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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. My post, by no means, was intended to demonstrate any sort of support for Israel. Instead I was talking about the Jewish demographic in the US who are a minority themselves...and they will always champion the rights of minorities as means of self preservation. Cuz the alternative is Confederacy. And they are most able in this area compared to any other minority group. Their downfall however is their support for Israel and the endless imperial wars....costing them (almost) the Presidency since Kennedy.
  2. We hear the populist chants, that justify xenophobia & baby jails, where the Chinese are accused of thievery in trade and immigrants thievery in jobs. Both are not accurate. If China was stealing in trade then US should have been worse off for it cuz it was being stolen from. right? But if you look at the books of the American giants from Walmart to Apple you'd see that they are getting richer and richer. The reason for the downfall of the American middle class is the broken American system where redistribution of wealth is highly in favour of the rich...through tax cuts by the likes of Tr
  3. Productivity is productivity in every era. A rich investor or educated immigrant would be far more positive for the economy now and it were the case back then. For your 1 1/2 million high school drop outs I have a fantastic idea....take 1 % of the money that your country spends on overrunning borders of other countries like Syria and invest it in skill building programs. The root of the current problem, be it in America or elsewhere, is very American- its America's broken system. Migrants are poor and convenient excuse.
  4. Illegal entries have, for the most part, had no to '6h grade' education and yet they made things work and made America great. General Kelly's great grandfather was a wagon driver and grandmother illiterate. Throughout America's short history people have come to US to seek a better life- the rich and the educated have always been comfy where ever they are. Its these mass of the poor, the under privileged, and the uneducated that have made America great. America and Americans should ONLY talk about their borders the day they recognize other countries' borders. They cant rob countries, crash
  5. Hard to say if its accurate. For example, a woman could easily get harassed in public all over India while in their private spheres they are secure; in Afghanistan public harassment is very rare for women who adhere to social conventions but the violence and abuse we hear about mostly occur in private spheres...40 years of war is bound to wear people down psychologically. So a woman can be insecure in public all over India, violence and abuse against women does not occur all over Afghanistan. In case of Afghanistan a big majority of violence occur in Sunni communities. Shia women are fa
  6. These little low class KKK nutcases could have their field day chanting 'Blood & Soil' in Charlottesville or snatch babies from parents at the border, but the Jewish organizations will, slowly but surely, make David Dukes out of them all in no time....Thank God for the American Jews, otherwise God knows what these uneducated impotent lot would do on their stupid way of 'making America great again'. The mass always criticizes those that are in power and the Jews hold the power n today's world....instead the mass should also learn to look at the alternative...so that we wont get KKK in
  7. Like I said, to a clear view, these baby jails are INDEFENSIBLE. Those that justify such horror on the illegal nature of the asylum process, should also create cages for American politicians and businessmen who also illegally bring down entire states and govts prompting these poor individuals to leave their entire lives and come seek mercy from the likes of Trump. To draw a pic for you Illegal American & European Foreign Policy ====> Illegal Immigration into America & EU.
  8. Folks wont be guilted into diverging from basic tenets of humanity today for they are too drunk with their civil war, just like the Nazis were not guilted into things when they did similar things, but once this intoxication wears off there will be nothing but shame & guilt for acting like the Hitler Youth.
  9. This little girl is not put in jail...acc to the govt sources close to 2500 kids are...so the news of US putting kids in cages is very REAL. no?
  10. Unfortunately, those poor children have become the collateral damage in this American civil war between the globalists camp led by AIPAC, the so called Liberals, and Neocons; and the nationalist camp represented by the Donald and the disgruntled middle class White America that does not see a global America in their interests....like almost everything in our world today, the very nature and origin of this crisis is very American....this super american materialistic way of life that makes for such ugliness. Its not the fault of the politicians at all but that of the public that bid on the loudes
  11. nationalism, like alcohol, makes a drunk out of anyone that consumes it..regardless of race, gender, religion, or level of intellect. you are trying to justify a wrong, an Israeli MO, by comparing US to ISIS or Gujrat or... It is wrong, it is disgraceful, it is inhuman, and more broadly its just plain ugly to defend the birth of Baby Jails. It simply is indefensible. You want to fix 'your country's' immigration system? All the power to you...snatching babies and throwing them into concentration camps is the wrong way to go about it.
