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  1. No hate and no disrespect, if in a free world a Christian, a Jew, and even Salman Rushdie can freely express their views about Islam, why can't I express my views and educate the Shia youths about real Shi'ism and show them the danger of corrupt Fuqaha? The responsibility lies with pro-Wilayat e Faqih members who were trying to convince the Shia mass that Cursing the Idols of Quraysh and thei Daughters is forbidden by presenting a verdict issues by Sufi Khamenei. anyway, Ayatollah al-Uzma Fiyadh (HA) clearly says; "al-'Irfan is the Divine Verdicts (Ahkam al-Ilahiyyah) and The real al-'Irfan is Fiqh (Jurisprudence) of 'Aal e Muhammad (S)." Any other form of 'Irfan (i.e, Sufi'ism) is rejected and condemned in strongest languages. Imams of Ahle Bayt (A) also warned us about Sufis and their atheist and corrupt beliefs. The Poetry-Loving Leaders Those who know Sufi Khomeini and Sufi Khamenei very well, are probably aware of their Poetic Relationship which revives the memory of Shams e Tabrizi and Maulawi Rumi's Relationship. For example when Sufi Khomeini was sick and about to die, he wrote a Poem to his Lover Sufi Khamenei and Sufi Khamenei replied with another Poem. Very nice poems (Man be Khaal e labat Ay Doost Gereftaar Shodam) Those interested can do a google search. lol They frequently write and record Poems for example Khomeini has a 'Divan', in it he wrote poems and describes himself as 'Darwish' and speaks about 'Saaghi' and 'Wine', etc. LOL Sorry can't stop laughing lol His Divan of She'r can be found here;http://www.aviny.com/Imamkhomeini/Divan/Ghazal/Index1.aspx To me they are more of Sufi-Leaning Poets than Shia Jurists. Their actions and verdicts against Azadari shows a lot.
  2. Oh sorry to miss your reply which made you copy and paste and repeat yourself. Shia scholars Quoting from Umari Books The answer is in the First line which says: "In “Kasfhul ghumma” Shia scholar Arbili quoted al-Hafith Abdulaziz," It clearly says Shia scholar is quoting a Sunni scholar. It doesn't mean Ardbili also believed in these non-sense. At least Ardbili clearly says he is quoting a Sunni scholar but some prominent scholars quote from Sunni sources and then they refute them without mentioning the source, but one who reads the book or the chapter entirely will realize what I am saying. Unfortunately, the Umaris are trying to copy and past those parts of the narration which are quoted from the Umari books to bring about confusion among Shias and also use it as weapon to use against Shias. The Hadith Contradicts Saying of Amir ul-Mo'menin (A) The hadith is fake and falsely attributed to Imam al-Sadeq (A) because it contradicts Amir ul-Mo'menin ali (AS) saying that: "I am the Seddiq al-Akbar and Faruq al-'Azam and whoever after me claim this titles is a LIAR." It is our beliefs that Imams (A) do not contradicts each other, especially the Father of Imams Amir ul-Mo'menin (A) so the hadith of al-Hafiz al-Abdul al-Aziz al-Umari is fabricated. When such Ahadith are mentioned by Shia Mujtahids, they continue to refute it, Allamah Ardbili probably refuted it too but the Umaris are hypocritically trying to cut and present the parts which is from umari sources. Prophet (S) married Daughters of Kuffars and Munafiqeen The holy Prophet (S) and the Imams (A) for political and safety reasons often married kuffar's women to establish a good relationship with them and invite them to Islam. For example He (S) married Safiyyah who was a Jew but when moved to prophet (S)'s house she became a humble worshipper and a pious person. Ofcourse whoever that lives in the Houses of Revelation become pious and blessed. Except those two whom Allah exposed and condemned in Qur'an (Surah Tahreem). As I said Qassim's father was raised under Amir ul-Mo'menin (A) and was a firm Shia and Qassim was raised under such personality and Qassim's daughter is not worst than a Jew or Unbeliever woman. Why can't she become a good and pious person in the House of Imam al-Baqir (A)? The Sayyeds of Afghanistan are mostly Descendants of Zaid al-Shaheed (A)'s youngest son Muhammad (AS) who was a companion of Imam al-Kazim (AS) and Imam al-Reza (A). Muhammad ibn Zaid's wife was a Kaneez from Sindh. Does that connects Muhammad's progeny to Hindus? Imam al-Zaman (AS)'s Mother was from Rome, (Italy of today), should the Christian connect themselves to Imams (AS)? Conclusion: The Umaris trying to buy respect for their Idols by trying to somehow connect them to our Imams (AS) is more like a joke than reality. Lets say Umm Farwa and her father Qassim were Umaris and loved the Idols of Quraysh and did not Disassociate Themselves from the Idols of Quraysh like her grandfather Muhammad, still the question from Umaris is; Since when the Bloodline is from Mother's Side?
