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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The reason why those countries are not 'overly zealous' is exactly because of the secularist 'live and let live' nature of the those societies. Today Uzbeks are the most zealous militants in the takfiri camps. In Afg they put Pashtuns to shame. Why? Because Saudis told them to wear hijabs, grow beards, join Jihad, behead neighbors, and all the other criminal and inhumane acts that come with this 'Islamic' package. And I'd have you know that if it were not for the vodka drinking secularist strongmen like Dostum in Afg, Karimov in Uzbekistan, or Nazarbayov in Kazakhstan, this whole war with tak
  2. This officer should be given a promotion for doing everything peacefully and all by himself....something 20 American cops would be unable to do.
  3. Now his whole life is going to be involuntary and in cell...folks in prison are not going to be easy on him.
  4. In our case the only monsters are those who, motivated by the virtue of their simpleton understanding of their religion, go into markets, mosques, schools, bazars and blow themselves up. Kazakhs are to fare far better under the current 'non-Muslim' folks at the top than under the Islamists who'd make Kazakhstan the next beheading capital of the world...not to mention how they'd have to ask the House of Saud on how to dress their men, women, and children. Thankfully Kazakhs are the last to fall for this travesty. Oh and I do like long gazes into reality with the hopes of it gazing back to me
  5. Iran is, and has been in the last 4 decades, retaliating against Israel by supporting Islamic movements that act against Israel. That is profoundly more effective than these occasional headline generating Israeli actions. I doubt that they would retaliate for that would end up being advantageous to Israel. If it attacks from Iran, it'd have to be a massive war..and this current T4 attack hardly justifies such a reaction. If it attacks from Syria or Lebanon then it'd risk an Israeli reaction against those countries...and history has shown that Iran is not reckless with the wellbeing of ordinary
  6. They wish...thank god there are enough vodka drinking Kazakhs at the top to incinerate these neo-religious little terrorists.
  7. all the more reason to ban Islam in its entirety.....
  8. except that Pakistan has a population of almost 200 million while Kazakhstan has 18 million...Pakistan GDP has to become 11 times bigger to match that of Kazakhstan speaking on per capita basis... So how do you know that 'they just want to practice their religion'? Did they all convene, came up with this unanimous declaration, and informed you to write things down on SC?
  9. unfortunately Afghan govt missed this ban on Islam....instead they got suicide bombers and beheaders and terrorists and terror. I cant wait for the day when Islam is completely banned in all Central Asian countries- a move that'd cut the hands of Saudis sock puppets and the hand that is inside them off the wellbeing of the people. Go Kazakhstan Go!
  10. Specially the relief NGOs...the more moral sounding/oriented, the more corrupt and damaging.
  11. Expanding on Jacque Ellul's 'Think globally, act locally' I believe that any organization that acts past its national boundaries becomes corrupt and oppressive....specially specially those that cater to our emotional & moral diets.
  12. Inspectors & investigators are like circus animals for the entertainment of the mass....they have nothing to do with reality one way or another....there are other ways of reaching the truth about this than these inspectors whose main job is to deceive folks....although I am pretty sure that they will find nothing cuz there was nothing....I would have believed otherwise if 1) the nicely cinematographic pictures of dozens of victims laid side by side emerged 2) pictures of victims with clear signs of chemical weapons injury emerged 3) Syria was an Islamic State led by illiterate She
  13. Only fools have not learnt from the numerous 'independent investigations' in Iraq. Syrians are no fools. Hence they want to make sure that the entire process is fool-proof..... now that all is good, I'll give you the good news so you could sleep easy @ night ...that the inspectors are in Douma.
  14. Between President Asad, a medical doctor by profession + a family man with a beautiful family, and misfit Jihadist Crazies who need no introduction...I'd pick Asad in a heartbeat. Cuz I consider myself sane and rational.
  15. Of course I'd say its Saudi...because they are that petty and illiterate and whose biggest talent is buying this or buying that. I would have doubted Houthis even 1 percent if they were to behead folks for stupid reasons like the Jihadist Crazies, burnt folks alive, or cage families for being non-Houthis...they havent and hence I would always give them the benefit of the doubt JTee lol
  16. What are the symptoms of chemical weapons when used on people? Do those in the video display any signs? Yes..... or No...... No need to get all emotional If Asad killed anyone prior to the Syrian war then I would have not given him the benefit of the doubt. Whatever happened to Syria after the war is not his fault....because his main duty as president is to defend Syria...and that is what he is doing....blaming Asad for what is happening in Syria is like blaming farmers, and not drought, for a dry year.
  17. this is where the mass media dollars go towards...
  18. if people displayed any symptoms that are particular to exposure to chemical weapons then folks would have called out this doctor. But it was not and they do not.
  19. Syria provides the best place for Russian military to train its officers, test its weapons systems, and more broadly showcase the much talked about post Georgian war military upgrade. Remember when Russians just came in to the Syrian theatre how they and their weapons systems were made fun of? Not anymore from the looks of it. There is not going to be an 'independent verification' like there was no 'independent verification' for Saddam's alleged WMDs...only time will uncover the truth by removing layers upon layers of lies...as is the case today with Saddam's WMD, Gaddaffi's thirst for L
  20. Again, where were Iran or Syria showing that they did not need Russia in Syria? And where is that Russian 'naval base' in Hormuz? Amazing about using one's common sense....it makes life a lot clearer and thus easier. Try it out sometime...
  21. You are not reading a murder-mystery plot...its reality...when was Russia leaving for Asad to invoke (a small scale attack)? And secondly, who knew, till after the attacks happened, that it was going to be a small-scale attack? Amazing how blindness is a mass symptom that the mass remains oblivious to...paving the way for the opportunist to milk this blind cow. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/syria-chemical-attack-gas-douma-robert-fisk-ghouta-damascus-a8307726.html
  22. I believe its more like US draws the red line for the Israel and Israel for the US. But Israel has shown time and again that it does not care about the American red line. US on the other hand has been very accommodating.
  23. Absolutely. Trump was to invite Asad to Disney World where both the Prezes were planning to get Mickey Mouse tattoos.
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