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  1. my research has led me to agnosticism, it's the outcome not liked by believers, which naturally makes them hostile. If God exists, and if He is Just, then He knows what I have been and going through, and what my intentions are.
  2. it seems as if good akhlaq is reserved only for people that you guys agree with.
  3. it's interesting that purpose of these forums is to ask questions and hope someone with more knowledge can reply. just don't engage in the convo if your only resort is to personally insult the person asking the questions. let's say i am lazy... i'll admit, i am lazy. but so is everyone else who comes and asks questions hoping for answers from someone who isn't as lazy ;).
  4. personal judgments and insults and not addressing the issue... nice one bro
  5. Please explain this one to me: "...have narrated from reliable chains of narrators from Imam Ali Reza ((عليه السلام).) that one day the Holy Prophet (S) went to the house of Zaid bin Haritha bin Sharjeel Kalbi. When he entered, he saw that the wife of Zaid was taking a bath. The Holy Prophet (S) said: “Glory be the one Who has created you.” By this statement he meant that she must consider the Almighty Allah as pure and free from the saying of infidels who say that angels are the daughters of God, as the Almighty Allah has Himself said" The book says it's authentic, but that in itself appears to be a fabrication. so how do i know if what's being called authentic isn't actually fabricated? how would i know the isnad itself isn't fabricated? we are talking about over 1000 years of potential tehreef!
  6. To elaborate on this, for example sunnis pretty much do and say the same, when you point out their hadith, they start saying it's weak. I remember in my teenage years I would debate with sunnis online, I thought I had found the one hadith which would convert them to shia-ism, only to be told the hadith isn't authentic or is weak. So sunnis trust their ilm rijal as much shias trust theirs... why should i trust shia historians any more than sunni historians? why should shia ilm rijal be trusted any more than sunni's.
  7. I'm a born shia, i guess was a born shia, i definitely not assuming the above, and it is a good line of defense that I would use too when i was "believer". the above is exactly the issue I take with our history and hadith, and the above text I posted is nothing but proof of that, despite the text many times authenticating itself.
  8. I know you've left the thread, this is for other readers. How do we know this isn't a fabrication, and excuse to help cover up for all the strange hadiths? how do we know that ilm rijal is authentic considering there is a conflict of interest and bias towards certain beliefs... how does one authenticate the method of authenticity?
  9. According to Allameh Majlisi, this has been narrated from reliable chain of narrators. But it's not open for discussion as I need to go do my "homework". Thank you, wish you all the best.
  10. it's amazing how judgemental people can be and assume and deduce things they know nothing about. You assume I haven't done homework, whereas you know nothing about me personally and the type Islamic studies i'm involved in. Instead of addressing the issues, they attack the person making issues. Telling someone to do their homework, why don't you just say you don't know the answers and I should go and find them for myself. Isn't that a much better way of telling someone they should do the seeking themselves vs putting them down?
  11. when there is no logical defense for our nonsensical texts, it normally comes down to this: 1. It's weak/fabricated 2. Personal judgements about the person asking questions, ignorant, doesn't understand, is lazy, is a sinner. 3. Placing the burden of proof on the other.
  12. I wish Allameh Majlisi had done his homework and not written such nonsense.
  13. I guess we should be thankful to him for making our life's test only harder.
  14. lol, it's a shia famous scholar that wrote the above book and I'm the one being lazy lol
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