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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. just remember one thing God is watching your every move. and you are not alone at any moment. so the thing which you cannot do in any public place due to people around, remember that thing God is with you when you doing such acts. May Allah give you and everyone else a power to give up this habit.
  2. i dont think its ok, you are doing wrong.
  3. I heard that during the time of First khulfa ruling, in the month of ramazan people get together after aftari at a certain place, and talk about how Ali(R.A) robed of his position of being Khalif, so umer heard all this and think that this will make a become a big problem if people talk like this, so he start tarweeh to ensure people get so tired after aftari that are unable to attend such meetings and talk about khalifa.
  4. we cannot say this rajab, next rajab or which rajab?? because we cannot define a time period and dont know the the time when it gonna exactly happens. so dont use words that it gonna happens in this month as we dont have a knowledge of Ghaib.
  5. finding the truth has never been easy, but once you find a right path and start walking on it its become really easy. Allah (swt) says: “Take one step towards me, I will take ten steps towards you. Walk towards me, I will run towards you.”
  6. me and my sunni friend having a chat regarding matam and then he give me these links, can any one tell me what to answer him now. Faroo-e-kafi vol.1 Kitab-ul-Janaiz Ch:80 hadees:1 page:333 " Farmayah Hazrat ny ky Rona, Peetna, Mon per Tamanchy Marna, Seena Kootna, Sar ky Ball Nochna, aour Nooha Karna yeh Soorat taraky Sabber hy or Sahih Tareeqy ko chodna hy" Faroo-e-kafi vol.1 Kitab-ul-Janaiz Ch:78 hadees:7 page:328 " Hazrat Muhammed(s.a.w) ky farzand Tahir ka jab inteqal hoa to App(s.a.w) ny beby Khadeja ko Rony sy manna kiya or farmayah kiya toom Is per Razi nahy ky osy Janat ky darwazy per khara pao" Nahjul Balagha Part 3 page 745 Irshad 322 "Hazrat Ali(R.A) aik jaga sy guzery to kuch orten Maqtooleen per Giryah ker rahy then itny men os qabeely ky sardar ap ky khidmat men hazer hoye to Hazrat Ali R.A os per naraz hoye or kaha ky kiya tomhara bas in orton per nahy chalta ky inhen giryah kerny sy maana ker sako" pleasee respong urgently regarding this. thankyou.
  7. thank you for clearing my minds, these issue giving me some sort of tension, and i was hesitant to ask anyone else. finally im felling relaxed thanks to you brothers :)
  8. Assallam o Alakum; i have some question please answer them as quickly as possible : Q1> some times when i m talking to a girl on phone (we never talk any bad just a general discussion) a liquid came out , it is sticky liquid but transparent. what is the ruling of that ? Q2> what about the ruling for the clothes i wearing? should i wash them? Q3> i do normally take ghusal after that but i read that ghusul is not wajib after that and only wadhu is required? please elaborate that too. Q4> is it a normal thing or should i have to go to doctor talk about this? thank you , and waiting for your reply because these questions given me some sort of tension.
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