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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. No, but we get freezing cold water in the shower...and i absolutely hate cold water, but have started enjoying the sensations after few times... also i feel no depression or stress since i started, it's a HUGE help in daily life
  2. I started doing Wim Hof Breathing Method and excercises, it's a 10 week course which has breathing exercises and cold showers... i'm in the first week, it's really amazing.
  3. i agree with your analysis but don't think Nikola Tesla is a great example... he is an outlier, he doesn't represent the average or majority of men...
  4. Yea i wanna add i don't agree with this post nut clarity theory, this is complete nonsense. you can achieve mind clarity and focus through excercise, meditation, breathing practices, or any other acitivity... however the part about not having needs met and urges causing problems in your life I agree with.
  5. i really enjoyed watching this, thanks for sharing... makes me hate the saudis even more, they should allow archeologists to explore these areas!!!
  6. They joined the cult movement in Iraq where this guy claims he is the son, representative, the yamani etc of Imam Mehdi... they made another series called "The Arrived"... these guys have gone totally off rail
  7. I agree with your thread. Marriage doesn't always take care of sexual needs, specially once you have kids... you may not see your wife for weeks at time, or inlaws come over, or some other thing in life happens and it is almost like being celibate. Either muta or multiple marriages is the answer as was practiced by the earliest Muslims. Although I will add you should avoid music, movies, tv, pornography, controlling your eyes etc... that is no excuse.
  8. try these breathing excercises... they will get rid of any cravings and withdrawal symptoms... this plus cold showers
  9. if do the breathing excercise please write back here and let me know what you felt...
  10. Please try these breathing excercises and read up on Wim Hof. I guarantee that you will get results from your very first 10mins of this...
  11. Look up Wim Hof breathing method... solving these problems with simple breathing excercises
  12. also this: az khuda, juz khuda, cheezy na kha... in farsi, it means, from God, except (for) God, don't ask for anything else in other words only want God from God, and nothing else... personally i have become quite agnostic but starting to feel like i am relearning Islam... i no longer believe in doing 40 day rituals and ziarat recitations... i believe in applying what's written in them
  13. salaam, i wish i had better understanding of what you wanted... prayers on their own are imho not enough, they require action... for example if pray to pass an exam and don't study, of course I can't pass. if i pray for a wife but don't make myself a mature and responsible being, then it may never happen... also consider this that you must earn/work for what you want. how does a non praying person achieve their goals? a person that doesn't believe in God takes responsibility and goes after what they want. so I would say continue praying but also go after what you want by looking at what factors will get your goal.
  14. you won't find much about this in Islamic literature... or it is the same as entering barzakh (while you are alive)... but if you are dreaming, it could be a lucid dream before entering dream/astral realm, do wuzu, and when lucid/dreaming pray or do zikr... and visualize seeing yourself in light. there are many non-islamic resources you can use to learn more. Sheikh Farrokh Sekalashfar is the guy you want if you want a shia scholar and expert on this.
  15. Fair enough. However believers do use secondary sources to prove their primary, for example science is used to demonstrate scientific miracles of the Quran. Can history be used to prove historical claims... maybe, however considering OP's question, I don't think secondary sources can be used. That's all I was stating, don't know why I'm getting chewed up for stating the obvious.
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