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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. So He is beyond description, yet all of the above quotes and His attributes/names are describing Him... How can this contradiction by reconciled?
  2. addition: not only is your God invisible, but He is also silent and does not speak to His own creation - this allows "Prophets" and "Saints" to allege that He only speaks to them - thus establishing complete and total monopoly over the interaction between God and remaining creation. it's interesting that God is All Hearing and Seeing - but the attribute of Speech towards His creation suddenly becomes limited to very few.
  3. Remove the threat of punishment and hell, I wouldn't worship God, everything else you've mentioned would be just bonus.
  4. in your example, the shadow including the sun, are all self evident existing things that I am compelled to assign words to... there isn't a single person that denies or doubts those things. Whereas for God, who is supposed to be the essential and necessary being, thousands and thousands of years of words and debates have not managed to establish His existence beyond doubt... why? I am not compelled to create this word God and assign it attributes... human beings have been assigning attributes of power to the sun, fire, stars, statues, and invisible beings due to lack of knowledge - o
  5. 1. The most fundamental argument for the existence of God is how did it all start? We simply don't know - I don't see any reason to jump to the conclusion that there is a God. The conclusion that God must exist is based on arguments based on the understanding of the world from a human perspective - our perspective of the universe is not complete - thus how do I reach a conclusion based on lack of knowledge? For example, human beings throughout history have worshipped objects or people, for example worshipping the sun, stars, fire etc because they were doing it from a position of
  6. I raise the very same question about claims made about tayul arz... or any of the kiramat narrated about urafa, sufis, gurus etc...
  7. salaam, do you know the name of the book he is reading from?
  8. Thoughts on this from Ayatullah Dastghaib Shirazi, author of Greater Sins and Qalb Saleem, close to Imam Khomenie, and attained shahadat https://www.al-islam.org/82-questions-ayatullah-sayyid-abdul-husayn-dastghaib-shirazi/jurisprudence-fiqh#question-58 "Question 58 Q.58: Is the buying and selling of slaves lawful in this age also? ls it allowed to apprehend people from Africa etc. and sell them in other places? Freeing of slaves as expiation for lapsed fasts is ordered in the Holy Quran. If this order is permanent, it has become impracticable today. A: Yes, it is permi
  9. I think he is referring to the infamous "thighing fatwa"... the fatwas are definitely not sane.
  10. so in the afterlife people will continue burning because they will identify with a body and ideas and thoughts? We are talking about dying and living in an afterlife, people being punished for crimes like murder, rape etc. you haven't addressed the question... why people in the AFTERLIFE will continue to burn and be tortured forever and forever, please read the questions.
  11. 1. how do we know all of them can see the heavens, maybe it is a few or some 2. how do you know "most" of them are kafir? may be it is some
  12. I started a similar thread to this, and my last post on it remained unanswered, here are the questions (i changed one word to be more respectful towards God): 1) why does Allah not completely remove these people from existence after they have served their time in hell for their crimes? why keep them burning or in existence to serve what purpose? 2) Finite crimes = finite punishment - I don't see how finite crimes = infinite punishment, these things are not equal 3) if our purpose in life is to know Allah, are these people in hell getting to know some really different side of All
  13. are you Hindu, why are so many of your posts about Hinduism? The Islamic view would be we don't have any proof of this claim. And/or God can keep anyone alive as long as He wishes, like Hazrat Khidr, Imam Mehdi, or Iblees.
  14. I've reached the conclusion that attempting to understand these things with your rational mind is futile. For those that accept the rational arguments and "believe" in a God are not very different from those that reject those rational arguments, believing or not believing are sides of the same coin. You will just continue going in circles with theological argument, something will always pop up to cause doubts... You need to step out of your mind and ignore the doubts...
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