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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Looking back at the four decades since the inception of the Islamic Republic, one cant help but notice that almost all anti-Iranian Western actions have had consequences that were anti-West and pro-Iran: whether it were the unleashing of mad dog Saddam, creation of Taliban and Alqaida, Iraq warz, ISIS etc.....this move likewise.....cuz at the end of the day God/Universe/The Force/Nature etc has a way of balancing things out. Iran, by not siding with terrorism or lying to the world or holding the world hostage for its own short term goals, is on the right side of history...and is going to
  2. @Silas @JermainTaylor another 'shia asad apologist'....or what I'd call Common Sense.
  3. We all saw what Hamas, or for that matter the ungrateful Egyptian Ikhwanis, did the minute they saw gulf dollars. It makes no difference that Taliban stopped killing Shias, cuz those terrorists just bought ISIS flags and continue killing Shias.
  4. Terrorists were defeated in Syria. Now they are positioned in Northern Afghanistan to be unleashed on Central Asian states and possibly Iran. Their mission: to Islamize those countries. Just like journalists write about how those govts are evil and do not let their people grow ugly takfiri beards, naive muslims unknowingly and foolishly support anything with an Islam name-tag, Islamic terrorists blow things up as they go along as a matter of principal.
  5. First - can you put forth evidence where women and children tortured Soviet POWs..Rambo's movie does not count. Second - The Shia areas had nothing to do with Soviets...so they had very little conflicts with each other. Third- It wouldnt hurt to keep silent when one knows little or nothing about something.
  6. all sunni islamic parties are a bag full of dollar away from takfirism.....at times they do it for free if the guiding finger points them towards shias.
  7. Aside from Iran, Iraq, & South Lebanon that have proper, solid, and historical Islamic infrastructures that would cater to their communities in Islamic ways, Islamic movements elsewhere including Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan etc are covert Satanism.....Bangladesh is even worse. May Allah destroy all such movements. My friend told me that one of the hardest parts of his life living under the Taliban (both in their jail and outside) was getting bossed around by little Bangladeshis who did not shy away from employing violence against civilians.
  8. thats obvious that they died, like they have in the past, unjustly and by vile men. And 100000 recognitions of this fact wont remedy a thing.....and that was the point I was trying to make.....their gunnah was that they did not prepare for such eventualities....
  9. The guy is asking 'what did they do to deserve this?' I say that they did not prepare for it. They did not plan to prepare for it. Why is this not happening in South Lebanon? The so called educated run after money to buy the very necessary iphones and ipads and imacs and such lifestyles.... by leasing their entire wits to organizations that are parts of this horror...those uneducated stretch themselves every which way trying to make ends meet and have no time to think safety....you blame the terrorists once, twice....after that its your own fault.
  10. Oh and the Mazari that he talks about was very simillar to Sayid Mousavi of Hezbollah... Funny and ironic thing was that during the fights between Mazari and Massoud, the later was getting way more support from Iran....prompting Mazari to complain to the Iranian ambassador how shias'd get dates and posters of scholars from Iranian embassy while Massoud US dollar. Oh and also, he was Iran's contingency plan against a Pashtun-Salafist movement in Afg.
  11. Yeah I was surprised to see his pics woven on carpets at Bazar e Tehran....I thought it must have been because of race (as he was a Tajik), the myth that was built around him by CIA and KGB as he worked with and for both, and Iran's dependence on him after the rise of the Taliban.....He was sectarian, he was racist, and he was the best agent that security organizations could buy. Taliban did not kill him....he died 2 days before 9/11 by Alqaida.
  12. Both the sides in the current Syrian war could justify their actions as 'purely in way of Allah'..its a very abstract and subjective term to say the least. Ahmad Shah Masood was the one who famously said that he will die before he lets Iran turn West Kabul into Southern Beirut. Ahmad Shah Masood was the one who broke the alliance between non-Pashtuns and instead joined Salafi Pashtun group (Itihad- the grandfather of ISIS & Nusra) whose main goal was to obliterate shias from Afghanistan. He was a true and true ikhwani and the world is a MUCH better place in his ikhwani absence.
  13. Karbala, imo, was about standing for justice and fighting tyranny. Imam Hussain (RA) did not rise to defend Islam....the same way as Sayid Nasrullah, Che Guevara, Hugo Chavez, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi and other countless historical figures. This is the message that I get from it. Contrary to Sayid Nasrullah's current struggle against tyranny, Afghan Mujahideen leaders were fighting to defend Islam with the slogan (Islam dar khattar ast/Islam is in danger) and appointed themselves as pious knights of the struggle against the Soviets...and we all saw how they were shamed for this over magnif
  14. But we are talking about now and now...and not prior to the Saudi's dar reign. Your argument is the same as Al Nusra's in Syria vis-a-vis the Syrian regime and President Asad.
  15. The Islam that we talk about, the Saudi funded political one, is not the real Islam. Real Islam, like real humanity, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism (and not politicized ones), does not need to be legislated, enforced, or protected. It is in us and far bigger than us to be able to do anything to it. Attacking it or defending it is to have completely missed the point.
  16. Muslims turn blind eye to insanity and want Islam at any cost Westerners turn blind eye to insanity and want democracy at any cost... ...the ideological missionary mindset of the two seem to have been inherited from the devil himself. People worldwide have gone crazy and like spoilt children want what they want and when they want for instant gratification...and without any concern to consequences...WWIII
  17. No girl or boy should also go to sleep hungry or witness their mother get raped or their fathers beheaded. This is more important for children than the little token hijabs or little kofis... This should be the first DUTY of EVERY govt. no?
  18. Tell that to the Syrians...it has only been 7 years...ask them to be patient cause Afghanistan is in its 41st year of chaos. And no they are not falling into the rubbish bin of history...they are congregating in Northern Afghanistan ready to go and help Islamize their Kazakh brothers and sisters and children.
  19. I am not setting up a false dichotomy here, you are...for me. I do not believe Islam equals extremism. I believe Islam through house of Saud equals extremism. Examples: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Chechnya, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Somalia etc. So to make things more simple- Islam/Hijab/beard/etc is good in places like Iran, West, India, Malaysia etc. In Geopolitical junctions such as Kazakhstan and with a secular society like Kazakhstan Islam means becoming the Saudi hand sock puppet...Islam means anti-China & anti-Russia Geopolitical advances through wonderful Islamic groups
  20. Dostum breathes oxygen, do you think it was also the case with Yzeed? Cuz I am sure that Muwaiyah was hooked on helium.
  21. he looks out for his people and thats the main thing....alliances, flags, ideologies are secondary for him... Oh and you see how ISIS has been on the rise in North now that he has been sidelined? I believe this is exactly why he was pushed aside...currently he is the only one in the entire region that could defeat takfiris provided that he is backed by a good supplier.
  22. I say humanity before economy... plus the main reason for the rise of the turkish economy has been qatari investment...and not any foundational upgrade.
  23. Ever since Islamist came to power in Turkey, Turkey ceased to be a positive country for itself and for the region. Secular Turkey was a much better Turkey.
  24. I think that it'd really help everyone when we start talking as humans and seeing each other as one. Being shia, sunni, etc are immaterial here...sanity should be the main focus.
  25. Allowing Islamists to gain seats as a political party where that party would build a 200 million dollar paid by Saudi mosque, a 130 million dollar Saudi channel deceiving people, and pop up madrasas everywhere and....is the path to suicide. Like it is in Turkey, like it is in Syria, like it is everywhere where there is darkness and insanity.
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