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  1. The US is an imperialist, self-interested superpower who will do anything it views as in its hegemonic "interests". The biggest hypocrisy about this is that the US is then also the main government that always claims to "care" about human rights and claims to be about the promotion of "democracy" and other such nonsense; when all the US regime and corporations care about is clearly again their own hegemonic interests. You can always count on two things: the US government will back puppet dictator's that support hegemonic American "interests" in the so-called "Third World" and secondly the US will turn on and eventually fight their former puppet allies (like Manuel Noriega, Saddam, the Taliban, Osama bin Laden, etc). That is the US will build someone up when they have a common case (like Saddam working for the US against Revolutionary Iran, the US using the Taliban and al-Qaeda against the Soviets, etc) and then the US will later come into conflict with this same person they built up to do their bidding when they no longer serve the hegemonic interests of US imperialism at that time!
  2. Do you support the NTC rebels or not?! It seems you just don't want to answer the question, so you duck and dive away with attempts at insults against me! I thought you were a secularist, so aren't you at least uncomfortable openly supporting rebels that have clear identifiable links with al-Qaeda and the Taliban and who are now in the process of putting in place a regime that openly says it will be based on Shariah law?! Why would I get banned? I'm doing nothing wrong I'm simply telling the truth you and others here apparently don't like and don't want to have to acknowledge; as you go on apparently backing NATO/US controlled al-Qaeda rebels saying they are implementing Shariah and are at the same time flying an old monarchist flag: again what about so-called "democracy"?!
  3. Salamu alaikum, while it may seem like your not doing much individually by boycotting specific products (linked to and funding the evil colonialist Zionist entity) every little bit each of us does is good and should be both recommended and encouraged. Of course if someone lives in the West the Zionist entity's lobbies have taken over the government's (via Zionist lobbies like AIPAC, etc) so a lot of the people's tax payer money unfortunately goes to "aid" (i.e. giving weapons, etc) to the colonialist Khazar Zionist entity's military (which the Zionist's then use to oppress the Palestinians and other Arab and Muslim peoples). Our goal should simply be that we give no more money to any Zionist linked companies (on top of taxes we are forced to give that are unfortunately often used to fund the Zionist entity's terrorism and crimes, and we should preach and speak against the evil of Zionism as much as we can to try to change the situation and end Western government's support of the Zionist entity). See: http://www.inminds.c...ott-israel.html http://www.inminds.c...ott-brands.html http://www.missionis...age/boycott.htm Boycott Zionist "Israel", boycott as many of these brands as you can Boycott Zionist "Israel" (some more important info)
  4. In your dreams Wahhabi. Turkey is a racist pawn of their US/European masters in NATO, Turkey is a fascist state with fascist nationalistic laws (like banning "insulting Turkishness" and banning the use of the Kurdish language in public in Turkey). Also your "devout" Sunnis are all anti-Shia hateful Wahhabi demons (like the Taliban and al-Qaeda), and the reality that the US government controls both al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood (should really be known as the British created "Freemason Brotherhood" lol) is clear as day now for anyone with a brain as the US government just willing (and behind the scenes knowingly) turned over Libya to the monsters of al-Qaeda. Also without your imperialist backers from the West, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hezbollah would still absolutely roll on all your "Sunni" countries combined; insha'Allah! That is if it ever came to war, Allah (SWT) forbid, but Iran only wants Muslim unity and to struggle together against Western/Zionist imperialism. You Wahhabis are so pathetic and have always been so envious/jealous of Iran and Hezbollah as you Wahhabis (who claim to be just Sunnis) cannot even do collectively what one, single Shi'a Muslim nation (the Islamic Republic of Iran) and one Shi'a Muslim political/militia group (Hezbollah) can do: that is grow strong as a nation (http://www.newscient...ny-country.html) and defeat Zionist "Israel" in battle! http://www.atimes.co.../hezbollah.html
  5. It seems many of these people don't understand or simply refuse to acknowledge that the NTC rebels are mostly Wahhabi "Salafists" with close, intimate relations/ties with both al-Qaeda and the Taliban (all one needs to see is rebel leader Abdelhakim Belhadj, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group or LIFG, rebel leader Abu Sufyan bin Qumu who spent time at the American's Guantanamo torture prison apparently for his personal links to Osama bin Laden, etc). Also everyone who attacks Gaddafi doesn't comprehend that under him Libya was ruled by local people's committees (i.e. pretty close to a form of direct democracy aka representative democracy) so Gaddafi was no alleged "dictator" and also under Gaddafi's government Libya was the jewel of Africa and the most advanced/prosperous nation on the entire African continent. For proof of this see the 15 true points listed in this article about the equality and social justice the Gaddafi government in Libya practiced: http://allafrica.com...1110260193.html Today Libya has been ruined by NATO genocidal aerial terrorism (and will soon be turned over into debt slavery at the hands of the IMF, World Bank, etc and the NTC will certainly allow the evil of riba aka usury at least for Western mega corporations that will dominate and control Libya now: despite all the NTC's pathetic claims) and today Libya is being controlled by the NATO backed NTC rebel puppets that are turning lose their rape gangs (likely joined by the notorious rapers and criminals of evil imperialist Nazi NATO) and giving the al-Qaeda militants among the rebels free rein. All of course while the NTC rebels also fly the old monarchy flag of the past (King Idris I of Libya), wait I thought this was about "democracy" (not oil for instance lol)?! Yet we see al-Qaeda rebels, NTC rebel rape gangs, a Taliban-ish false "interpretation" of Shariah law implemented, and these same NATO controlled rebels flying an old monarchist flag! This is the US supposedly "spreading democracy" (real/actual democracy being something which the US doesn't have itself to start with! Read about the differences between real democracy aka direct/representative democracy and frauds of alleged "representative democracy" i.e. "democracy" brought to you by the lobbies and corporations and there puppet corporate controlled candidates and "representatives of the people").
