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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Brother, I think you're confused. He is referring to the murders of the 3 nusayri truck drivers.
  2. Brother, being makruh doesn't connote it is forbidden. It means it is halal but disliked.
  3. Morsi = Indirect puppet. Egyptian army = Direct puppets.
  4. I am not at all surprised about this statement, being that he is a Secularist after all. But I must say it does lose a bit of my respect for the man. Especially when you have such allies in IR of Iran and Hizbullah etc laying their lives on the line. He should of chose his words more wisely. Ok, fair enough it can be understood if he used it in the case of a religiously diverse nation like his, but to say Islam/Religion has no place in politics at all is very foolish of him.
  5. Ahsent brother, I agree with you 100%. It's sad how people call themselves Shia but instead of following the way of the Ehlulbeit (as) they instead follow the way of Omar and the like. This is a classic example. When the ordinary folk think they know it all and are quick to put themselves ahead of the ones that actually do know. Us ridiculing the Supreme Leader Sayyid Khamenei and his tactics is no different then when Omar and co did the same with our beloved prophet (s) when he was in his deathbed.
  6. I'd be the first to rip a rapist to shreds. I despise rapists, womanisers, males that view women as mere sex objects and ill-treat them etc. I'm very vocal when it comes to that, why? because they are values instilled into me through the best of men, the Prophet Muhammed (s) and his 12 successors (as), the true guardians of women's rights and the sanctity of women. Seeing these sad and ugly reports though speaks volumes on what type of people came out for the protests, secularists and people who opposed Islamic laws being introduced - people who despise being restrained and wish to be allowe
  7. Esselamu Aleikum. My name's Ali and I am of Bosnian descent, living in Melbourne, Australia. Family became Shia about 16 years ago elhamdulillah.
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