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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Pinata asks for all of your duas... And wonders if anyone remembers her lol. Alhamdulillah.
  2. (Salam) Javeria, Jannat, Jamila, Khaatera, Gulzaar
  3. (Salam) You want a guy whom you've known for only two months to commit to you for the rest of his life. Honestly that's moving too fast if you ask me. If he's interested but cautious I can definitely understand why. If you're feeling unsure about his intentions, however, ask him. Both parties should be on the same page and know what the other is feeling.
  4. ^ "Behind every successful man is a woman rolling her eyes." :shifty:
  5. As some of you know, I no longer live in NY, but I've been there recently for personal reasons, and I heard that the Pakistani Consulate had a condolences book for the people of Peshawar. Most of the messages are in English from what I saw, but it was nice nonetheless that Muslims and non-Muslims are concerned for their fellow human beings.
  6. Please keep me in your duas, guys, I really need them. Someone posted a picture of a candlelight vigil for Aitzaz Hassan and it was captioned: "Today we know that his sacrifice saved so many lives." Sigh.
  7. May Allah keep everyone on the planet safe. May He bring justice to the oppressed. Fatiha for the departed, this was awful news to hear.
  8. Please recite a Surah Fatiha for my brain.
  9. They said: We bring thee good tidings in truth. So be not thou of the despairing. [15:55] Duas please!
  10. Definitely. Married men would never, ever assault a woman :rolleyes:
  11. "The Prey" by Adil Abdullah, translated by Soheil Najm Like a flock of eagles on their wounded prey The furies have descended on Iraq In spite of all their hatred for each other. Each night they return to their lairs Under the wing of darkness, Oblivious to the blood That smears their mouths. But shame will seize their souls When they discover, in the morning light The prey they feasted on last night Was the flesh of their own children.
  12. I think having casual hang-out days at centers would be nice. There are some centers that have pancake breakfasts, barbecues, days where the brothers go out somewhere with the sheikh and just talk, stuff like that. I think the first thing centers should do is make youth feel welcome. Centers are for people of all levels of faith, so if you have events that don't necessarily have anything to with religion, but are more about being social, more people may be more interested in attending.
  13. This is so cool. Cats' eyes reflect light in the dark, so imagine waltzing into the living room in the middle of the night to grab your phone or something, and then you see fifty pairs of eyes glowing in the dark like a bunch of jinns haha
  14. The question seems to be: when was salah made wajib, and how old was Rasoolallah SAW when this occured?
  15. Feed us some cake, Enlightened! :shifty: Alhamdulillah. Have a merry, merry weekend, people.
  16. ^ Have you seen a doctor? That doesn't sound good. Inshallah you'll recover quickly! Let's all keep Enlightened in our duas @) thoughts: "Lo! We it is Who bring the dead to life. We record that which they send before them, and their footprints. And all things We have kept in a clear Register." [36:12]
  17. Inshallah khair, sis! Let's pray for each other. I am in desperate need of duas again -_-
  18. Gotham

    Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    Man, you people eat such interesting foods! I'm just munching on corn flakes :rolleyes:
  19. Yes it was! And very quickly, too. May Allah bless all of you!
  20. Lol you guys are awesome, Alhamdulillah.
  21. Pretty sure these monuments have been posted already, but there are some pictures I've found that I really like so whatever: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pakpositive/140177543/ https://www.pinterest.com/haiqac/explore-pakistan/ http://www.emirates.com/ae/english/about/news/news_detail.aspx?article=830432
  22. I've told my Sunni friend quite a bit about SC and all the stuff on it, so we've just been perusing through all the funny threads. I've shown her Ahmed Angel and everything :shifty:
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