  6. As others here have generally said the Islamic Republic of Iran does have relations with the Saudi monarchy (and this kind of thing is something that comes with diplomacy); of course Iran needs relations with the ruling Saudi monarchy to facilitate Iranian Muslim pilgrims going to Arabia for Hajj and Umrah in Mekkah (and of course pilgrims usually travel to the Holy City of Madinah as well) and also to try to bring about more Muslim unity around the globe for our Muslim Ummah. Muslim unity which Iran advocates and which the servant's of the kuffar/the Wahhabi hatemongers in the Saudi monarchy stand against (in service to their US and Zionist masters). Despite these relations, the Islamic Republic of Iran regularly and forcefully decries and criticizes many actions of the Saudi monarchy; from the Saudi monarchy generally being a corrupt pawn and tool of the kuffar to the Saudi monarchy's military invading and occupying (with US supplied weapons) the island of Bahrain, etc.
  7. Saddam(la) was a kaafir, nasibi, fasiq, pig and his end was exactly like what Allah (SWT) says in the Holy Qur'an about another tyrant Firawn (Pharaoh). Qur'an al-Kareem Surah 4:18- "And repentance is not for those who go on doing evil deeds, until when death comes to one of them, he says: 'Surely now I repent'; nor (for) those who die while they are unbelievers. These are they for whom We have prepared a painful chastisement." (Shakir translation)
  8. Western propagandist rags like Reuters don't know anything about Syria; they have absolutely zero access to Syria (which is good as these Western imperialist "news" agencies are merely arms of the MI6, CIA, Mossad, and other Western destabilization and propaganda color "revolution" efforts by the West to steal resources and generally just get rid of anti-imperialist government's and groups). These Western mainstream, corporate controlled, propaganda rags might as well claim President Assad is allegedly using space alien soldiers imported from Mars to "attack" the supposed "protesters" (aka in reality the majority of the "protesters" are heavily armed terrorists); as this claim would equally "true" (or should I say false) as what they are claiming about Syria now. Also the Reuters article you give is from some pawn in the monarchy of Jordan, Jordan is ruled by a brutal, torturing regime of the US and Zionist backed dictator King Abdullah II (who regularly tortures people the US government ships to him, along with the Jordanian monarchy still being the servants of Zionist "Israel" as usual). The Syrian army is united with the people, the government, and the honorable and beloved President Bashar al-Assad. A dose of reality: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/206916.html "Syrians rally in support of Assad" (photo from a huge pro-government rally of the Syrian masses on October 26, 2011) The Syrian people support the government. Allah, Syria, Bashar, wa Bas! Then finally regarding "blogs", the enemies of the Syrian people have a very hilarious and telling track record here. Just see the West's famed supposed "Gay Girl in Damascus" blog HOAX! The "Gay Girl in Damascus" turned out to be an American man named Thomas MacMaster! http://willyloman.wo...ely-unraveling/ Also the al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood (who should be called the British controlled Freemason Brotherhood!) led "Syrian opposition" (with their foot soldiers of heavily armed terrorist gangs on the ground in Syria, infiltrated into Syria and armed by the West as Wikileaks has documented) also continually have other hoaxes of theirs exposed like their one time "symbol", Zainab al-Husni (aka Hasni), turning up alive and well on Syrian television with her state documents and everything! http://sana.sy/eng/2...0/06/373995.htm
  9. While I disagree with "Waiting for HIM" as I don't see any strong source for what he states;I do think you must already be on that dope (or have your head in the proverbial sand) if you don't see the clear links between many of the NTC rebels and both al-Qaeda and the Taliban! See for instance: http://www.thepeople...rehabilitated-a "Libyan Rebel Army Led by Rehabilitated al Qaeda Linked Terrorists" by Michael Collins Also I'm surprised you support the change of Libya from a secular nation (with what many people have called "progressive" policies on women's rights, minority rights, etc. the Catholic church's official person in Libya said Gaddafi's government protected them much and were very kind to them) to one being ruled by Shariah law (likely of the the Taliban-ish version)!
