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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Enough with the Indian Pakistani debate. Both India and Pakistan are failed states and shouldn't even exist as nations. Pakistan, while supporting Kashmiri independence will actually , in that situation, try to manipulate politics to have it be incorporated into pakistan India, if they stay in control, will forever have a volatile region to defend with troops,and will always be seen as an imposed occupier. An independent Kashmir will likely be another poverty stricken and unstable state, but if its what the Kashmiris want, its what they should get.
  2. Nawab


    I haven't seen brown or tan skies, nor blue skin, and what people call "white skies" is blue, or grey on occasion. No, color is just from alternate light wave intensities, i don't think there is any deeper connection
  3. these people would declare victory if they managed to break a light bulb :donno:
  4. Why the hell do they need to make an Ipad mini? if you are ever in a situation where your Ipad is too big and Iphone is too small... you need to re-evaluate your priorities.
  5. why don't central Asian countries like Tajikistan change from using the Russian alphabet back to the old Persian writing? Why are there so many communist influences in the government?
  6. of course, its right across from Stalin mart and Mao Milkshakes. Also, you can get a killer Sundae at Saddam ice cream stand
  7. We're not nationalists. In fact I dont even consider India a natural creation, more like a mix of former independent states put together. I am disgusted by the disregard for cleanliness i see in some places in India, the stupid superstition beliefs , and watching those cheesy Indian serials and Bollywood movies make me want to slam my head on a wall repeatedly. But I am proud of Indian culture and history . The Mughal empire, the diverse cultures and languages. Most of all, what makes me proud is seeing how Indians can work so hard to make themselves some of the most successful immigrant ethnic groups , how much contribution Indians have made to science, and despite simmering tensions between ethnic and religious groups how relatively civil things usually are in India as compared to Pakistan or the Middle East. But taking the blame and forced to being associated with our counterparts in the North, though many have achieved alot to, tend to ruin alot of things for South Asians, like immigrants committing rape and assault and using Islam to justify it, with the idiotic political movements like "Muslims against Crusaders", and starting gangs.so thats where some of the hostility comes from.However its Not to say Indians dont do crimes occasionally , so in this case Pakistanis are in the right. What Indian Muslims are criticizing Is the state of Pakistan for its Saudi worshiping stupidity, and disregard for common sense and progress.
  8. thank you, that was very helpful
  9. Okay its almost time for prayers and i have a small cut. I cant wipe the blood off since I am still bleeding. I've read that some Muslims say that flowing blood and blood on clothes invalidates prayer.. Are they serious!?!?! So my prayers wont count since im bleeding? thats so frustrating, its like everyday im finding a new thing that somehow invalidates prayers.more frustrating is that we cant all agree on exactly what the rule for it is... makes it seem like Islam is such a difficult religion to follow. So is it true that blood invalidates prayers? How could something so basic and vital be considered impure? I mean, i've heard the followers of Hussein would pray while they were being hit with arrows .
  10. African nationalism or Arab nationalism, or any nationalism has nothing to do with Imam Ali or any of the Imams
  11. ...why dont they just donate the money regardless of how many likes they have ? :dry:
  12. look, no one is personally attacking Pakistanis.We both have our problems. The fact is that however, India IS indeed alot better in religious toleration than India. Shiites there dont have to worry about getting attacked by Wahhabi terrorists. That is just one example. If Pakistanis focus more on acknowledging and addressing the problems that are being stated rather than trying to get excessively defensive and in denial, then maybe Pakistan would move forward. btw India has the second highest population of Shiites,NOT Pakistan
  13. The letter is fraud bro. Its been circulated around nationalist Iranian circles for a while now. They claim it is in the british museum of natural history. I actually believed in it myself until I found out that there is no such letter, anywhere.
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