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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam,

    i need some help pls. My 18 year old daughter is a new student at the deakin university burwood campus. I understand that accommodation is on sharing basis here but mostly it's mixed gender. 

    I found an all girls accommodation in burwood but there's no gaurantee on the no boyfriend issue. I am looking for some suitable accommodation for her pls on an urgent basis. She is a muttahajjiba. 

    Wonder if I can get some recommendations on this. 


  2. I think the idea that Muslim women are oppressed rather than revered is one of the biggest mistakes others take from Islam. Thats what I always thought until I reverted and saw the light, subhanAllah!
  3. Truly beautiful and very inspiring. I just adore.
  4. ^ No, my understanding is that the PERMANENT wives are entitled to equal nights together with their husband. Mutah wives have no conjugal rights with their husband and therefore doesn't have a right to be treated equally at all in any way. Ie don't have the right to be provided for with housing equally etc.
  5. Having happy and trusting marriage where the husband already knows where the wife is going cos she feels its important to tell him, not due to Islamic law but because she feels it is correct and right, is probably the best way to be.
  6. That made me almost cry. I'm a revert too, and its so nice to hear the stories of others who've discovered the light of the Ahlul Bayt.
  7. I hope you aren't implying Sydney is better than Melbourne? You have GOT to be kidding, right!? ;)
  8. Be calm and honest, and very patient. Try to see the point from the others persons view. Honesty and trust is extremely important in any relationship, especially marriage. Be gentle and don't hang on to the bad things, and encourage her to do the same. Everyone is human and we all make mistakes. Being able to say you were wrong when you were is very important. As is saying sorry, sometimes when you aren't. Never let the sun set on an important argument. Smaller things usually settle down with time and once the heat has gone out of the argument. If it is big, you need to be calm, and if thing
  9. I would truly like to commend you on posting this, and for speaking your experiences and what you have gone through. I will pray for you and keep you in my Duas brother. keep up the good work, and I pray that you will find peace for yourself, whereever that may be.
  10. You are in my prayers brother, best wishes and may Allah give you strength in the meantime.
  11. As a new revert who is struggling to get used to the idea of starting to wear hijab, I suggest patience and support. Its is a hard step for reverts, especially if they are very "Westernised" as all of a sudden we are clearly and obviously different to everyone we have ever met in our life. Gentle love and kindness will get you there. It has to be her decision, and once she has made it for her, she won't want to turn back. Pushing it onto her may likely make her resent you if there is a backlash from those in her life. And I'm sure once she is holding a precious life in her hands, she will ma
  12. Hi there. Pretty much anywhere in the northern or western suburbs have a fairly decent Lebanese community. There isn't a high Shia population in Melbourne compared to other cities in Australia, but the main centres of worship are in Fawkner (northern suburb), St. Albans and Hoppers Crossing (more western). If you attend either of these centres you will quickly meet lots of Lebanese, as a good proportion of attendees are from Lebanon and are very friendly and accommodating. I suggest looking on realestate.com.au for housing and there are lots of places around in the north-western region that w
  13. I also wear a tiny bit of makeup, but over my skin it is for the sun protection properties as I burn REALLY easily. During winter I only wear a little bit of mascara & eyeliner. During summer also a transparent mineral thing that gives no colour but stops me from burning. Gloss is only for when my lips are genuinely dry. I don't wear it for anyone, I only wear it for myself. I'm not trying to "create" something from nothing, just ENHANCING what Allah gave me!! ;)
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