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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Dearborn police is one of the best in the state. Also Dearborn has economy within an economy. What I mean lets say hypothetically everything shuts down around Dearborn like Wal mart, target, grocery stores, restaurants etc , Dearborn would still survive because it has all that within its communities but its own version of it. Plus there is a lot of millionaires that live in Dearborn and most of those people that make money they reinvest back into the community.
  2. https://www.npr.org/2020/01/06/793895401/iraqi-parliament-votes-to-expel-u-s-troops-trump-threatens-sanctions
  3. Good reaction. You give me a gift. I say Thank you Bad Reaction You give me a gift. I say what the hell is this and throw it back in your face.
  4. There is a hadith about the Prophet(S) can't recall which battle he said it in but it says. "Arrogance in the face of Arrogance is worship". There is an exception to almost everything. There's also another hadith from Imam Ali(as) that says " Arrogance in the face of arrogance is humbleness itself" Regardless humbleness in front of a arrogant person is makrouh and in certain instances haram.
  5. The way Sayeda Fatme(as) turned down omar and Abu bakr.
  6. I would stop for Allah's sake.
  7. Martyrdom

    Purpose of Life

    For the soul to become a butterfly and not die as a caterpillar.
  8. The only reason mine was 5000 was because it was women only. I was at home eating and watching TV waiting for them to finish. I almost fell asleep. The good thing I got 7000 back from guests. In michgan people give you money as gifts.
  9. The following are wise teachings of Prophet Jesus(as) in the words of Prophet Muhammad and the Purified Imams. Jesus (as) said: Oh Apostles! How many lanterns have been extinguished by the wind and how many devoted servants of God have been destroyed by self-pride! (Mustadrak-al-wasail/ vol 1/ pg 139/ hadith 10) Jesus (as) said: Verily you will not attain that which you love except through having patience with that which you hate. (Mustadrak-al-wasail/ vol 2/ pg 425/ hadith 22) Jesus (as) was asked: Who taught you good manners? He replied: No one has taught me good ma
  10. To finish this delicious smoothie I'm drinking now.
  11. That's like picking between the fall of the slave and the slave master.
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