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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. My Prayers
    Martyrdom reacted to SeekingHeaven in My dad is in the hospital   
    Salam, my dad was taken to the hospital after being bed ridden for days with a high temperature, he has COVID and because of his old age and health history he is struggling a lot especially with breathing 
    I just want to ask you all to pray for his recovery and give me advice on what to do in this time
    thank you
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    Martyrdom reacted to MexicanVato in Why is everyone moving to Dearborn?   
    And the store 'Nice Price' is awesome for good quality products at a low price lol. Every block has some good arab food too.
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    Martyrdom got a reaction from MexicanVato in Why is everyone moving to Dearborn?   
    Dearborn police is one of the best in the state. Also Dearborn has economy within an economy. What I mean lets say hypothetically everything shuts down around Dearborn like Wal mart, target, grocery stores, restaurants etc , Dearborn would still survive because it has all that within its communities but its own version of it. Plus there is a lot of millionaires that live in Dearborn and most of those people that make money they reinvest back into the community.     
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    Martyrdom got a reaction from AliTanjiro in Buying A House In The West   
    its pure rip off a house will cost 300 thousand but you will pay 500 thousand. They will add 200 thousand interest only. And your first several payments goes toward interest not even your house. If you can't buy it straight off then rent .
  5. Completely Agree
    Martyrdom reacted to Soldiers and Saffron in Iraq-Saddam Hussain   
    No man of aql and dignity will ever praise a psychopathic murderer like saddam(la) and wish for his rulership just because he is unhappy with the current state of affairs.
    Its like those Iranians who praise Reza shah because they say Iran is a dictatorship now, while Reza shah most certainly was dictator who had no problems with killing anyone who thinks differently, just like he killed all those Muslims who protested against his hijab ban in the masjid of Imam Al Ridha(عليه السلام) all those years ago.
    For a Shia to praise the likes of saddam(la) is like that of a man from Kufa to praise the likes of yazid(la) because money is good under his rule.
  6. Disagree
    Martyrdom reacted to Haji 2003 in Gen. Suleimani assassination [ANALYSIS]   
    A newspaper reader comment considering Iran's options.

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    Martyrdom got a reaction from Kaya in Did Khidr Murder A Boy?   
    Dont need luck. Its simple. Allah(swt) has the knowledge of the unseen and Allah knew what kind of destiny that boy was going to choose no matter how many signs are thrown at him. The knowledge of the boys destiny was known by Allah(swt) but its not predestined. Allah(swt) knew what kind of destiny the boy was going to choose for himself.    
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    Martyrdom got a reaction from Hameedeh in Whats The Best Lesson You've Learned?   
    To the world you might be one person but to one person you might be the world.
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    Martyrdom got a reaction from TryHard in Sayyid Ammar On Isis   
    out of curiosity can you provide any recent incidents in which that happened? 
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    Martyrdom reacted to Soldiers and Saffron in Iraq Protests 2019-2020   
    Not surprising if this came out to be true, taking the chaos as an opportunity to take out a man with great influence would be a realistic scenario. Seyyed Sistani made some big enemies with his fatwa that created the Hashd and subsequently made daesh advance come to a stop.
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    Martyrdom reacted to Sirius_Bright in Iraq Protests 2019-2020   
    Sayyed has spoken. 
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    Martyrdom reacted to kamyar in Iraq Protests 2019-2020   
    Old tactic by fitna mongers: Using justified demands for another goals. But,  و مکر السیئ ولا یحیق المکر السیئ الا باهله
    And plotting of evil, but evil plot doesn't encompass expect it's own people
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    Martyrdom reacted to Soldiers and Saffron in Iraq Protests 2019-2020   
    I don’t agree with these protests at all and for the following reasons:

