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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. Hi I am looking for somone by name or seyyed ahmad rezavi in london anyone knows him? he must be around 60 years old, orginaly from Pakistan
  3. I am parto. (not my real name) location : Iran age: 30 do you like lemon ?me too... lol
  4. https://en.wikipedia...i/Wushu_(sport) I do wushu , I used to do kung-fu but it wasn't good because in fight I couldn't throw rival by holding her legs. so I tried Wushu, it is similar but we can throw rival.
  5. well, based on my own experiences, something is wrong in your unconscious mind. think deeply about yourself and ask yourself what is wrong which makes you this feeling then try to find out solution.
  6. Parto

    Nowrooz Mubarak!

    I didn't get what is its meaning, but anyway, I posted this topic for persians, so I simply ignore those who have problem with Nowrooz.
  7. the namaz of Nowrooz day has Qunoot. check Mafatih.
  8. Parto

    Nowrooz Mubarak!

    hasooooooooooood hargez nayasod!
  9. well as an artist I think it is more dependent on how you use that sculpture and for whom you are making it.
  10. your intention is more important, and as I understood you didn't have wrong intention, so why are you worried about it? but I will tell u something. I used to attend Yoga class and they used to tell us to repeat some unknown words and make some strange sounds. I didn't do that because I don't say something that I dono what is its meaning. some of friends over there used to repeat those sounds and also they used to do exercises that they were told to do. after some months I could see that they started to believe in reincarnation and some foolish stuff about Buddhism. so I advise you to stay far from symbols of Buddhism. I am sure they will affect you during long time.
  11. 1. if there is no life after death then give your address, I will come and kill your family and then I will run and you won't ever find me, you can sit there and wait for nothing till end of your pointless life. 2. women are oppressed not because of Islam, they are oppressed because their nature that is delicate and easily broken. a Muslim , a Buddhist a Jew and an atheist can be an oppressor toward women. it depends on that how much a man control his power when he sees someone weaker than him. 3. if Buddhism is the best then go for it. there is no force in belief. 4. it is allowed. what is Harram is Ghena! ghena is a kind of music that lead you to commit a sin. 5. well, it is something normal. other religious have many sects also. and those religions that are more powerful and truthful have more enemies , they have more sects because enemies want to reduce Muslim unity and their power. if you want to find to origin then instead of sitting and doing nothing, go for finding it.
  12. I will pray for you with reciting Salawat inshallh. Hope God removes all of your difficulties. it is not "after" it is "with" : "With hardship comes ease".(6:49)
  13. it is the best advice sister. if you are not wearing Hijab and praying for sake of Allah, then let them go from your life but if you do them only because you have been told by Prophet (sa) and his Ahlebayt that praying and wearing Hejab are wajib then do them for Love of God and getting close to Him.
  14. lol, I knew about Nadine...we know each other !!! ;) I am very awful in understanding British accent, if you have such a heavy accent then I think I won't understand even a word!!! I did a mistake and I started learning English from beginning with listening only and only to American accent, so now I have found British accent very difficult to understand! it is like someone is punching my ears!!! by the way, Tanx all you are so kind I am so thankful because of your help and your suggestion. I will pm those friends who want to help me. if someone can take time and speak to me with British accent, it would be so great. inshallah I will pray for you all that you are so kind.
  15. salaaam I have to improve my English for PhD test so I am going to take an English test before that. I have took IELTS test earlier and its result was not very good. my speaking was fine but my listening was awful because I have started to learn English with listing to American accent and I can't understand British accent at all! I dono why but I can't understand even very simple words... I have been told that I need to get used to listen to British accent. and also I wanna improve my writing so I have decided to write some lines everyday and practice writing in this way. anyway, I want to ask that if anyone who can help me to read and check my writings that I write every few days and correct them, please send me a message? I should add that it won't take your time so much and in return I will be able to teach you Farsi if you are interested! :rolleyes:
  16. well, I am telling you something as an Iranian, there is a quality that most of Persian people have it: they do some of things on impulse. specially when they see that a large group of people are doing it. for example: if a Persian sees that everyone is going to shop to buy so much Gold , he/she will surly plan to do it however she/he doesn't need it or doesn't even have enough money to buy Gold but he/she does his/her best to do what others are doing. I can give you many examples. unfortunately because they don't these sudden movement with out enough thinking, later on they become against it easily....
  17. Parto

    A Wow Dream

    sometimes some events happen in metaphysical realms and you need to see them with your metaphysical eyes. for example our eyes in physical realm are able to see things in three states of matter or material: liquid, gas and solid but who knows that how many states are there in whole of realms? when a person sleeps, she/he is able to see her/his body as well as many things around it , but in which state? you can't say that those things are in gas form or liquid or solid. so, when we are living in physical world, many of our actions have affect in other realms and ofc we are not able to see them with physical means. for example we know that doing a Ghybat is harram and it is like eating meat of a human, but who knows that what happen in metaphysical realms when we are doing a ghybat? anyway, about this matter, dreaming... sometimes these evens happen because of our actions like: committing a sin, praying, helping others and ... and we are not able to understand it because of differences between physical and metaphysical worlds but it doesn't mean that we have NO chance to understand them. our conscious mind is always ready to feel these affects. but it can't make us understood when we are using material means to understand things around us. when a person sleeps, she/he travels to another realm, yet this realm is very close to physical one( that is why things over there are somehow similar to things in physical realm) it happens that sometimes when you sleep, your conscious mind tries to reconstruct what has happened to you during the time you were awake. sometimes during this reconstruction, mind ( if it is not fully in control of that person) adds some fake stories to reality. in this time, it will be very very difficult to distinguish between reality and fake events. and it is better to revert the dream to religious dream Interpretation. we know that there are so many Ahadith about reciting Quran. I have heard that if someone recites Quran regularly in a house, that house will be shining and it will be full of Noor. also there are more Ahadith that say reciting Quran will bring Noor in face of reciter . so there is relation between Quran and Noor. because of these Ahadith, I think this dream could be a part of reality in metaphysical world. maybe I am wrong but it is just a guess from evidence .
  18. Parto

    A Wow Dream

    it is not your imagination, but you couldn't see it with your physical eyes so later when you were sleeping you have seen it with your your inner body's eyes.
  19. well, they always talk abt Bahrain and Pakistan....why do u think that they have kept silence?
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