  3. The followers of Khamenei are notorious in flooding the topic and hijacking the discussion in any forms to defend their leader, and I was fully aware of that before starting this topic so I humbly ask the Sahib ul-Asr (A) to help me and those who are defending the School of Ahle Bayt (A). The source of the statement of Iranian Mystic Sufi Mesbah Yazdi who is very close to Mystic Sufi Khamenei will remain a secret. But I can assure you whom I heard from is not a Liar, he is a very educated Anti-Wilayat Faqih 'Alim. May Allah preserve him and His alikes for the Shias in this difficult times. Secondly, even if I bring 100s of sources, your love for your Mystic leader will not allow you to accept it. To prove it right or wrong, one should compare the saying to actions of Iranian leaders, if they match its true if they don't match its false. After hearing verdicts after verdicts in favor of Enemies of Ahle Bayt (AS), and against different forms of Azadari, and against one of the core beliefs of Shia which is "Tabarri", it leaves no rooms for doubt to me that your leaders are deviated. All I can do is pray for their guidance. There is no doubt that the ruling Mystics (Sufis) of Iran are studying and teaching Irfan Ibn Arabi and they even exported it to Hawza of Najaf where Ayatullah Fiyadh (HA) exposed them and denounced them in strongest terms such as; "Zindeeq". Other prominent Najaf Mujtahids; Sistani, Hakim, and Najafi, May Allah preserve them and protect them, did not issue any statement against Ayatullah Fiyadh which means they are of same opinion.
  4. Why Khamenei is against Azadari? The problem with Khamenei and His fellow so called Faqihs is that they study and follow the "Irfan Ibn Arabi" which is considered by great jurists as deviated and Zindeeq. They basically follow the teachings of philosopher-mystics like Ibn Sina, Suhrawardi, Ibn 'Arabi and Mulla Sadra. I heard a truthful scholar who saw a video of Mesbah Yazdi who is very close to Khamenei as saying: "If Yazid (LA) was not created then who would kill Imam Hussain (A) so we could cry?" Brothers and Sisters in faith; this is the result of studying and teaching Irfan ibn Arabi, it basically means we should be grateful to Yazid (LA) for committing such heinous crime! I refuge to Allah and His Messenger from such blasphemy. The following is a video of Grand Ayatollah Is'haq Fiadh, who is one of the 4 prominent Jurists of Najaf al-Ashraf. May Allah preserve and protect him.In This video Ayatullah Is'haq Fayaz warns the Hawzah of Najaf about the dangers of ''Irfan'' of Ibn Arabi and his teachings which is currently studied widely in Iranian Hawzah's.
  5. I would say "Hypocrisy" rather than "Double Standard" They are trying to change Shia beliefs and destroy it from within, They have misguided millions, in Iran majority youths hate religion, most people are umfamiliar with their beliefs and do not pray nor fast, real ulama are under house-arrest and are threatened with persecution and imprisonment. Look what they did to Ayatollah Muntaziri (RA) who spoke against "Absolute Wilayat Faqih", and worst; "Mourners of Imam Hussain (A) are beaten with batons and knives by security officials, and warned not to perform Azadari after 9:00PM and to cry slowly!" One of the biggest Shia Eid "Eid ul-Zahra (S)" which is the day Hadhrat Abu Lu'lu (RA) send the Second Idol to hell, was celebrated during Shah at Large! now its banned and the door to shrine of Hadhrat Abu Lu'lu (RA) in Kashan is locked on pilgrims. Today is cry slowly and do not perform Azadari late night; Tomorrow is banning the Azadari. Today is respecting the Enemies of Ahle Bayt (A) for the sake of unity; Tomorrow is abandon your beliefs for the sake of unity Khamenei is desperate with power and he would do anything anything JUST so the Umaris call him "Leader of the muslims of the world". LOL But Umariswill never call him leader, they are just using this illiterate and wasting Shia Baitul Maal's money in spreading their religion and supporting the Wahabi/Nasibis. Shias should be aware of Iran's government and hold tight to their beliefs in this difficult times where the Enemies are hiding under the name of Shia!