  10. There is no doubt NATO handed over control of Libya from the Gaddafi led government that had made Libya the jewel of the African continent with health care, literacy rates, economic equality, and other standards of living equal to some European nations (see this link for one: http://allafrica.com...1110260193.html includes 15 clear points on how Gaddafi's government made Libya a country full of social justice and equality, which refutes the silly Zionist owned mainstream media lies in the West that Gaddafi allegedly "squandered" or "horded" Libya's money for himself): to Wahhabi crazies with strong affiliations and direct links to al-Qaeda and the Taliban. However, the story of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi (Muammar Gaddafi's son) allegedly going to Pakistan and bringing back 2,000 Pakistani Taliban fighters into Libya is a complete farce and fake. The story comes from some random Pakistani "news" source and among other things has no evidence and contradicts all reason and reality! The Gaddafi's would never want to bring Wahhabis (in this case Pakistani Taliban) fighters from abroad into Libya; these would be their enemies from the start. All the Gaddafi's would've been doing in this imaginary scenario would be weakening their own government and actually bringing in people who would fight with the heavily Wahhabi staffed rebels against them (that is the Gaddafi led government itself)! There is actually another story out there: http://hotterthanapi...was-needed-oil/ "CIA sent 1500 Al Qaeda fighters from Afghanistan to Libya & why regime change was needed – OIL!" One can doubt this story (of the CIA bringing in Taliban fighters from Afghanistan to aid the Libyan NTC rebels) as well, but there is no denying the strong sources linking large amounts of the NTC rebels to both al-Qaeda and the Taliban. http://abcnews.go.co...ory?id=14405319 "From Terror Group Founder to Libyan Rebel Military Commander" http://www.euronews....ibyan-war-hero/ "From jihadist to Libyan war hero" Also read on Abu Sufyan bin Qumu http://en.wikipedia....Sufian_bin_Qumu one of the NATO backed rebel leaders who recently spent time in the Guantanamo Bay torture camp for his links to al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden himself! http://www.allvoices...s-libyan-rebels "Former Guantanamo inmate with links to Bin Laden now trains Libyan rebels" Other then these clear al-Qaeda linked people (of groups like the "Libyan Islamic Fighting Group" LIFG) most of the other NTC rebels are a strange mixture of extremely corrupt former Gaddafi officials (who had a falling out with Gaddafi, when Gaddafi was going to expose their corruption), monarchists, and CIA assets. On CIA assets see namely a Libyan man named Khalifa Hifter (aka Haftar) who spent the last 20 years in suburban Virginia (living about 5 minutes away from the Langley, Virginia headquarters of CIA itself) before going to aid the al-Qaeda/NATO rebels! http://en.wikipedia..../Khalifa_Hifter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6kJn0Rjy-s
  11. Wahhabis are not interested in debate this is a Shi'a Muslim forum and we must stand for other Shi'a Muslims not evil Wahhabis (i.e. Wahhabis pretending to be just "curious Sunnis" or such when they are all clearly hardcore nasibis doing their own form of Taqiyyah that they always attack us Shi'ites over!) Wahhabi criminals who would gladly see the West, al-Qaeda, and the Taliban slaughter all of us, Allah (SWT) forbid.
