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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Something's on fire, Or May I say, Someone is on the fire :dry: "then gave other lands" , which one? that were bigger than Fadak? Answer this question with full Reference. Waiting :) To teach Imam Sajjad ( (as) the word (bismillah) ? I think , it would be much better for you follow the books Brother. Peace!
  2. (bismillah) (wasalam) Apparently, Poor, but in real Rich! Because poor people have nothing to do with ego, and they are always humble and they are the sincere ones I think. That's why they have been praised by Aimma (as) . AhlulBayt (as) were also poor. Fadak was not a real property, some thieves stole it from Aimma (as). Need an explanation about this. Hearing it first time, why on the earth Imam Sajjad (as) needed to learn saying (bismillah) from an other person?
  3. (wasalam) Thank You so much for helping. May Allah swt protect you from all evils. Ameen, ILahi Ameen.
  4. السلام علیکم برادر اسلامی ، سب سے پہلے تو جس حدیث کا ذکر میمونا مذاری نے کیا ہے، اس کا کوئی حوالا درج نہیں فرمایا انہوں نے۔۔ رجال تو بعد میں آئے گا۔۔ آپ حوالا لا دیں پوری سند کے ساتھ رجال کو ہم بعد میں دیکھیں گے۔ اور اس حدیث کا رد بھی مل جائے گا اپ کو۔ والسلام
  5. Salaaam.. I wanna contact the admin of shiachat.com, I need to advertise something. Admin PM me please. I didn't know where to put this topic, so I chose this one , off-topic discussion (Sorry B) ) Peace!
  6. suni to riwayat pehli bar he hai agar Is riwayat ka hawala ap laa k dey saktay hain ki kis book sey li gae hai. to ap ko jawab mil jaye ga In Shaa Allah :) Wasalam
  7. Sindhi - my mother tongue English - can read , speak, and understand (not fully) Urdu - Know much better than my mother tongue. :P Panjabi , Siraiki and Arabic - I know little bit of these, but can understand panjabi and also can speak it. Wasalam!
  8. bomb blast in national banks of all the famous cities of pakistan. but thanks to Allah, no body died in this incident. i think 6 people got injured in these blasts..
  9. Happy Birthday.. May you have many many more.. :) Allah bless you...!
  10. (bismillah) (salam) Agar AHL-E-BAIT (A.S) ka fazail sun'na hai to dil khol k suna karo kyun ki AHL-E-BAIT (A,S) ka Fazail logon k bardasht k bahar hota hai aur wo usko rad kar detay hain.. YAD-UL-LLAH jahan tak mujhay maloom hai IMAM ALI (A.S) ka laqab hai.. To bat wazih hai ki ye farmaan bhe sahe he hai.. mujhay koi shak nahe is main.. Knowledge to sab k pas hai, bas EMAAN ki kami hai.. Allah BLESS YOU ALL!! Wasalam
  11. (bismillah) (salam) Hmmm.. I love Ali Safdar too... Yaaaaaaaaa ALIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (A.S).. Sorry I don't know him.. :(
  12. Shia kabhe baatil pe nahe aatay.. ;) thanks for the advise, :)
  13. debate ka aik aur bhe faida hai, wahabi shiaism main revert ho jatay hain jab un k pas hamaray sawal ka jawab nahe hota.. bhut se sunni aur wahabi in debates ki wajah se haq pe aaye hain, to hamen try kartay rehna chahiye, kya pata hamari wajah se koi haq pe aa jaaye.. :) :P
  14. main SC pe sunnis ko jawab denay k liye information collect karney aae the, answers k sath aik body guard bhe mil gaya.. :D
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