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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. West attacked Syria because President Asad made a mistake? Are you serious?
  2. Short of a direct confrontation with Russia, and accepting a substantial loss of life in a potential conflict, any anti-Syria(Asad) action will be counterproductive as it would enhance Syrian govt's position within Syria. Thank god there was no loss of life.
  3. if you are Iranian and you know farsi, you should point out some verses from Hafiz or Sa'adi.. or...instead of pointing out little people and their little problems.
  4. Iranians should be able to do what Iranians want. Who am i, or you for that matter, to 'teach' Iranians how to shape their political infrastructure? I feel kinda stupid even writing this. Dont you for thinking it persistently?
  5. Yes, I live in a democracy and I count myself blessed for it. It does not mean that I have to, UNKNOWINGLY, support every treacherous and mischievous plot in its name. Tell about the humour in making fun of the presidents in democracies or being critical of them to the sea of handicapped Iraqi children who lost not only their childhoods, family members, and friends but also body parts and their lives altered forever.
  6. What if Trump is gone in 4 years? Bush was gone as well....did it change anything? Iran-Iraq war was launched by your little evil democratic darling, financed by democracies, armed by democracies, supplied with biological weapons by democracies etc etc etc.
  7. People have answered but you are blind, deaf, and dumb to it because the answers do not correspond to what you want to hear. Now instead of wasting energy on SC, why dont you get in touch with Zibakalam to see where he pulled those figures from. 50 Cent once also said that 99% of white folks are evil....now what would you call me if I took him seriously?
  8. '2000 years ago we were infidels, now we accept the Lord Christ. You African savages have to accept Christ as your Lord and savior and become civilized' What is it to you ? And please get off your stupid democracy high horse- John Bolton represents Sheldon Adleson's donation while Mike Pompeo that of Koch Brothers' and together those donations elected Trump...is this how you want to civilize Iran? Furthermore, it was not totalitarian NK or Belarus that killed more than a million people in Iraq or Libya...iit were your lovely UK and the rest...gimmie a break Johaaaan.
  9. i was talking about Libya before it came under the 'democracy' microscope.....cuz for you it might be an escape, for the rest 'democracy' microscope means wars. That said, I find it very racist to see u say that Iran is not a democracy like sweden or...USA or...its like saying 'why is your skin not as white as mine?' or 'why is your religion as right as mine?'....things EuroInvaders'd do in Africa...but Iran aint Africa....its older and more ancient than all of the West.
  10. I am not surprised...but you'll find plenty about slave markets, prostitution, expensive cars, or which sheikh bought the virginity of some european girl for how many millions....no offence, most of the arab world cant see or think past oil wells and extravagance.
  11. *actually in English it translates to victory day (Din Pabayda) and this is what I was talking about....muslims call them martyrs and russians heroes...and both value those concepts.
  12. I remember how people were carrying portraits (black and white) of their grandfathers or other family members who fought the Nazis during the MayDay march in Moscow 2 years ago....there were lots and lots and lots of folks.... Russians have a strong distaste for the Nazis because they killed millions of Russians. Few months prior to that, I was leaving my apt when I saw some special team of policemen (the scary masked and armed to the teeth kind) in the hallway...my heart skipped a beat...but thank god that they were there to arrest our neighbour's 22 year old son who apparently was promoting
  13. Are you insane? Is life in Crimea any worse than what it is in Iraq? Are Ossetians worse off today than the Libyans or Georgians for that matter? What of the democratic leaders that destroyed Iraq or Libya costing millions of lives and collapse of entire societies? What of color-revolutions? What is your definition of credibility? Whatever is thrown at you by corporate media? You are what folks call the illiterate-intellectual.
  14. lets not forget that we are talking about a legal document here where every word could be open to manipulative interpretations. I am sure that Russia had its reasons and hiding things is definitely not one of them. Because they or Syria'd have to do it first to hide it. Why I believe that they did not do is because it makes ZERO sense. Lets back up and examine the series of events leading up to this attack.... Trump announces that US would withdraw from Syria, most of the crazies make a deal with the Russians to vacate Douma.....and then Syria decides to throw a barrel of chlorine on civilians
  15. maybe because Putin remembers how numerous 'independent' UN resolutions and investigations paved the way for military attacks on sovereign countries like Libya, Iraq, or Serbia...no?
  16. I for one firmly believe that if its the aim then all the power to them. Any relegation of religion in Saudi Arabia and its tributaries is to be greeted as a blessing. I'd rather they behead and terrorize people in videogames while drinking beer than terrorize people before and after their prayers.
  17. I firmly believe that Iran is what is right with ME and Putin what is right with international relations.....
  18. It does not have anything to do with being shia or sunni or secular or.....guatemalan ....its about sanity and humanity....about the lives of millions and wellbeing of 100s of millions....so that super rich people take home bigger paychecks and bonuses.....while dingos and experts and anonymous sources perform their little ritualistic dances of righteousness and escape from burdens of being fools.
  19. Fauda (Netflix) About how Palestinian resistance and IDF play...........very INTENSE.. The Terror- An arctic expedition gone wrong in 1845....
  20. Putin's interest lies in the extermination of the Jihadists, so does Russia's, so does Syria's, so does that of the seven year old girl from Aleppo, so does yours, and more broadly that of humanity. So may the force be with him. You are the only johnny that puts mass media's interest before your own by touting whatever bone they throw your way.
  21. If Mehdi Hassan were slightly genuine about Palestinians or the state of the Muslims in ME or wellbeing of humanity in the wider world then he would immediately resign from aljazeera....but he doesnt and he wont.
  22. They have no choice. Its no coincidence that they are in alliance with ME's biggest Christian political party...cuz the alternative is the Crazies waving their machetes and black flags all over while beheading and converting them.
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