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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This keyboard warrior should be dealt with by Shias and taught a lesson. In fact he also travels to Iran his face should be made aware to the intelligence service. I'm sure if he's man enough he should come clean about the Majoosi land he's originally from.
  2. Salam dear brothers and sisters. Inshallah, soon the month of Ramadan. May Allah ( swt ) bless you. I was browsing the Nasbi Deobandi forum and came across a post (I have screen shot it in case it gets deleted*) which exposes the Nasbi who is constantly doing Taqfir on Shia's and the Ulema. He is also behind some websites, which I will post at some point. [URL Edited]/index.php?showtopic=20288
  3. Salam dear brothers and sisters. Please, can someone explain this? Thank you.
  4. Salam, The Oppression Of Sayeda Faatima Part V Did Abu Bakr Lead The Prayers In The Final Days Of The Prophets (saw) life? Read: http://www.revisitin...ima-part-v.html
  5. It's a question.... quite a long time, I debate on paltalk, skype, etc, with wahhabi and Khomeiniste and ya3qoobiste, and your level is lower than wahhabi. will learn to recite the Qur'an correctly (tajweed)...
  6. I can't believe how he (or anyone) can be fooled by Khamanai soufi.
  7. blablabla...and also zionist, cia, fbi? Pathetic.
  8. Because it's chirk (according to wahhabi), and Albani requested to destroy the grave of Prophet Muhammad (S).
  9. They will tell you the worshipers of sanad (عباد السند): sanad da'if jidan (or mawdou3) lool For those who read Arabic, there is a great refutation (also by Seyyed Mouhaqiq Mouhadith Marja Rouhani (ha)).
  10. Salam, we are warning people against the consequences of allowing [sayid] qazwini, the one who curses the sahaba (ie : Qazwini), to enter Kuwait. http://alwatan.kuwai....aspx?id=260619
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