  6. You have brought up the chains now read the answer carefully; My replies shall serve as Hujjat on you on the Day of Shafa'at and you will be accountable. Ayatollah Khorassani is not giving his opinions, He just confirms and approves the verdict of His superiors. He is referring to His Pro-Azadari-Tat'bir superiors (who are Alhamdolillah majority) such as Ustad ul-Fuqaha Ayatullah al-Uzma Naai'ni, Ayatullah Burujerdi, Ayatullah Ha'iri (founder of Hawza of Qum), etc. May Allah elevate their status in paradise) and says: "These individuals are the pillars of jurisprudence and knowledge of Islam." It means if you have to take your religion from anyone, it should be them not illiterates and self-declared mujtahids who say cry slowly. Chains with blades; a cultural and traditional way of Azadari in Afghanistan and Pakistan Ayatollah Khorassani continues quoting Ayatullah Burujerdi who in answer to a question that: "in our city people build miniature shrines, then on Ashura they put a black cloth over it and they bring it out as a standard (Alam)" Ayatollah Khorassani quotes Grand Ayatullah Burujerdi and confirms His verdict which is as follows: "In each city and every city, Mourning Ceremony has to be conducted according to its own traditon." Chain with blades is a traditional and cultural form of Azadari which is common only among the Shias of Afghanistan and Pakistan. I am from Afghanistan and I know that; People who do it are Experienced in it, They do not inflict permanent damage to themselves, It is only once a year (on Ashura day), and for a few minutesNo objections from Mujtahids. Other traditional forms of Azadari In Iran; There are people who perform Azadari by "walking on hot stones" Some people "paint their face and try to look like Jins" to remember the leader of the Jins who came with an Army of Jins to help His Imam (A) in Karbala but Imam (A) rejected saying you are too strong for the humans. And more. No objections from Mujtahids. In Iraq: People hit their heads with side of swords and slightly cut their head for the blood to appear. Its called Qama Zani and some Iranians do it. again; those who do it are Experienced and they do not inflict permanent damage to themselves. No objections from Mujtahids of Najaf. Apart from its unimaginable and uncalculatable reward by Allah which the least is to Resurrect alongside Imam Hussain (A) and the Martyrs of Karbala, and being able to do Shafa'at of other Mo'menin (i.e, sinful Shias only), science also proved that letting a little blood go or donating blood every once a while is very good for health.
  7. Dear true Umari! Do not forget that I am a Shia and we are in a Shia forum and I am writing for the Shias. Umaris are welcome to express their opinion and views but they are not welcome to attack our core beliefs and Attribute Lies to our Imams and our Fuqaha. I ask the Admins and Mods to closely monitor the Umaris replies as they are getting very comfortable here! May Allah's cure be upon the Idols of Quraysh and Their Daughters and Their Followers.
  8. The Holy Prophet (S) had thousands of Sahaba but Sahaba for Umaris mean those who gathered in "Saqeefa" and the arch-enemies of Ahle Bayt (A). LOL
  9. Cursing the Enemies of Ahle Bayt (A) even if they are Sahaba or Wife of Prophet (S) is not only forbidden but its the best act of worship and it is highly recommended by Imams (A) and prominent fuqaha of past and present. As for Umaris; First prove the "Iman" and "Justice" of Idols of Quraysh and their Daughters before even going to Aqeeda. The onus is on you to prove that they believed in Holy Prophet (S) and His Message, that they did not oppose the Holy Prophet (S) during His lifetime, that they did not made Prophet (S) angry, that they did not question the His prophethood, that they did not run from the Battlefields, that they really followed the words of Holy Prophet (S) after His Martyrdom, and that they did not usurp and violate the rights of Ahle Bayt (A), and that they did not Attack the House of Revelation and did not kill the Leader of the women of both worlds Hadhrat Fatima (S), Once these have been proved then we can discuss Islamic Aqeeda and Beliefs.
