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  1. You are right...'one side' allowed Baathis and Taliban to come and become their teachers...in combatting Baathis and Taliban threats.
  2. People never learn...even after ISIS
  3. same here...still immaterial in the bigger picture of things.
  4. It wouldnt really matter if Trump wins or the other guy...once President they have to follow the line...to whatever it may take them to.
  5. now lets see if Iran is a cartoon country that accepts these weird demands or actually stand up for their right.
  6. more Americans were killed in school shootings this year than fighting terrorists overseas.
  7. Iraqh is old Farsi for the Plains...look it up and I am sure you'd find more info. Aleppo or Damascus are the oldest inhabited cities in the world...yet they are defined under Syria..Iraq and Ottomans likewise...prior to that it was invaded and occupied by others...it has lost its language, culture, and traditions. Like I said, it has been comatose.
  8. Just take a look at the last 5-6 decades of politics in the Islamic world. Islam has been used, not to build these societies, but to destroy, break, and harm Muslims and their communities. It has made them commit heinous crimes and horror...they brought back beheading, and most likely for the first time in history we have Muslims blowing up Muslims inside mosques and burning quran etc etc...Now why would the Chinese govt let religion be used the same horrible way to destroy the Chinese society like the ME?...even if Human rights orgs would'nt approve... Instead Chinese govt has lifted 700
  9. I told you that Baghdad is a Farsi word, Iraq too is Farsi- meaning the Plains. The current state of Iraq was made by and for the British. They carved it out the Ottoman empire like the entire ME. Prior to the Brits, it was long since Iraq had its identity....maybe since the fall of the Bronze age. Iran on the other hand has existed since and did not disappear into the ashes of history only to emerge as a Euro cartoon. Iraq is like that confused man coming out of a long and deep coma, while Iran or China or India are like the wise man that have lived long and experienced lives.
  10. There is no difference between those that fall for this article and those that fall for similar articles about Asad's brutality in Syria....same naïveté.....cuz if it were true, all news sites would have been busy with Saudi oppression....but they are not....cuz news sites care not about oppression but only money and power.
  11. China does what it does to Uygurs because of the rise of fanaticism after the fall of the Soviet Union and victory of Islamists in neighbouring Afg.
  12. Or....they were deemed oppressed because their govts stood to the powers that be. no? Doesnt Saudi persecute its Shias or Yemenis....do you yet see any newspaper article in mainstream media talk of the oppressions of folks in Yemen or Qatif? NO!
  13. Govts and organizations might be new in Iraq, Saudi, Qatar, Pakistan or....but in places like China, Iran, or India they are 1000s of years old. Those societies simply will not produce regimes that'd butcher their own country men, excluding foreign puppet regimes like Iran's Shah...there is too much culture and history there. I have always seen folks point to 'the Western media' to those criticizing Iran..but yet dance to the same 'Western Media' when it comes to China or Russia....dont be swayed so easily.
  14. Stalin and Mao too were dictators and not concerned about religion...we are talking about religion after all. Yes, Asad the tyrant is concerned about staying president and not about defending Syria from terrorism. This is a wonderful example of Marx's 'religion is the opium of masses' quote....people are driven to cut throats of children, cage families, burn people alive, eat the hearts of dead people etc...The ONLY thing that Marx was 100% right about.
  15. You are missing the point here...again the mention of Islam blurs your vision & proximity to common sense....There are always such headlines- Asad Butchers Sunnis (prompting an exodus of terrorists from all over the world to Syria)...Iran Persecutes Sunnis (Prompting the wrath of simpletons and demonizing Iran).....Russia Massacres Innocent Chechens (making Russia look horrible)....ask yourself- why for more than a 1000 years all has been well with Iran, Russia, and China....and all of a sudden they have gone crazy and harm their own population? Does Asad Butcher Sunnis? If not, then
  16. I hope that folks realize that a good chunk of the crazies/terrorists in ME are from China...I'd rather they force-feed these terrorists pork for breakfast, brunch, lunch, desert, supper, desert, dinner than they harm one innocent civilian whether in ME, Europe, Americas, or Asia....specially specially with Turkish Ikhwanis under the leadership of Crazy Emotive Erdogan behind them.
  17. equate the House of Saud to that of Reza Shah and you'll get your answer.
  18. Lets assume that you are a Jewish father living in Iraq or Egypt or Afghanistan...and you want your children to have best education abroad/west....now your success is guaranteed if you are a citizen of the aforementioned countries or that of Israel?...lets set other arguments of kinship, economics, and religious aside. So the forced displacement of Pals are not to be put in the same category with the voluntary displacement of Jews who traded up by choosing Israel...
  19. Poverty or otherwise...doesnt matter in determining reality...what people do does...like what South Lebanese did...they too were poor.....had they chosen Saudi's Arabism they too would have had the fate of the Pals today. Some things are more important than money and Pals have failed to realize this over the many decades for always siding with money...and where are they today?
  20. I am not sure that I understand your question....but the video of Arafat visiting Iran to the warm brace of the Iranian revolutionaries who took over the Israeli embassy and gave it to him. Then he goes back to his hole and presumably gets a call from Saudis to cut it with Iran...the same way with Hamas at the outset of the Syrian war....It might sound insensitive to say but a big part of what Pals are going through today is of their own making.
  21. What is happening in Palestine today is because of what Palestinians did decades ago. Decades ago Palestinian leadership, lured by Saudi petrodollars, chose Arabism/Sunnism over Islam..By doing this not only they (Arafat & Co) set Palestine on the path to failure, but also empowered the Salafi sectarianism & divisions of today. Hezbollah was not swayed by such racism and look at where it is today...Iran was the only country that gave Israeli embassy to Palestine...talk about symbolism....look at how sincere were the Iranians, and how sectarian was Arafat who chose Saddam and Saudis and
  22. very true...Jerusalem has been the magic wand in the hand of the powerful.... and Muslims are not the powerful of today, Jews are. Neither side should be hopeless or gloat for everything in this world is transient. If Muslims truly want Jerusalem, they'll eventually get Jerusalem and vice versa. Thats the beauty of it all. Jews truly wanted it and they got Jerusalem after 2000 years.
  23. Ah the wonders & beauty of ISIS and Alqaida....shias are truly lucky to have been blessed with them.
  24. Look at the map and locate Tehran and draw a straight line to Beirut. Shias outnumber Sunnis, Christians and others in this area. In addition to numbers, they are better educated academically, socially, and militarily... and are sufficiently armed, they have by far BETTER religious, political, and military leaders, and more importantly they are on the side of haq as they are not aggressors and usurpers. Then take a look at the other side- Israel's last name might as well be Corruption and Saudis have been devolving for decades into the apes that they are today....do the math........ if anythi
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