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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم I was engaged in a discussion with a Sunni brother and he requested that I bring forward ahaadith whose chains are strong by our own standards regarding the very explicit appointment of Imam Ali (عليه السلام) by the Prophet (s). What follows is some research I've collected. I have not personally graded these chains nor have I even confirmed their strength; most of these ahaadith are graded by Ayatollah Zanjani, some by Ayatollah Aasif Muhsini or others. At any rate, I request the brothers here to post in the comments if they have anything to say about the cha
  2. @Ansar Shiat Ali can you repost the picture with the reference in Musanaf ibn abi shaybah?
  3. Can someone post references to any part of this event from al-kuttub al-sittah? Not necessarily the part about the fetus, but even the threat to burn down the house.
  4. That said you are likely to do poorly in this class if you openly challenge your mushrik professor's views. She sounds like an intolerant, radical, extremist feminist that is the leftist version of takfeeri wahhabis. She is a takfeeri. She will make takfeer of you for not adhering to her liberal mushrik religion. What you should do is pick a topic that doesn't fully clash with her worldview, such as talking about hijab as empowerment or something. Maybe try Edward Said's book Orientalism to get some leftist talking points that don't necessarily conflict with Islam.
  5. @AStruggler the general answer to this is the following: Human being is a species under the genus "animal." Other species include cows, horses, etc. In as far as a human being is an animal, he shares characteristics with all other species that fall under the genus; for example, he exists in space-time, eats, drinks, moves around in 3 dimensional space, and has a will. In as far as he is a separate species from other species under the genus "animal" he has different characteristics: for example, he thinks, has conversations, laughs, etc. If you understand this genus/species distinction (
  6. What you are talking about here is ontology. What we were talking about earlier is epistemology. Can you sense of beauty lead to Absolute Beauty i.e. Allah or not? You say no, because beauty is "subjective." I say yes. As for the arguments you presented about subjectivity, I already responded to them in the first post - the line of reasoning you offered would lead us to believe that because some people are colourblind, therefore colour is subjective as well. If you accept that, then you've more or less accepted the scientific worldview's epistemology and you've accepted a radical skepticism
  7. @eThErEaL if you look on the whole, what humanity finds beautiful is more often in agreement and disagreement. If beauty was really just a function of social upbringing, then what we'd find is that on the whole different societies would disagree about what is beautiful and would find the opposite things beautiful and disgusting. This is not the case. Almost the entirety of humanity would agree that michelangelo's sisteen chapel is beautiful, that the temples on Angkor are beautiful, and even when it comes to physical beauty standards, at least as far as body composition are concerned, are fair
  8. I encountered this meme on facebook and decided to give it a full response See full response here: http://themuslimtheist.com/how-to-respond-to-the-muslims-are-obsessed-with-sex-argument/
  9. @Mohammad313Ali read this book for a full answer: https://www.al-islam.org/islamic-political-theory-legislation-volume-1-muhammad-taqi-misbah-yazdi
  10. No, because you could use this reasoning to justify anything. I declare that you must avoid snapping your fingers because there's no evidence this *doesn't* cause cars in China to crash when you do it. What would be sensible is to conduct an investigation to find out which causes contributed and which didn't. At any rate, if the data were indeterminate, at best we could tell people to avoid all 5 factors as a precautionary measure - a matter of practical wisdom. What we could not do is declare that it is the eternal wisdom of God to avoid all 5 causes because they cause a fire. Wh
  11. You guys are taking western definitions of prostitution and applying it to Islam. In Islam, a prostitute is a woman who commits zina for money. Not marriage for money. Even if I conceded your point (which I am sympathetic to, actually, because I do think that there is something inherently wrong with the distinction between fiqh and akhlaq), this doesn't get us to saying something is haraam. You cannot get around the fact that evidence is required to make universal declarations about the Will of the Lord of the Universe. Your or my personal anecdotal evidence, your or my feelings and t
  12. I did, but it was a while ago. I think my debate reviews have to be fresh for me to really get into it. I'm not sure it would be worth it to watch Feser vs Oppy all over again. I will say, the host from Capturing Christianity seriously ruined both debates by imposing a time limit that was too short and trying to move the conversation in directions it wouldn't take place naturally. Had the livestream simply been like 3 hours straight with no interruptions, I think they would have bottomed out somewhere and Feser would have pinned Oppy at least on one or two points.
  13. The neoplatonic proof I do not think successfully prooves that the perfectly simple being must be an intellect, at least using Feser's arguments. I think you could modify the proof to make it successful. The Aristotelian proof and the Rationalist proof were particularly strong, and i think both of those are successful. The Augustinian and Thomistic proofs I will have to revist again at a later date.
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