    1. As arbaein is right around the corner, is it really respectful towards aba Abdillah to set the cities on fire and storm the airports of both Najaf and Baghdad while his visitors are about to arrive?
    2. The country is still not safe and this is not the time to cause more unrest. Daesh still has troops carrying out guerilla warfare, latest attack was a car bomb in Karbala recently if you guys remember. You got turkish jets bombing northeastern Iraq and building military camps, you got American military bases being used by Israel to attack and kill Hashd troops with drones, I hope you guys have been following the news. The country needs to become safe before anything else, being unemployed is not really your biggest problem if you might die the next day due to a car bomb. The people in Basra wishes to create semi autonomous country of their own, this is a huge problem for the rest of Iraq as Basra is one of the very oil rich places and if they would get their way, you would have Kuwait 2.0 in no time. Same thing with oil rich Kirkuk, its under threat of kurdish take over.
    3. Considering what the country has been through the last 50 years, especially the last 20 years, I would say that the situation is far better than what it could have been. Yes there is unemployment, yes there is corruption among officals, but for the sake of aql, put things in perspective and realize that things are better now than what they were just a couple of years ago. And I believe things will only get better in Iraq if the people persevere. As a person who works with power generation I can tell you that the Iraqi government is doing A LOT of investments into the electrical grid, they are trying to improve living conditions believe it or not and remove the problem with electricity outages. As far as corruption goes, this is not something you can get rid off by just forming a new government because the problem with corruption is deeply rooted culturally, not in the politicians only but to most people in the Middle East. So if you truly want to get rid of that corruption, then start with yourselves and your own family. Would you really pass up on giving your own family good jobs and lots of money if you were in the position to do so?
    4. These protests are not peaceful, I understand some of the people are simply tired of having it hard but also some of them are there to trash things and be violent. Trying to block roads, setting government buildings on fire, setting car tires on fire (I.e. creating fire hazards), storming airports and blocking people from entering/leaving, none of these are signs of a peaceful protest. The way these protests started was not randomly but through social media and very coordinated. There are powers behind the scene who does not like the direction that the Iraqi government has taken geopolitically nor religiously and they want a secular Iraq with a puppet government, these are the powers who are fueling the protests and who benefits from the unrest.
    don’t get me wrong, I understand things are difficult in Iraq now but consider what the country has been through and is still going through, this is not the time for civil unrest and vandalizm and we need to be vary so that we don’t let the enemies of Islam take advantage of the frustrations the youth has.
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    Martyrdom reacted to Abu Hadi in When can a girl live on her own, without concerning her parents permission? What's the age for it if there is any?   
    There is nothing in Sharia that I am aware of that says it's haram for a muslima to live alone by herself. So it is permissible in the religion. If a girl can support herself financially, she has the option to do this. I have had discussions with many sisters here over the years on this topic. Almost exclusively, the ones who want to move out and live on their own are either the victims of abuse by their family / relatives so they want to get away from this abuse, or are reverts to Islam and their family is non Muslim and they no longer feel comfortable living in the same house with people who openly violate the Sharia (they drink alcohol, engage in various immoral practices, etc). The other category are those who are born into a Muslim family but then begin to practice their religion properly so they don't feel comfortable anymore (this is very similar to the revert situation mentioned above). 
    In my humble opinion, the above are legitimate reasons to move out. Basically, if you are being abused by your family or you feel your Deen and Iman are at risk because of the environment in the home and you have the ability financially to support yourself, then living independently is a good option and probably the best option. 
    If there is no abuse going on and there is no risk or little risk of your Deen or Iman being affected because of the home environment, then it's generally wise not to move out. The main reason are 
    1. Safety. A young, single women living alone is a target for predators. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is full of predators, mostly men, who are going around actively looking for targets to carry our their evil desires. Their preferred targets are young, single women because they know that there is little risk to them from these individuals. A lady can decrease this risk by following some common sense safety practices (living in a safe neighborhood that is well lit at night, not conversing with strangers, not posting on social media specific details about where they live and their daily routines, etc, having an alarm system / good locks on all entry doors, etc). Even with all these steps taken, they are still at greater risk, and it is better not to put yourself at greater risk. 
    2. Reputation. Being involved in different matrimonial service activities, I can say personally that this affects a women's ability to get married. One of the first questions any potential spouse will ask about is their potential spouse's living situation. If a man finds out that his potential bride is living by herself, there will be a question mark in his mind as to why she is living this way, because this is not something that is normal, at least for the Muslim community. Some men will then start to make assumptions and draw conclusions about the character of this lady based on her living situation. None of these assumptions are a positive for her. I am not saying that this is correct or a good thing, but this is what happens in the real world and I have seen sisters lose out on marriage opportunities because of this. It is hard enough (without this factor) to find a suitable spouse, why add an additional handicap to yourself by doing this ? It doesn't make sense to me, like I said, unless there is a legitimate reason for it. 
    3. Financial. This one should be obvious. Living on your own is expensive. Rent, bills, insurance, etc. If you can, it is better to save this money and use it to buy a house, invest, help the poor, etc. Again, we are taught as Muslim/as not to do 'Israf', I.e. waste resources. If you are working and making money, that is a resource that is given to you by Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). We should not waste it on things which are not necessary since we may need this money in the future to avert a disaster, help someone, or make our own lives better. Spending on rent, utilities, etc when it is not necessary is Israf, wastefulness. At the same time, the definition of 'necessary' depends on the individual and their particular situation. So I won't say whether moving out is 'necessary' or not, that is up to the individual to decide, but they should decide based on knowledge and wisdom and not make a hasty decision based on short term emotions. 
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    Martyrdom got a reaction from FreddyFox in #40 Would You Stop?   
    I would stop for Allah's sake. 
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    Martyrdom got a reaction from 2Timeless in Fassad Book   
    Then what on earth are you worried about. Your not making any sense.
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    Martyrdom got a reaction from starlight in How to turn someone down gently?   
    The way Sayeda Fatme(as) turned down omar and Abu bakr. 
  18. Haha
    Martyrdom got a reaction from eloquence in How to turn someone down gently?   
    The way Sayeda Fatme(as) turned down omar and Abu bakr. 
  19. Completely Agree
    Martyrdom reacted to baradar_jackson in Roll call for Real King vs. Boorger King   
    I posted this before the fight. check the timestamp broham
    The media is being lying liars as usual.
    Conor throws a dolly on the bus, seriously injures fighters, and the video footage is used on AAAAAAAAAAALL the promotional material for this fight. He and his team talk a bunch of crap, crossing a few red lines in the process. Dillon Danis, the king of the douchebags, gets attacked. Why is anyone surprised?
    Why are they talking about suspensions, and stripping the title? Why are they talking about "rematch" when Conor got completely outclassed???? This sport and the whole media that surrounds it has become a joke.
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    Martyrdom got a reaction from wolverine in #40 Would You Stop?   
    I would stop for Allah's sake. 
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    Martyrdom got a reaction from ShiaChat Mod in #40 Would You Stop?   
    I would stop for Allah's sake. 
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    Martyrdom got a reaction from Hameedeh in #40 Would You Stop?   
    I would stop for Allah's sake. 
  23. Completely Agree
    Martyrdom got a reaction from hasanhh in #40 Would You Stop?   
    I would stop for Allah's sake. 
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    Martyrdom reacted to ShiaMan14 in Having a crush   
    My first crush:

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    Martyrdom reacted to Hameedeh in Database of hadiths   
    Salam. This is a site of hadith. Click on your language and then when the alphabet shows up, click on the first letter of your key word. For example, choose L and then click on Loyalty.  
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