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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As a Concept Designer, I am required to creates characters and their costumes(for video games). Even though it is not Fashion Designing as per say but falls in the realm of Design. That being said Design fields in general are a lot of hardwork(especially if you intend to make it relatively big) and a lot of fun too. One needs to have a never ending passion for the field. Islamically speaking I dont think there is anything wrong as far as my limited knowledge goes. As a matter of fact Muslims should endeavour in Design/Entertainment fields as there seems to be a vacuum of the following cr
  2. salaams bakir, are you into Art by any chance?

    1. Bakir


      Sure, art is part of my job and my life :)

    2. zaidali


      oh nice, so what are you doing if I may ask. I work as a concept artist myself for a game studio.

  3. Salaams, What are some of the habits that should be adopted in order to sustain that sense of spiritual consciousness. There are days and moments when the soul feels connected to Allah, ready to face any challenge , not intimidated by anything are there are days where the behaviour is the complete opposite i.e. weak, attracted to every facet of the duniya, sinful, etc Also keep in mind that my interaction with the duniya in intense. 8 hour workdays followed by 3-4 hours work form home. I love what I do(also not good/confident at my work) thus need to work a lot! Peace.
  4. different size fonts and colors....hahaha!
  5. In that case even we are not always 100% monotheists. Yes on paper we are, but are actions sometimes can state otherwise....i.e. love for the duniya homies ;-)
  6. Even though Sikhism was founded after the tragedy of Karbala, i've heard that Guru Nanak(founder of Sikhism) was a lover of Imam Hussain. Sikhs are some of the most loyal friends one can have (personal experience). One of the reasons beings is that their idols and leadership module is very similar to ours. Sikhs are also not Hindus.
  7. Salaams, Could you please post the links of the following lecturers Khalil Jaffer Sh Arif Abdul Hussein Hassain Rajabali Syed Medhi Modaraasi Sh Ismail Jehaid Ammar Nakshwani etc these are not his Muharaam Lectures but are his latest....I guess
  8. Wow British Columia does seem to be an extremely beautiful place. Gotta go there some day! Anyone wanting to come to India, please get in touch :-)
  9. Lovely post...and the points mentions truly are gold! But I think the west/east factor is slowly fading. With a rapidly globalized world challenges are becoming alike everywhere. I live in India and work in in an industry(gaming) that is extremely liberal. Factors like God are beyond alien for most of my social/professional circle and its hard to find individuals of similar belief patters.
  10. Salaams, Loving these threads up on ShiaChat. One of the most effective methods I find is to understand reality for its worth. This might sound complicated but in essence in simple. Society wants us to believe that a certain standard of dressing and physical looks is whats needed/right/hot/sexy, etc. What we as believers in a higher way of life need to do is to firstly not accept society standards and secondly completely slaughter those standards, mentally. Enforce the fact that showing your body is not hot/attractive but rather detrimental to ones physical and mental state(soul). By do
  11. Salaams. I work in the Gaming Industry and this is my humble opinion- A lot of software companies(adobe especially) have high prices on their products. On the other hand you have companies like Autodesk doing a fairly decent job of allowing students to use their software's for free. Then we also have a whole bunch of third party free based softwares like Blender, Gimp, etc which do a fairly decent job. This leads to it being mostly about marketing and trying to create a monopoly(at least back in the day) which in turn leads to their products being priced at steep prices making it difficult f
  12. Salaams, I have just got news that Sh. Jaffer Ladak is in serious condition and is admitted in the hospital. Please sincerely pray for his quick recovery! Thank You
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