  12. Your relative may very well have a point- It was Bill Clinton who injected globalization with steroids- empowering multinational corporations while weakening national govts & identities....creating a condition such as now where national govts have become so colourless & impotent that they no longer can provide for their citizens (cuz they have to provide for multinationals) and forcing ordinary people to hit the road in search of areas where govts can and do provide.
  13. Russia does not hate US....Russia has an immense inferiority complex when it comes to US. They always call them our 'American partners'....
  14. Why dont you say whats Syria's interests in Syria is?
  15. So you speak on behalf of Iran (we want to stay in Syria) and Russia (we want to protect our base) but you let Syrians decide for themselves? lol
  16. You mentioned Russia's interests, Iran's interests, but not Syria's interests. The Jewish lobby in Russia is very strong just as its counterpart in the US- AIPAC. But they are no existent in Iran. We saw recently how the little carrot of thawing relations with West (Putin-Trump summit and EU convergence with Russia) Russia made concession to Israel....so if you are a Syrian policy maker- who would you chose as an ally? Iran which has stood by it through thick and thin and would never sell Syria out...or Russia who could trade Syria any minute as part of a so called grand deal with th
  17. Turns out Hezbollah kicked Russia out of Qusair.... https://www.haaretz.com/middle-east-news/syria/how-russia-angered-iran-in-syria-1.6155086
  18. In regards to Syria, the only words that should be important on such matters is that of the Syrian govt. When Iran does not let US or Israel dictate policies for it, I doubt they'd let Russia do it...Without Iran's contribution Russia's Syria campaign would not have been half as successful as it is today. I believe the reason for such statements are solely political (coughPutinTrumpSummitcough) and bares no weight on the ground....a psy op.
  19. Saddam was wrong in believing in Arab nationalism. You are wrong in believing (even if you dont know it) in Iraqi nationalism....they are both one and the same just like good terrorists and bad terrorists. Believing in nationalism makes you feel entitled- case in point- you expecting Turkey to not develop its economy and instead give its water for free to Iraq, while Iraq sells its oil to Turkey at market price....see the double std? This is why states are stupid and contaminate their people with stupidity. A fairer and more logical set up would be for Turkey to give its water to develop Iraq,
  20. You with your little funny nationalism is akin to Saddam and his little toy army....you both are/were robbed of common sense and reality....
  21. First Saddam attacks Iran...then ISIS...and now Sumerian nationalism... jokes aside, since water is becoming more valuable than oil or it is the new oil, its interesting to see how Kurds could become the future Saudi Arabia and how Turkey, Iraq, and Iran are all standing against it. Turkey has, by the virtue of its location, the key to the development of both Syria and Iraq.
  22. I am sure that people of Kufa, like yourself, had their very reasonable reasons. And you should be proud of them instead of being in the closet.
  23. Were you born, or have relations, with Kufa? Syria is bad for siding against Saddam....I guess that leaves today's ISIS as true patriotic citizens of that cartoon country for they were the ONLY ones that fought for Saddam.
  24. Let me tell you how Iraq is ALREADY being used to 'contain' or push back or force Iran... 1- there are 100K American troops and contractors stationed in Iraq. In the event of a war, those soldiers will not sit in their barracks and watch sponge bob. 2- ISIS was created less because of Iraq, for Iraq does not matter for it is already occupied, but because of Iran and Iran's influence. 3- There are many Western agents embedded within PJAK- training and fighting along with them in North Eastern Iraq with the sole purpose of wreaking havoc in Iran. 4- The newly liberated Kurdis
  25. Thanks for clarification...but to go a step further I mean the very idea of a state. because the states are created by Europe to divide the world and conquer the world. Thats why Lebanon was, for example, given to the French or how the British got Iraq. People fight one another over these states where one becomes a proud Iraqi while the other a brave turk or moderate saudi...these states have brought nothing but mass suffering to the people of the region. I know that its not easy to do without them...but we could at least start by not glorifying them...for these states are the real causes of a
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