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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) So a member linked me this thread and reading through it I felt that I should add my contribution. I first came across ShiaChat in 2003 when I first started at University. After spending a year or so reading through the different sections of the forum I decided to sign up in 2004. Since then I had been a regular poster until 2011. I went through phases where I would take a break from the forum and not post and read only and sometimes completely stop which is what I did rather permanently from 2011 onwards. I have been a mod a few times on the forum and have to say each period it was a different experience and a lot of that was due to the changes on the forum as time went on, something which has been highlighted by the other members above. Looking back at my time on ShiaChat, I would say that it hasn't been all bad but it hasn't been fully productive either. I felt that I was pretty hot-headed on certain topics due to my opinion at that time which I no longer hold or have gone through a change since I started studying in-depth rather than relying on SC for information. I do believe though overall it was a good learning experience since it made me aware of many aspects of my religion which I was not aware about and at the same time highlighted many of the issues that are within the Shia Community as a whole and the different pattern of thoughts within the different communities. Perhaps one of the reasons that I left SC was that I felt at times this forum was very polarising on issues, for example we were more concerned about our political stances more than our religious knowledge. We were ready to draw lines amongst ourselves rather than be tolerant or agree to disagree. I felt moreover that being having such a die hard attitude didn't help one progress spiritually. And I would happily admit that since changing my attitude on how I saw things it helped me understand our communities better and to work with them and to help them especially in Dundee, Scotland where I was based until recently. Currently, I am as they say a number in the system and working away while at the same time being involved in a few projects however not on the scale as it was before where I worked with some organisations across UK. I find that we dream big, talk big but act very little or sometimes nothing at all so I started doing small things which I felt would help me develop my knowledge about the religion and then take it from there. I still plan on going to the Hawza inshallah and join Mr Spammer and some others out there. One last thing I would leave as advice for the members who are here currently and the newer ones; use this site as a tool which will help you not hinder you. Spend time on here effectively, I use to spend hours and hours and I regret that a lot now since I realised so late that the importance of time. Time is ruthless, it does not come back or wait for anyone so utilise your time in a way that when you look back at your years on here or anywhere you find that it was productive and you learnt something worthwhile off here. Remember me in your duas WSalaams
  2. If you can translate them I would really appreciate it. Can you provide a gist of what he is saying? I can make some bits out but not the whole thing. Thanks
  3. I do not think there is any ambiguity regarding the stance of the Sayed on this issue regardless of his difficult position. And I am very well aware of these fatwas against Sayed Fadullah and many others who have condemned his views and teachings. My point is not with the other marjas rather the point that you bought up mentioning Sayed Sistani. All I see is a post without any fatwas from the marjas mentioned by the brother. There is no proof or like our good friend would say 'daleel'. It is just a claim hence it counts for nothing in regards to the authenticity of your original statement.
  4. A brother who visited Sayed Sistani posted his accounts on SC which are archived on a forum. In that when he pursued the line of questions relating to Sayed Fadullah, Sayed Sistani did not reply to them so I am sure if he did not say such a thing then he would have hardly changed his stance now. Secondly, this is the first time I have heard the claim that Sayed Sistani believes it is haram to pray behind someone who denies the authencity of Ziyarat Ashura. Can you please post a reference? For the record there have been many who have doubted the version of Ziyarat Ashura we read today to be not fully authentic, Sayed Fadullah is not the only one, there was a thread where this was mentioned in detail.
  5. Hows things? Working now? PM me please

  6. Its alright I am usually on msn so msg me if you are ever on.

  7. I am good thanks. Well I hadnt seen u online in a while so I wondered what happened and did not see u on here either. I am online just now.

  8. Yo where u been? all okay?

  9. Salaams

    Will you be uploading the vid of Sh Hamza's Lectures? If you require an account on Youtube then please let me know and I can provide details for my account.

  10. Happy birthday brother. Inshallah you have a great year and many more.

  11. happy birthday! :)

  12. Happy birthday bana :)

  13. Salaams Apologies for that. Here is the correct link.
  14. Salaams You can find most of the lectures by Sheikh Hamza Sodagar on this playlist. There are some more on Youtube, search for ShababalMehdi in channels and you will find them on there.
  15. Wsalaams

    Will do thanks bro

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