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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam . 

    I saw your old question regarding the doctors and professor jobs in Iran. do you have any information regarding it are there any vacancy for the doctors in Iran fr non Irani nationals . 


    1. khamosh21


      unfortunately no, i don't have any info.

  2. This thread is a good example of make hasty/biased judgements.
  3. Her own family is involved which makes it all the more difficult.
  4. I know someone who is suffering from violent abuse in pakistan at the hands of family and husband. Is there any help line for these cases, she is a mother.
  5. Salaams bro... I've been married for close to 5 years now, lived first 3 years with family so i know exactly what you are asking and can relate. Also from Pakistan. I had wanted to live on my own, but went along with parents wishes and stayed with them. If I could go back and make a different decision, I would definitely live individually. The biggest problem we faced is not getting enough privacy or time to ourselves. I think it's critical in the first year of the marriage you have this... because ultimately you'll get into disagreements about different things, and it's only going to make things difficult with family being around. Also no matter how awesome your family is, and how loving and caring they are, when living together there can always be problems. Eventually it caused a lot of strain on me and my wife's relationship, and it was really small stupid things, when things got really difficult I consulted a scholar... he said that in this situation I can leave home, but I should not hurt my parents... I had to lie to my parents because they were unwilling to change their mind (the scholar allowed me to this since it was breaking our marriage apart). Now that we're on our own, couldn't be happier, I feel like I lost a lot of good time with my wife. At the same time we did both grow and learn a lot from the difficult experiences. So to cut it short, just make the tough decision now and save yourself from future problems... I wish I had.
  6. thank you for taking the time to write this post. " EVEN YOU CAN COMMAND "BE," AND IT "BECOMES..." - AND I'M SPEAKING OF EXPERIENCE.............. " Do you mind sharing your personal experience?
  7. Not yet... i would recommend subscribing to their channel on youtube to get latest updates.
  8. Sorry for late response... Here are some things I keep in mind: 1. The Truth, Marifat, Allah, Noor, Home, your Purpose, what you want to call it... these things can't be found in any books or by any scholar... ultimately we are all trying to find Direct Knowledge, Knowledge that enters the Heart... that which brings peace to your heart. All knowledge that we are seeking, that is necessary to reach Allah is within us... once we begin to purify our heart things become easier from there. 2. Allah swt is the Guide and He Guides who wishes to Guide. You have to do your best to become a recipient of His Guidance... you have to seek it and ask for it all the time. Always pray to Allah for Guidance... no matter how many books you read or which scholar you meet, if He doesn't want you to be Guided then nothing will help you. For this you must have sincerity in your action. If you are sincerely trying to reach Him and find Him, then He guarantees to help you. Now you may might face issues where things are not clear. Let's take your example of Turba.. this doesn't fall in the category of right or wrong, it should not effect you maintaining purity. so you are unsure about it... in reality you can find plenty of hadith in sunni books which attest to the Prophet using sand. We actually now have scientific reasoning for it as well, it helps ground energy in your body just like the earth does to electricity. This is besides the point though... the main thing is that you should be praying, turba or no turba... your heart should be praying and submitting to Allah. If you are sincerely putting your head on the ground, and submitting your entire being to Allah, this is what's critical. Not the turba or the whether your hands are closed or open. These things matter, but the form should not take priority over the essence and meaning of prayer. You just have to pray for God to guide you and then He'll find the scholars and everything you need to be Guided. TLDR: Historical differences should not effect your ability to purify your nafs and heart.
  9. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-35454359?ns_mchannel=social&ns_campaign=bbc_breaking&ns_source=twitter&ns_linkname=news_central
  10. Second the above message. Consistency is the key here, the highs and lows will come and go. Allah swt will test you in every way and you may not always feel that connection to Him. You should remain absolutely consistent in your practice no matter what happens or what circumstance you are facing. Over time your connection and spirituality will build and it will only come through consistency. Having said that: 1. Take out time every day, as much as you can consistently, even if it is 10-30mins... spend this time alone doing worship you can connect to. 2. Do long sujoods 3. Pray salatul layl 4. Read Quran daily 5. Do your best to remain in constant state of remembrance while working through constant zikr (tasbiat arba, or durood, or Ya Allah etc)
  11. After going through TahaFunder website I'm more interested in authenticity of TahaFunder... if anyone knows who is running and behind and can verify would be great.
  12. Salaams... can mods or someone please help verify the authenticity of this project and website. A simple google search shows results only from last month, there is no mention of this foundation prior to December 2015. I find it interesting that whoever is behind it is in UK and seems to have very little history considering this orphanage is supposed to be in existence since 1980. I hate to be suspicious, but then again this is the internet.
  13. They re-uploaded part 5 because there was error first time (2 mins were missing from video): There is also another new lecture, the topic is Prophet Muhammed pbuh and Government:
  14. salaams bro.. we all go through such things in our life, and i'll hopefully be able to give you a perspective different from most people. You are not here to verify history... of course we should do all the research to satisfy our minds and reach a stage of surety, but you may never be able to reach a 100% place of certainty that what you are reading in the history books is complete and totally accurate... history is being inherited through fallible human beings, and you'll be able to find errors on both sunni and shia side. So how does one go about resolving this? Your purpose in life is to purify yourself, to gain nearness to Allah swt... whether you are sunni or shia, the historical matters should not disturb your practice and sincerity towards Allah swt... we all know what is generally right and wrong, and you can continue to maintain purity while your research these matters. To have perfect practice we have to find the best role models and examples. I challenge anyone to find me better role models than the Ahlulbayt from any history, any religion... you really will not be able to. Use this benchmark and you'll be fine. Even if one were to accept the sunni side of the story, you still will not find better role models after the Prophet other than Ahlulbayt. My personal advice, stop stressing over historical issues, focus on purity, and Allah will guide you. The sunni shia debate only distracts from this purpose as you're already finding.
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