don't you refer me to a good book, article, or lecture which explains satan's existence and his story. so everyone except a few people including yourself are good at reasoning, got it.
  3. alright... i haven't been able to stop thinking about this guy's analysis... barely was able to sleep... so help me understand this... there is SOMETHING there that we are able to perceive... our mind interprets that something as different objects, or in other words our mind assigns meaning to that something like we assign meaning to China?... however he also says and i think you said our mind constructs reality, if we are not looking at something it stops existing... however there has to be something there for our mind to interpret it, has to have been there from before. also what
  4. with all due respect, i don't agree with the above reasoning... it doesn't satiate my doubts, i am happy that it makes sense to you and your worldview... thank you for your replies and contribution.
  5. Ethereal posted another video of this guy in another thread, went and found more of this stuf... this guy really blew me away... (it is in support of free will and how it works)... it addresses some of my questions:
  6. So He was of those that covered the truth... just read the first part of my reply to Zainuu... what was he doing up in the heavens getting direct interaction with God and angels if he was of the unbelievers? this makes even less sense than before.
  7. I just watched this... oh man... this was mind blowing, I'll probably have it watch it a few times. Going to watch the one above first. Thanks for sharing!
  8. This is what we are taught by the scholars. I mean why was iblees up there in the heavens and where did he come from? Quran doesn't give any back story to iblees. I understand, shaitan is anything which takes you away from God, and ibless is one particular jinn that disobeyed God as described in the Quran. Is this what you mean? hmm ok, so tell me than what is satan and what is iblees so that I may understand these events described in the Holy Quran.
  9. Was satan's worship to Allah sincere or not sincere? If satan's worship was because of pride and showoff, it means that he lacked sincerity... you say it never brought him closer to Allah, however he was among the angels in heavens due to this very same insincere worship... how did someone who wasn't sincere gain such proximity with Allah? We are always told Allah will not accept actions that are not done for His sake, but later on you go on to say God rewarded him for these very same insincere actions? God promises to guide one who worships Him, and it appears satan was
  10. 1. From your reply it sounds like God was preparing him for this role and satan is only doing what God wants him to do... than why punish him and send him to hell? 2. If misguidance is a part of God's function, than He very easily could have assigned an angel to do this for Him, I don't see why satan is needed as an extra? 3. Why is misguidance a part of God's function? to help you understand my thinking, to me misguiding someone is a form of evil, and it is the equivalent of saying that God is evil. Or another way of seeing it is injustice - i see misguidance in opposition to justic
  11. I have a ton of problems with satan and with God’s willingness to misguide people and sincerely hoping someone can correct my understanding. This is one of the reasons I have lost faith in Islam and God. It is reported that satan worshipped God for thousands of years. He attained a very close position to God where he was ranked among the angels. Eventually his downfall came to due to arrogance and pride when asked to bow to Hazrat Adam. So few questions about this: 1. For someone that has worshipped God for thousands of years and attained such nearness, how did satan manage to do thi
  12. I am admitting to it for sake of argument. I don't know if there is anything to be seen or if it is all just imaginary. I have 2 hypothesis, first that yes it's all real as depicted by Islam, and 2nd no it's imaginary - and my position is I don't know which one is correct. I currently lean towards the latter because of all the other problems I see with Islam. I don't want to see these effects for the sake of seeing them. I want to see to verify what is being said as I am unable to be convinced by the intellectual arguments. Further I question the whole concept of keeping anything ve
  13. and can we get a refund? ... because if this is God's dream, than He seems to be having a nightmare.
  14. Don't even show me the unseen. All these kiramaat attributed to "urafa" - let one person step forward and prove they can do 1 kiramaat. Why make claims about something that can't be proven. Doesn't the Quran say "bring your proof if your are truthful" ? Doesn't the Quran criticize those that worship statues that can't even speak for themselves? when you have any of us heard Allah speak? (the Quran here is not a valid answer, worshiping Allah doesn't bring any form of direct communication).
  15. Allah can change our fate... but does it make sense? For example, imagine your fate is to die tomorrow. You pay charity, and Allah changes your death date. Option A - Allah didn't know you will pay the charity when He initially wrote the your death for tomorrow - this option is not possible. Option B - He already knew that you would pay charity, and He knew He would change the initial date He wrote - so what was the point of writing the the initial date if He already knew He would change your fate? Let me add this to the billiards analogy. Imagine you are playin
  16. Will drop this discussion as it is derailing the thread... but i have a number of issues, may discuss some other time Imagine a game of billiards/pool. Now imagine God is playing this game, and He does play the game within the limitations of the table, stick, and the rules... as this is God, it also means He knows all the infinite possibilities on how to play a slow, or fast, perfect or imperfect game, and every combination there ever can be. Can God sink all the balls in one hit? Yes. Can God all the balls into one hole? Yes. Can God play a turn by turn game? Yes if He
  17. i don't get it. things around us are not "mental concepts". for example this cat, this tree, these mountains, stones etc, how are they mental concepts? if someone dies, their bodily existence is gone... so how is death constructed by the mind? how is this similar to "china"? sorry this doesnt make sense to me...
  18. The original Arabic is provided in the link above, you can trace the chain and source. But this really just adds to my point: Would you agree that: 1. It's not possible for a person to start reading these hadith books or the Quran and make sense of it on their own. 2. The Quran itself states it contains ambiguous verses, and one has to refer to the Ahlulbayt to understand them in their proper context. 3. Hadith have to be verified, and than the Quran has to be interpreted. Do you not see any problems here?
  19. I sometimes wonder if the average shia has any idea about the problem of weak and fabricated hadith in our books... for example do you have direct knowledge of the giant invisible rooster (male chicken) that exists in this universe: God’s Prophet(s) said, “There is in deed a rooster for the Honorable the Exalted God whose crown is under the Throne and its feet are in the seventh level depth of the Earth. When the last one-third part of the night arrives, it starts to sing the glorifications of God such that all creatures but man and the genies can hear. The roosters in this world sing aft
  20. Knowledge was given through the Quran and Ahlulbayt - this is not direct - it is through other people. The Ahlulbayt had direct knowledge, we do not. We have to rely on their word. And in reality we haven't even received the knowledge from the Ahlulbayt directly, but through chain of narrators and people in history.
  21. I'm going to skip several counter arguments and get to the point where you reply with saying this life is a test, thus this necessitates the craziness we see around us, and pose these questions about the test. Copy pasting from what I wrote in another thread... please note that in the above post as well as the above and the points below, my focus is on the distribution of real knowledge (knowledge that was supposedly given directly to Prophets/Imams). This "test" is central (directly or indirectly) to practically any religious argument. However let's try to define this concept of
  22. you won't force me to believe. it's not even possible even if you wanted to... that is the nature of beliefs, they can't be forced. however bring in the threat of hell, pascal's wager, and you have people believing in the imaginary due to an imaginary threat. it's like using the fake threat of terrorism as an excuse to invade your country, only religion invades your mind and thoughts.
  23. Further reading... this thread only builds on what OP has written:
  24. I agree with you. Lets leave sinning out, we have a gun held to our head (punishment and hell) if we fail to do prayers and "wajib" acts of worship. This free will is hardly free. What is free will? your ability to choose? your ability to choose occurs based on many factors, a primary factor in this is knowledge. If you see fire, your knowledge prevents you from touching it, despite having the freedom to burn yourself if you wish. if sinning and worshipping have any kind of effects on us, we should have direct knowledge of this like we do of the fire, yet we are "veiled" and only han
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