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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. *raises hand*. Please make dua for me and my family iA
  2. To clarify the late Sayyid Fadhlullahs position it was that there is not enough evidence to say that the breaking of the ribs happened; but to deny it requires evidence as well (and the evidence against it is insufficient as well). He says there is plenty of evidence that Sayyida Fatima was mistreated including riwayaat which say she was slapped in the face, Fadak etc. Therefore he advocates an agnostic position specifically regarding the rib incident.
  3. I agree with most of this. The part i disagreed with was that its harder to be a practicing Muslim in Muslim majority countries. Its simply not. In a Muslim majority country everything takes into account a sizeable religious population. There are mosques everywhere, you get fridays off, everything is halal, even in the most immodest areas modesty still prevails compared to the West, nothing interferes with prayer times, you dont lose ur job, etc etc. The overall situation for ppl in Muslim countries is harder because of the socio political climate but there are generally speaking few obstructions to practicing the faith and quite the opposite much to aid it. Look theres a reason why the hukm al awali for hijrah to dar al kufr is that its haraam minus for purposes of business etc.
  4. Yeah just not seeing it. Muslims survived Ataturk and Reza Shah and the hard pressures now are not even 10% of that. Its certainly not enough to lead to apostacy - maybe reduce practice at best but i think thats a multivariate complex phenomenon.
  5. Its kind of an important detail to making sense of the whole story. I am disappoint. But still a good contribution.
  6. OP read / watch some ex-gay testimonies and you'll get a better picture of how destructive the lifestyle is and how deep the mental issues go. I can recommend The Last Closet by Miora Greyland. I personally read the book - it is not for the faint of heart. Her parents were gay, she was abused as a child, everything is laid out. Good luck.
  7. What exactly is the Prophet (s) supposed to have said that stopped Imam Ali? Anyway good contribution.
  8. None of what you described are the kinds of pressures which cause apostacy. In fact quite the opposite they radicalize Muslims in Muslim countries to become more politically involved and revolutionary minded.
  9. This would apply moreso to the Muslim diaspora. Not sure how much it would apply to Muslims living inside dar al islam, where by and large it is still easier to be a Muslim than not - even if one sins by breaking rules here and there. I also think within the diaspora this would likely be more of a factor among more isolated Muslims whereas those living in cities with many Muslims would have an easier time.
  10. Lets not derail the thread. Go wikipedia it. Some good contributions so far.
  11. The first look is halal. It is also permissible to "check out" a woman you intend to marry, even without hijab to make sure you're into it. This applies to both temporary and permanent marriage.
  12. I have my own thoughts on this but I wanted to survey the field for your opinions. /discuss
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