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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Well men by nature are more sexually motivated. They are biologically attracted to visuals, naturally their pupils will often dilate when it sees something pleasurable, while the pupils of women do not dilate in reaction to the same pleasurable image. So God protects women from the roving eyes of libidinous men.. Btw the command to dress modestly and lower the gaze was given to males before females. Bottom line, modesty is very important for both men and women, and Allah swt knows his creation best. May Allah swt keep us steadfast.
  2. haha! This is h i l a r i o u s !
  3. I wish him a slow painful death followed by a severe punishment in his grave and then finally rots in jahannam
  4. If I lived in a Muslim country where they were common, I would wear one but I wouldn't in the west because it draws way too much attention. The prophet saw told us to cover everything except our hands and face but I admire those who have the courage to wear the niqab because it takes guts to wear one in such a judgmental world and it shows that they have the strength to face the challenges and will get rewards for wearing it.
  5. They should be sent to Guantanamo. I hope they rot in prison and fizzle out into nothingness. Punishing them with the death penalty would only be stooping to their level because that's what they wanted anyway, martyrdom and were prepared to be killed whilst killing Lee. Those fanatics kill innocent people and then say that they represent Islam they are a disgrace.
  6. I totally agree with you some men are clueless in bed and must not have been taught or know how a woman's body works. But I think the actual problem is the wife need to speak to her husband and be honest about it without hurting his feelings, he needs to know how she really feels and perhaps let her take the lead you know men aren't mind readers so the husband may sense something is wrong but is not told what is wrong...most men would settle down into routine boring love making in that situation, there should be some level of trust between the two.
  7. Greetings brother, but I didn't mean it in the literal sense, what I meant was I don't speak to random boys, because that's not what pious girls do, I try to avoid any unnecessary chat that can lead to haram. However, if they speak to me with the intention of marriage and they don't flirt, then I don't have any problem speaking to them if I'm also interested. Salaam.
  8. Polygamy shouldn't be illegal when gay marriage isn't. It's sheer hypocrisy, if people living with multiple spouses are happy that way then why should the government stick their nose in when it's non of their bussiness how consenting adults in love choose to live their life, no one can stop what Allah has made halal. Polygamy isn't my cup of tea, but to each their own!
  9. No dude, it's because the guys who I happen to bump into are creeps and I trust my instincts when I sense that they're giving off a bad vibe, they act like jerks and this is something you can't seem to comprehend. I have yet to come across a decent man who seems genuinly interested in me and wants to be in a serious relationship. If I come across such a person then I wouldn't shun him, he just needs to open up and talk to me with a sincere intention. If I am interested in him then we'll have a chat and he would need to tell me more about himself, if the feeling is mutual then great, I will tell him to give me his contact details. I may meet up with him in a public place to get to know more about him and eventually, I will inform my parents and if they are satisfied, then I'll contact him and invite him to my house for a cup of tea and introduce them to each other. My parents are pretty open minded about it all and that's the way I was advised to go about things, by letting my parents get involved from the beginning, I am 100% sure that he isn't some dodgy man that just wants to mess around, I know that I am being taken seriously and I appear more respectful that way. If things flow smoothly then we'll carry on seeing each other until we're ready to settle down and complete half our deen.
  10. I enjoy reading your posts, jazakAllahu khairan for sharing with us.
  11. Assad is Iran's ally and it is in Israel's and America's interest to remove Assad from power and to establish a Zionist puppet gov to take over instead. What you fail to understand is that if Assad is removed then Syria would be 10X worst than Iraq, because of how many divided groups from the opposition will be vying for power and the wahabis would be spreading their extremist interpretation of Islam and are after to establish a modern day ummayad dynasaty. HezbAllah would lose all the wonderful support from Assad and Israel's goal is to instigate chaos and make the Arab nations surrounding them look just as bad so that all the attention is diverted away from them and they would be laughing their heads off at how stupid they think everyone else is. Tell me when was the last time AlQaeda fought Israel and tried to liberate Palestine or is Israel too big for them to handle? The Syrian army are fighting for our survival, may God bless them and Assad is a hero for standing against the Zionists.
  12. The Syrian Army never target innocent civilians, they are fighting the terrorist AlQaeda scums who invaded the country and like the brutal savages they are they want to annihilate all Shias, Christians and other minority groups who oppose their ideology, sometimes civilians do get caught in the cross fire, it's a civil war for crying out loud.
  13. Wth she's a nasty piece of work. Sorry to hear that dude but you should just be more vigilant when you're getting to know someone in the future, some women are hard to read and they don't know what they really want. lol next time there will be no next time, they won't leave me alone so why should I bother going there knowing that I will recieve unwanted attention. My dad owns a shop 2min away from my college and there is a Lebanese restaurant next door to his so I'll just pop around in there instead, once in a while. If I were to take the chips, then I will most definately pay for it and leave, I only accept free stuff from sisters and my mahrams. Otherwise I'll have to ask him to make chips for my friends aswell, it's only fair that way. They are Muslims, otherwise why would they hit on a hijabi? Most Turks are Muslim anyway but they don't look religious to me, Allahu a3lam though. Well that is a difference of opinion :P
  14. No I felt intimidated because I was young back then and he was too direct and overconfident, but atleast I didn't lack the confidence to reject his contact details since that was my first ever encounter I've had and so it's natural for a girl who observes haya and has never been approached before to feel the way she did, he wouldn't have a problem getting on with girls anyway because of his extreme good looks. I didn't demonise him, I just told you he was handsome because you seemed to have this notion that I would act differently if the guy at the chip shop wasn't ugly and now you're just playing dumb, you ask me a question what I would do if the guy is handsome and then responded with a load of tosh that looks is " irrelevant to the actual problem" "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" blah blah blah as usual and accuse me of demonising him, when the fact is appearance has always been the least of my concerns. If I want to get to know a guy, I would get to know him with the intention of marrying him and do it the proper way, if that isn't the case then I woudn't lead him on and then let him down, sorry but I'm just being true to myself.
  15. JazakAllahu Khairan for sharing brother, they're voices are powerful and very soothing to the soul and the brothers recite beautifully. I feel like when I listen to the Quran being recited, the mere voice shakes me from my roots and bring tears to my eyes. Allah swt says in the Noble Quran " Indeed Allah's remembrance bring contentment " and the Quran is all about remembering Allah and knowing the meaning has the maximum impact, subhanallah. Here's another one of my fav recitation of surah alNoor:
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