  12. http://www.huffingto..._n_1028970.html "Gaddafi Sodomized? Video Shows Libyan Leader Attacked By Captors (WARNING: Graphic)" The horrific murder and mutilation of Muammar Gaddafi by al-Qaeda terrorists/the new NATO and US supported leaders of Libya under Abdelhakim Belhadj and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (i.e. allies who fought alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan until 2002), is seeming more and more like what was done by the Taliban in Afghanistan to the brutalized corpse of Afghani leader Mohammad Najibullah. The Taliban castrated Najibullah before they killed him in Afghanistan in 1996, and today the al-Qaeda rebels in Libya seem to have brutally sodomized Gaddafi before slaughtering him and parading around with his abused corpse (just like their allies in the Taliban did with Najibullah's body back in Kabul in September 1996). http://www.philly2ph...h_will_libya_be "Muammar Gaddafi's Death: Will Libya Become the New Afghanistan?" Quote- More reports raise concens about the character of the rebels. CBS News recently quoted former CIA officer Bruce Riedel as saying the following.... "There is no question that al Qaeda's Libyan franchise, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, is a part of the opposition. It has always been Qaddafi's biggest enemy and its stronghold is Benghazi. What is unclear is how much of the opposition is al Qaeda/Libyan Islamic Fighting Group - 2 percent or 80 percent." It appears the U.S. Middle East policy has a schizophrenic nature to it, filled with blatant contradictions. Why are we on the side of al-Qaeda in Libya but against them in Iraq and Afghanistan? end quote. Note when ascertaining what percentage al-Qaeda is among the rebels (the others are ex-Gaddafi loyalists who defect before Gaddafi could reveal their corrupton and monarchists) you can simply see two of the al-Qaeda affiliated rebel commanders. al-Qaeda asset Abdelhakim Belhadj controls Tripoli today as Tripoli's military commander, and another leading Libyan rebel commander (for the NTC) is actually a former US detainee at Guantanamo! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/wikileaks/8472816/WikiLeaks-Guantanamo-detainee-is-now-Libyan-rebel-leader.html "WikiLeaks: Guantanamo detainee is now Libyan rebel leader" Quote- In a newly disclosed file by WikiLeaks that was written in 2005, Abu Sufian Ibrahim Ahmed Hamuda Bin Qumu was identified as a “probable member of Al Qaida and a member of the African Extremist Network”. The revelation will raise concerns about the range of factions fighting Gadaffi in Libya, some of whom have been associated with Al Qaeda. Qumu was previously a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, but allegedly left the proscribed group in 1998 to join the Taliban. end quote.
  13. The Muslim Brotherhood will sellout Egypt to imperialist and Zionist criminals, if they get the chance (however right now it is just the US puppet military dictator Gen. Tantawi who has complete rule in Cairo). As for Libya and the NATO backed al-Qaeda terrorists ruling it (aka the LIFG), you say they should be "left alone to rule as they will" or such; if this is the case why did anyone stop (and continue to stop via the illegal imperialist occupation) the Taliban from ruling Afghanistan?! Even before the false flag events of "9/11", the Taliban (who even in the official "9/11" story were not responsible at all and simply were attacked when they demanded actual evidence for bin Laden's guilt, which the US government never provided and which even the FBI said was not there as they never listed "9/11" as one of the charges against bin Laden on his FBI wanted poster) was being condemned from all over the world (particularly in the West and the US) for their bloody, horrific interpretation and implementation of what the Taliban claimed was "Shariah"! Libya is set to see their own Taliban take power (under Belhadj and the other LIFG terrorists), we will truly see if the Western liberals and feminists are not all sellouts to imperialist wars of the US when we see if these Western liberals will come out and condemn the tyrannical policies the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group controlled NTC rebels have said they want to enforce on Libya i.e. a Wahhabi implementation of "Shariah" like the Taliban did in Afghanistan in 1996.
  14. Tunisia's revolution was allowed by the imperialist US administration; only when they saw Ben Ali could no longer hold on as their puppet dictator and the US ordered the Tunisian military chiefs to withdraw all their support from Ben Ali which then is what actually caused Ben Ali to have to flee into exile. In Libya the NATO imperialist alliance has destroyed what was (before NATO's genocidal aerial terrorism) the most advanced, progressive, and successful country on the whole African continent and turned it over to the terrorist Libyan Islamic Fighting Group of Abdelhakim Belhadj who will implement bloody, horrific false Wahhabi "interpretations" of Sharia (i.e. what the Taliban did in Afghanistan). Other than that the NTC rebels are sure to sellout Libya soon; and let in the foreign banksters particularly the usurious criminal groups: the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and World Bank who will place Libya in complete debt slavery effectively forever. In Egypt, nothing has changed Hosni Mubarak was just replaced with another Mubarak in Gen. Tantawi who rules his own US backed military dictatorship in today's Egypt. Also the Muslim Brotherhood (that evidence reveals was a colonialist British creation against Egyptian nationalism of the Wafd party) today is no "devout" Muslim party, they are complete poodles and sellouts to the West. The Syrian people stand with their government, and the Zionists seek to impose devilish Najdi Wahhabi views on the proud Syrian people (who are mostly very secular people). The Syrian terrorist gangs are either al-Qaeda affiliated or others are more poodles that follow the also Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood. And finally you didn't even mention Bahrain or the revolution of the oppressed Arabian Shi'ites in eastern Saudi, no surprise there for you: as anyone viewing your profile can easily see.
  15. There is no alleged "sectarianism" or supposed "sectarian conflict" in Syria. The Syrian people are holding together as one (irrespective of religious sect, being Arab or Kurd, etc) and all together supporting their government and the honest reforms process of the beloved President Assad against the foreign backed terrorist gangs and their evil Wahhabi ideology they seek to subject Syria to.
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