  10. For so called anti-Azadari Shias The Mujtahids are to be followed ONLY if they follow the teachings of Ahle Bayt (A) not because of their political and governmental position and status. What the followers of Khamenei are doing here is simply what the Umaris are doing in following their political leaders instead of Book of Allah and Ahle Bayt (A). Umar (LA) said: "The book of Allah is sufficient for us.", Dajjalis are saying: "The words of Khamenei is sufficient for us." Azadari by Sahib ul-Asr wa al-Zaman (A) Of the several prescribed Ziyarat of Imam al-Hussain Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã, one is recited by Imam al-Mahdi Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã and reached us through one of his four special Deputies. It is called "Ziyarat Nahiya Muqaddasa" because it was issues from the Sacred Side of Imam (A). Those who are inetrested can do a reasearch about its authenticity. In this Ziyarat Imam al-Mahdi (A) says; “But as I have been hindered by the course of time, and (Allah’s) decree has prevented me from helping you, and as I could not fight those who fought you, and was not able to show hostility to those who showed hostility to you, I will, therefore, lament you morning and evening, and will weep Blood in place of tears, out of my anguish for you and my sorrow for all that befell you…” This is in par with saying of other Imams (A), especially Imam al-Reza (A) who said: "Our eyelashes had injured because of intense weeping for Imam al-Hussain (A)." Now It is all Shias belief that Imam al-Mahdi (A) is Ma'sum (infallible). Now without twisting the words and going off-topic and trying to justify your misunderstanding, please answer: Is Imam Mahdi (A) exaggerating when He say; I will cry Blood instead of Tear for Imam Hussain (A)? Is Imam Reza (A) exaggerating when He say: Our eyelashes had been injured due to intense weeping for Imam al-Hussain (A)? or; Do you believe that they are simply Lying?If your answer is in the affirmative, then you are out of the fold of Shi'ism. Azadari by Inhabitants of Sky Imam Mahdi (A) cintinues; "Hence the Holy Prophet became very aggrieved and his soft heart began to weep. The Angels and the Prophets offered condolences to him with regard to you. Your respected mother, Zahra was in agony because of your massacre. Armies after armies of Angels arrived to offer their condolences to your respected father Amirul Momineen. and the Maatam (Azadari) stated for you in the Highest level of skies (A'laa A'li'een) Women (Hooris) of Paradise slapped their own faces in your grief. And the sky begun to weep and so did it's inhabitants and the chain of mountains began to cry. And the sea and the fishes wept. And Mecca and it's buildings and Paradise and it's young male servants and Kaaba and the Maqaam-e-Ibrahim and "Hill" and "haram" all began to sob." Ahadith about Azadari and Shedding Blood for Imam al-Hussain (A) are way more than they can be denied and rejected by people like Khamenei. Now who's words do you take? Khamenei or the Imams (A)? or maybe you guys believe that Khamenei can also overturn the sayings of Imams? in all cases you are out of fold of Shi'ism and should repent and correct your beliefs before its too late. May Allah curse the Enemies of Ahle Bayt (A) and May Allah hasten the reappearance of our Imam.
