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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Im sure you will all know that Sayyids are the AhlulBayt of today, i am proud to say i am a Sayyid. But i have a very frustrating topic. It is said that the hell fire is ha'ram for Shia'as, and instead they get the wrath of ice. I am not too sure that this, however, is true? We all know how easy it is to create a rumour nowadays! Just wanted your thoughts on this topic and if anyone can elaborate on it? Thanks :donno: :shifty:
  2. Actually, his mother was a roman princess, a direct bloodline from Julius Caesar, she was supposed to marry a christian but whenever they tried to marry, bad things happened and so the christian community thought it wrong to marry the two after these events. That same night of the failed marriage, she had a dream of Jesus and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) The prophet asked Jesus for her hand in marriage for Imam Hasan Al Askari. So, yes, she was a Roman Emperor but then in another dream including the 11th Imam, he told her to go as a slave trading market, as a slave where she would meet one of his companions bearing a letter from the 11th Imam telling her to come with his companion where she would be brought back so they could marry.
  3. Signs of the Dajjals arrival are all around us! Havoc and chaos has broken out in the Middle East, as predicted. The rise of the Sufiyan-as predicted. A man, although he was not killed, but arrested and beaten in the city of Allahs house was previously predicted. How long left until the Dajjal arrives? I am writing to get other peoples thoguths and opinions! what does everyoe think on this matter?
  4. Nobody has seen Allah, only his rahma and creations have been seen. Even the most beautiful, perfect creation on this earth can resemble or be similar to the same perfection which Allah has! of course, Imam Ali & the AhlulBayt are the most perfect creation in this world-but that doesnt mean they are similar to Allah! Astagfirullah, it should be a sin to compare Allah to people!
  5. Im Sayyid Shia, i would like to know where Sayyids originate from. Im from the Imam Ali Naqi (as) and am still unsure of where my ancestors originally came from! :wacko:
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