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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I read many news reports during the period following the Iraq war about things like that happening in Basra province. There were also many incidence exactly like the one in this video, where Shia death squads checked people's passports and shot them if they were Sunni. It is very ignorant to think that people of one religious group are all innocent and never commit crimes.
  2. It is an insult to equate Sunnism with these ignorant psychopathic scum. What "scholars and rulers" are you talking about anyways? Unlike the Shia, we do not have rulers who we are obligated to follow. And you think Shias have never committed murders like this? Shias in Iraq used to gun down women for not covering up. It's not because "shiism is a satanic cult" it's because they are murderers who just use religion as an excuse to do what they enjoy doing. EDIT: What I said before was incorrect, they are not Christians, they are Alawites. Are Alawites different from Shia then? Because a Shia w
  3. Lol, first off, I am very anti-Salafi. Second, I am not saying you should support Mursi and the Ikhwan, I am just saying don't give fake reasons for opposing them. Lots of Shias talk like they oppose the Ikhwan for being undemocratic, as if they support a secular democracy or something. But if this was they case, they wouldn't support the Iranian regime. Honestly, this is what I feel like a lot of these Shias are really thinking: "We support the Iranian regime because they are Shia so we are religiously obligated to support them, but since the Ikhwan are Sunnis, we can oppose them support th
  4. How many of you oppose Khamenei's absolute dictatorship in Iran? It seems really odd to me that some Shias are accusing the democratically elected Mursi of being undemocratic, meanwhile being in support of the Iranian regime, where the supreme leader is NOT elected and where a large segment of the population opposes the government. Do you basically just support Islamist theocracy in Shia coutries and secular democracy everywhere else?
  5. S. Hassan, my question exactly. I don't agree with the Taliban/Al Qaeda's interpretation of Sharia, but so many Muslims seem to be brainwashed by western propaganda and believe that Islam has no place in politics.
  6. I find it highly unlikely that anything like what happened in Afghanistan would happen in Syria. And there is no evidence that there is a large "Wahhabi" presence in Syria. So Wahhabis just hate women and want to kill them all? Lol. I agree that Wahhabi laws are corrupt and often un-Islamic, but this is kind of ridiculous. Sounds a lot like Western propaganda. Also, the Muslim Brotherhood is not moderate??? What exactly is moderate then? A government that bans the hijab and polygamy and promotes state athiesm? Go lick the shoes of your western athiest masters you uncle tom.
  7. Let me explain this as best as I can... No. The goal of Zionism is to create a state for people who are believed to have Jewish ancestry, regardless of their religious beliefs. Zionism is very secular. The reason we are against Zionism is because it is a colonialist movement which seeks to steal the land which rightfully belongs to the indigenous Palestinian people. If the Jews wanted to create a Jewish state on a land to which they are indigenous, then I would have no problem with that. Now, if you think a state governed by Islamic law is somehow discriminatory or unjust, think about this. Ev
  8. Do you really think Turkey is anymore racist and nationalistic than the Arab nations? Do you know what the Ba'athi ideology is all about? Most devout Sunnis are not al-Qaeda supporters and do not follow the same ideology as al-Qaeda. And as for the Muslim Brotherhood being controlled by the U.S. government, there is absolutely no evidence of that. The funny thing is you are just as sectarian and divisive as these Wahhabis you hate so much. It is clear from your statements that you see all devout Sunnis as the enemy and would even side with the kuffar against them. This is why you support secu
  9. Yes, this is true, and it is unfortunate that any Muslims collaborated with the Nazis, but they had their reasons and it was not about exterminating Jews or Serbs as anti-Islamist propaganda often suggests. It does not excuse the Serbian crimes committed against them. There were Palestinians who collaborated with the Nazis as well, so going by that logic, we would have to say that the oppression committed against the Palestinians by the Zionists is justified. This is ridiculous.
  10. Brother, I am simply pointing out the Islamic viewpoint on the subject. I am not denying that the original human being were probably black. I am simply saying that in Islam no race is considered superior to another, so the idea that blacks are superior to whites is un-Islamic. If I am indoctrinated, as you say, it is by the Quran and the Sunnah. It seems as though you are indoctrinated by some other un-Islamic ideology.
  11. Are you even a Muslim? Because this all sounds like anti-Islamist propaganda. There were atrocities committed on both sides, but you are only focusing on the atrocities committed by the Muslims even though the Serbs committed far more. When someone does that, it usually means they have an agenda, and the only possible agendas I see for spreading propaganda against the Bosnian and Albanian Muslims is Serbian nationalism or hatred for Islam.
  12. That is because of colonialism and other geographic factors. But the truth is, blacks are not inferior to any other race, nor are they superior. And no Muslim should suggest otherwise.
  13. What is "black culture"? Are you suggesting that all black people follow one culture? Maybe it seems like that if the only blacks whom you consider "black" are African Americans. But in Africa, every people has their own distinct culture. And these black people who were the prehistoric ancestors of modern whites definitely did not have the same culture as modern day Africans. The only thing they shared in common was their skin color, which is not something that determines your culture. Are you suggesting that blacks are superior because they absorb more sunlight? LOL. Not that this should eve
  14. Anyways, blacks are not one people anymore than whites are one people. In fact, a "black" Somali is culturally much closer to a "white" Arab than to a "black" South African. Also, even though many Arabs have the light skinned phenotype, they are not typically considered "white".
  15. Brother, there is nothing wrong with studying your history and being proud of your origins. But what I am referring to that is haraam is when you claim one race is better than the other or that one race allegedly has true ownership of the earth. The Quran is very clear that no race is better than the other. Yes, science proves that black people were the original humans. But this is simply due to evolution of the lighter skinned phenotype later on. This is irrelevant and to suggest that black people have the right to own the entire world is simply ridiculous. I am not saying you should lie abou
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