  11. Umaris and Anti-Azadari Dajjalis have one thing in common and that is they are United against issues which incites hatred towards the First and the Second and their Successors, and the issue of Azadari for Master of Martyrs Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã is a very sensitive issue because according to Umari ulama it incites hatred towards the Idols of Quraysh and reveals the true face of their Khalifa's. So it is not a surprise to see that the Umaris and Dajjalis are desperately backing each other up here. In response to numerous worthless replies, with intention of getting rewarded by Imam al-Zaman Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã during these sacred days of Sha'ban al-Mu'azzam, I present the following; Ayatullah Khorassani's high knowledge and status among Fuqaha is crystal clear. Ayaullah Khorassani is not the only one who opposes Khamenei and his foolish verdicts. All prominent Fuqaha are against him. Khamenei's is not in a position to turn around other fuqaha's verdicts nor did he claim that he could. Fuqaha of Shia have to study the Books of Narrators of Hadith of Ahle Bayt Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã such as Sheikh Tusi, Sheikh Mufid, Sheikh Saduq and Kulayni, etc. May Allah elevate their status in paradise. So if Khamenei's verdicts contradicts the verdicts of his Superiors and the teachings of Ahle Bayt Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã, that is his and his followers problem. "There is no compulsion in religion" I am not here to force people to follow a specific Mujtahid but the onus is upon the followers of Khamenei to read some books and do their research, instead of blindly following someone who invites them towards fire.Now, the Umaris are desperately trying to snare some fish from muddy water here. I suggest them to prove the "Iman" and "Justice" of their First and Second Idols before trying to twist the words of our Fuqaha to their taste and desire, Ayatullah Khorassani's words are pretty clear and do not need any explanation. Watch the video here again:
  12. Qassim was son of Muhammad Ibn Abu Bakr who was a Shia of Amir ul-Mo'menin (A). He was raised band educated by Amir ul-Mo'menin (A) when Imam married Abu's wife after he went to Hell. Muhammad stood against His sister Ayesha (LA) in the Battle of Jamal. So there is no connection between Abu and the Imams (A). Qassim is the fourth saint in the Deobandi/Wahabi Naqshbandi Sufi tariqa and has no connection whatsoever to Shia or Sunnis. After all the Umari should know that the bloodline is from Father's side except in the case of Isa (A) and Our Holy Prophet (S). When it comes to defending the Idols of Quraysh and their Daughters, the level of conspiracy and blasphemy of the Umaris has no limit. May Allah's curse be upon the Idols of Quraysh and their Daughters, and May Allah hasten the reappearance of our Imam (A).
  13. First of all; Amir ul-Mo'menin (A) had 18 sons and one of them was called 'Amr (with 'Ain) not Umar. Imam al-Kazem (A)'s son was also 'Amr. This has been proven from the sayings of Ahle Bayt (A). Another one was called Uthman. Amir ul-Mo'menin (A) explains: "I named my son on the name of my brother, Uthman bin Ma'zun" Second; Abu Bakr is not a name, its a nickname (kunyah) and it means "Father of Camels". Abu Bakr got this nickname because of his love towards camels. lol Thus, the ahadith that Imams named their children Abu Bakr are fabricated. Third; Nowadays when we say Abu Bakr and Umar or Uthman or Ayesha (May Allah's curse be upon all of them) people automatically think of 'Idols of Quraysh' and their accursed daughters, however back in Prophet (S) and Amir ul-Mo'menin (A)'s times this was not the case and some names were very common among Arabs for example Uthman. This show that whatever reasons Amir ul-Mo'menin Imam Ali (A) named His children was definitely not because of the good relations between the Imam (A) and the usurpers of His rights, those who killed Fatima (A) and Mohsen (A). Question is; Why do the Umaris always have to resort to such foolish reasoning to try to prove that Amir ul-Mo'menin (A) had good relation with the First and the Second? If such relation was genuine then we would have hundreds of ahadith recorded from Imams (A) directly praising them and you did not have to resort to names of Imam's children to buy some respect for your Idols. It is Allah's will to erase their names from the face of the Earth, to the point that not even one person name their children after them, and it is also His will to spread the merits of Ahle Bayt (A) even if the unbelievers dislike it. These allegations have been answered decades ago, and it is really nice to see that the Umaris do not have anything new and keep repeating themselves.
  14. Indeed our Imams (A) have such extraordinary qualities and even more than this which we cannot describe. Whatever Miracle that Allah gave to His Prophets, He gave the similar and even more to His Proofs, the Imams of Ahle Bayt (A). To know the Imams better read "Ziyarat Jami'a Kabeera" which is the word of Ma'sum describing the Imams of Ahle Bayt (A). Allah guides whoever He wishes through Imams (A) and puts the Ma'rifat of His Proofs (A) in the hearts of those He wishes and then He says in Surah ar-Rahman Verse 60: "Is the reward for good [anything] but good?" Imam al-Sadeq (A) explains: Whoever Allah wishes will put our love and ma'rifat in their hearts; This is Ihsan. and Reward of Ihsan is nothing but Ihsan (Paradise). So pray that Allah Guide you through the Imams (A) and put their love and Ma'rifat in your hearts, and pray that Allah increase the Hatred and Disgust of their enemies of your hearts. May Allah hasten the reappearance of our Imam (A).
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