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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The one with excessive doubts SHOULDN'T care for his doubts
  2. Sister!, don't just reject based on your initial feelings!, you may regret in future ( inshaa'lla no regrets), get to know something about the person, give yourself chance to think, keep ur expectations REALISTIC, INVOLVE ur parents in decision making!, yea involve them, nothing like it is ur life just decide, yea the final decision is urs but u need support, u need to hear opinions, u need time to make ur mind, I wish u luck, may a'lla grant u a good mo'men husband soon, do duaa and Twasool bi ahlulbayt, and trust in A'lla, read Ziyarat Ashuraa and Duaa A'ulgoma, surat Yassen and al Safaat and bay Sadaqa daily .. refrain from sins and hearing music that contaminate ur soul .. wish u luck ..
  3. bro, every day u have different name!! thought: So u ppl in the west gonna to have good shopping discount in Christmas, that sounds great!!
  4. Yes,I do understand ................. but we are going off topic lets start new thread LOL
  5. I donno why all those ppl attached to this cultural stereotype!!, why can't they go easy with others!!, and those westerners are more open to ppl of different cultures and beliefs and far different!! and still they try out!! why can't ppl just break those stereotypes and live life diffrently why?? just dunno why!!!
  6. Iran's gov actions are anti Islamic and a belief cannot be enforced upon any one. killing innocent ppl of diffrent beliefs is not Islamic, ppl here belief shiaa Islam is the true Islam, other streams are deviant and many crimes are committed by the name of Islam but actually it doesnt represnt Islam.
  7. did you really make your mind up that this is really what you want??, if yes, have a wise opinion, approach your family with your intention to marry this girl, then propose the girl stated that she will better marry one from her place, is this what she like or what her parant like?? the girl may be worried that such marriage may not work because of this diffrent cuture issue, so you address her worries, assure her that you wanna be good husband for her, support her, ect, then give her time to think and make her mind, if she says no ask her why?? and you can give her time to rethink!!, and all your attempts depends on how you really want her!! Good luck and if it mean to happen it will happen!!
  8. Al- Hadi & Sayeda, have a safe trip and remember us in your Duas :)
  9. I did a quick google search in Arabic about the origins of Imams’ mothers; this what I found; Apparently the mothers of the first six imams were Arabs, except for our fourth Imam Zain al a'a bedeen, were his mother was Persian, and the mother of Imam Mohammed al Bagir is Hashimi, the daughter of Imam Hassan peace be upon him - The mother of Imam Al Kazim is bibi Hameeda, Moroccan (or what is been referred to as Al Maghreb at that time), from barbar, and there is a say she was from Andalus. - Mother of Imam Reza,bibi Taktom, Moroccan. - Mother of Imam al Jawad, bibi Sabikah al Nawbiah, she was marasiyeh (a village in Egypt). - Mother of imam Al Hadi, bibi Sumanah, Moroccan. - Mother of imam Al Askari bibi Sawsan, also referred to as Om walad al Nawbiah, so apparently from Nawbah (Egypt),also there is a say that she is Moroccan. Those who saw Imam al Askari mentioned he was wheatish, with big eyes, thin, and with Haybba. - Mother of Imam Al Hejja ATF, bibi Narjes, Roman, daughter of yoshea’ son of Kaisar, King of Rome, and her mother is descendent of one of the Hawaris (a companions of prophet Issa). Note: *Al Nawbah (Nubia): is a region along the Nile river, which is located in northern Sudan and southern Egypt (The name may include other African countries in the past) *Many of Imams mothers are given different names. * Apparently, the mothers of Imams Al Kazim through al Hujjaa ATF, where slave girls, some were of noble families but had fallen into the unfortunate postion of slavery. An English web site referred that mothers of Imam Riza &Jawad, are of Nubian origin, which is known as Ethiopia today, Mothers of Imam Al Hadi & Al Askari are from Yemen, the same source mentioned the mother of Imam Al Hadi to be from an-Nawbah, which is now known as Yemen. WS,
  10. I found this thread... http://www.shiachat....tollah-shirazi/
  11. Are married?!! .. you might be pregnant!!! .. im giving diagnosis :shifty: thought: this world is much colder, selfish place than ppl would think it is ...
  12. again! Islam don't encurage people to do arranged marriages or marry within the family, how one choose his/her partner (dating, arranged, ect) is up to them as long as they do not violate islamic law. yes Islam do encuorge Muslims to choose their partners based on piety, religion. ALL what you mentioned are cultural norms and not necessarily ALL are bad .. yes, it does exist more commonly in Islamic communities. and arranged marraige does not necessarily mean love will never born, only when they are not lucky enough!! .. when you read some Islamic law some rights and rulings seem dry and harsh. an example is the man right for sex from his wife seems like yes he can go and rape her!!, it is stated that he has this right from his wife but it doesn't mean that he have treat her badly or humilate her for it!!, if such a relationship continue, either the marraige will be dissolved, or continue raising more hate and conflict which is ofcourse unhealthy.. bro hyder mentiond the mere rights and ruling according to the Islamic law, and one should be wise on how to use their rights and to consider their parner's feelings as bro Abu Hadi said which you don't force every one for!! .. weighing the adventages and disavdatages of every thing is it better if Muta or polygamy is prohibited all together because some people abuse it or because it doesn't convince every body!! .. because i know cases men who claimed to be christians cheat their wives and even marry another woman!! .. why is not it is prohibited in christianity!! .. or prohibiting divorce making the life of people difficult .. or extra marital sex it is prohibited but people still fornicate!! .. you talk on the level of emotions which is fine, but rulings has to be realistic... you don't force someone to love, care, appreciate, consider your feelings it has to come from them!! .. and a good Muslim - generally - is expected to behave well!!
  13. a guy already have Muta thrice is too much too!!
  14. Jumanah83

    New Time Low

    Whrere is this?!!! Ok sis calm down insha'alla u will find some where else whrere u can gather and have ur parties :)
  15. Blue eyed blonde haired european! Mediterranean race isn't it!
  16. I make it with sum modification; 1 1/2 cup of flour, 1/2 cup vegetable oil,1/2 cup of sugar, i used 3 big apples dunno how big would be :wacko: add sum cinnamon powder ~ as available in the kitchen :cry: I make new recipe of urs :P but they like it :lol: should reduce oil if i use it next time, inshalla Im gonna to try the standard recipe next time :mellow: Thank u for sharing ;)
  17. cereal flakes with milk cup of milk and a piece of bread any thing directly from the ref coz I'll be lazy to cook :P u r creative guys! Nice thread Wassalam
  18. ^ LoL why Qatari?! seems weired :cry: so ur making sarcasm of the gurls here wait they r not gonna t leave u
  19. Get Ready for the Surprises ! Not to forget to be causious with a complete stranger!
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